Equipment Leasing From VPS

New businesses need transaction processing solutions so that they can start processing customer payments made by credit and debit cards. Vision Payment Solutions (VPS) offers a variety of merchant services that makes transaction processing of credit and debit cards quick and affordable. Some of VPS’s products include integrated POS systems, virtual terminals and internet gateways, hardware to process credit and debit cards, merchant accounts, and mobile solutions. For a business that’s just starting up, capital is precious and VPS understands that. For that reason, VPS has made many of its products available with various financing and lease options.

How Can My Business Benefit from Financing Purchases?

VPS has developed a financing program that allows business get immediate access to the equipment and services that they need to get up and running. Some features of the financing program include:

Instant financing up to $100,000 with no financials required. This is a great option that benefits new businesses that are just beginning operations. Without financial statements, it can be difficult to get a loan. VPS offers start up financing of $100,000 for the transaction processing equipment services that new businesses need to get going.

Simple application with fast turnaround. Your customers shouldn’t have to wait to start benefiting from the goods and services your business offers neither should you! The application to apply for financing is simple and VPS will respond quickly to your inquiry.

Same-day financing with ClickFund™ electronic documents. Get your funds the very same day through the use of electronic lease agreements!

Unparalleled client service. VPS specialists have your business’s best interests in mind. VPS is not a profitable business unless they can help you become more profitable. Client interests are top priorities!

Deferred and seasonal payment programs. There are a lot of initial costs involved with starting up a business. Also, many businesses operate on seasonal cycles—experiencing high sales during a several month period and relatively low sales during different times of the year. VPS provides payment programs that are customized to meet your business’s needs and challenges. New businesses can opt for a deferred payment program which will not require payments for the first initial period until they can achieve steady cash flows. Seasonal payment programs allow businesses to make payments during their most profitable season, when they are more likely to have excess cash on hand!

Finance Terms from 12-60 Months. Financing terms are totally dependent upon the needs and preferences of your business!