Payment Gateways: Secure Transfers from Customer to Payment Provider

If you have ever purchased anything from a website, over the phone or via a mobile merchant, you have already used a payment gateway. Payment gateways are equivalent to the POS systems you see inside brick-and-mortar stores: they help facilitate the secure transfer of payment information. When you purchase something with a credit card, the payment gateway encrypts the data to protect sensitive information that is passed from the customer’s card to the merchant and then to the payment processor. Most payment gateways also check for potential cases of fraud, which is beneficial to all three parties.


Why should I use a payment gateway?

If you plan on accepting credit cards online or while you are mobile, payment gateways are the best way to process credit cards. The other option businesses have is to connect the payment application to credit card processing networks on their own. By choosing a reputable payment gateway provider, businesses have an easy, secure solution in their hands with a resource of constant help from payment professionals. This is why most businesses find it necessary to use a reputed payment gateway provider such as VPS.


Why choose VPS?

If you’re looking for payment gateway solutions, whether you have an e-commerce or mobile business, VPS has the right tools to help all organizations from startups to established businesses. Established businesses with a payment gateway provider can find new resources and tools available through VPS to help improve their business, while startups can have everything they need now, and as they start growing, right from the get-go. No matter who you are, VPS may just be the right provider for you.


With over 60 years combined professional experience in the industry among VPS’ top management, including 30 years of electronic payment processing experience, we offer top rated services, sound solutions, and innovative equipment.


How do I get started?

If you have any questions, feel free to browse around our website or call (877) 674-2286 to speak with a representative. When applying or before you apply, you can also request a free cost-analysis. If you are ready to move forward, you can apply today by visiting Many of our merchants are able to start processing credit cards within 48 hours from the time VPS receives the application.


Call or visit us online today and get started processing credit cards within a few days! With VPS at your side, your business can bloom.