Get Prepared to Apply For New Merchant Account with Vision Payment Solutions

As a business owner you have probably given some thought to accepting credit cards, these days it is almost necessary if you are going to do business at all. Many people do not even carry paper checks anymore, transactions are handled with check cards, credit cards and debit cards or cash. While you were getting started you may have had some trepidation about the fees and costs involved in accepting credit cards, but the increase in business from offering that option will help cover the costs.

So when you are ready to learn more and apply for new merchant account services what sort of questions should you be looking for answers to and what sort of information should you be prepared to provide?

The first questions you likely have when preparing to apply for new merchant account services are the fees involved and the cost of equipment. Fees vary depending on the merchant services provider you choose but are typically a small percentage of each dollar charged. The fees are deducted from the deposit into your account so that the money which arrives in your account after a certain time is yours free and clear to put back into your business. When you apply for merchant account services you may be offered different fees based on the numbers of transactions per month. The cost of the equipment with a new merchant account is often handled as a monthly rental fee versus the option of paying for the card reader upfront.  Check around to make sure you are getting competitive fees and a service that will work for your business before you make a commitment.

What will you need to apply for new merchant account services? Information about your business including the estimated customers per month, bank statements and possibly a commercial credit report are the basics. Applying is easy, approval is generally guaranteed if you meet the qualifications and provide the necessary information on a simple application. Once you are approved then you will need to provide more detailed banking information for deposits to be made and work with the merchant service provider to get your equipment up and running.

While this may seem like a bit of a hassle, in fact it can take very little time to research and compare different merchant services, apply for new merchant account services from Vision Payment Solutions, and get your equipment set up so that you can begin accepting credit cards in just a few days. Contact us today!