Online Credit Card Payments Safer than Real Life

With an online credit card merchant account you can easily accept secure online payments that can be deposited into your bank account in only a matter of hours.

There are several reasons that people are turning to websites that have an online credit card merchant account to do their business. Convenience plays a large part in the whole process, but it is not the only reason that people are doing more and more shopping online today. Safety is another reason and the ability to easily return to the same place to do more shopping is another. Gas prices are a pretty strong motivating factor as well.

VPS can help you set up an online merchant account that will allow you to offer your customers the ability to pay for services or products from the comfort of their own home, but some people are still nervous about this method of payment. Some just do not feel safe using their credit card online. The irony is that an online credit card merchant account is actually safer than paying for something in person while using your credit card.

The fear is that all of the personal information that is used with a merchant account credit card will somehow be shared with the entire Internet or that the seller will obtain and keep the information. The truth is that the seller will only have access to the shipping address and name. However, when people pay for things in person people can take pictures of the credit cards with their cell phones, which is something you obviously can’t do online. When it comes to identity theft, you do not have to worry about the merchant account. Credit card theft is usually done by hacking into the system that holds the credit account itself, not the places where the credit card is used. To that end, shopping online may actually be one of the safest methods of shopping that is currently available and it is convenient as well since you can do it from your own home.

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