Credit Card Terminals

Credit Card Merchant Machines

It is essential that any size of business owns credit card merchant machines. At VPS, we understand that each business has different needs. This is why we carry such an extensive selection of credit card machines. No matter your businesses needs, we have the perfect credit card machine that you need!

Vx 570 PCI Compliant

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The VX 570 will replace the Omni 3750 in early 2008, and is fully PCI-PED certified which complies to upcoming security standards. The VX 570 includes a thermal printer, an integrated smart card reader, internal PINpad, and high memory (6 – 12Mb) for advanced processing applications. The VX 570 is the first countertop terminal to feature Verifone’s new white back-light for enhanced readability and reduced glare.

Omni 3730/Vx 510 PCI Compliant

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The VX 510 is an entry level terminal from Verifone. The VX 510 is PCI-PED compliant and comes in traditional dial and Ethernet versions. The VX510 has an internal PINpad for PIN debit transactions and includes a fast 18 line per second thermal printer. The VX510 is a compact terminal weighing just over 1lb and is about the same size as a box of tissues.  The VX 510 can accept external peripherals such as PINpads, check and smart card readers, and supports 3rd party applications such as check and electronic gift card services. The VX 510 is an efficient, compact and reliable terminal at a great price and will meet the needs of most retail merchants.

Omni 3730LE/Vx 510LE PCI Compliant

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The Omni vx510LE offers an intuitive ATM-style interface, large backlit display, ergonomic keys, and bold menu prompts minimize clerk and customer-entry errors.  Efficiently processes debit, credit, and EBT payments. The integrated thermal printer with trouble-free, drop-in paper loading and a built-in PINpad keep your countertops clutter-free. It also supports the new standard for PIN encryption Triple DES (DES3).

Vx 570 IP PCI Compliant

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The Vx570 terminal has the choice of IP-based or dial communication options for optimal convenience. Not only is the Verifone Vx570 reliable, but it also combines increased memory to operate quickly for reliable payment processing. Value-added applications are promptly downloaded to fit the individual business needs.

Hypercom T4205 (PCI Compliant)

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Why settle for a dial terminal that limits your business? The T4205 is everything a merchant needs, nothing they don’t. Since the T4205 is built on the extremely successful T4200 platform, your existing certified business applications for T4200 family terminals will run on the T4205 without any modifications. That’s right! No re-certification is needed to take immediate advantage of the economically priced and full featured T4205.

Hypercom T4210 (PCI Compliant)

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The T4210 has high-end features normally found in only more expensive IP and wireless models, such as 24MB of total memory, an ARM9 processor for fast transactions and also multi-application. The T4210 is also PCI PED approved so that you can support debit with or without an external PIN pad. Accept chip card transactions with the optional EMV-approved reader. This makes the Optimum T4210 ideal for magnetic stripe and chip card transactions worldwide. With one of the most slim form factors of any countertop device, it is also perfect for handover environments.

Hypercom T4220 (PCI Compliant)

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The Optimum T4220 provides IP performance and security second to none. The Optimum T4220 comes standard with integrated PCI PED approved PIN entry capability, the safety of the HyperSafe®32 architecture and unrivaled IP transaction and download speeds. The Optimum T4220 also shares the same user interface as the T4200 family dial and wireless models for ease of migration and support.

Dejavoo M5

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Accepting payments everywhere business calls, under all circumstances! The Dejavoo M5 is a business enabler accepting payment anywhere. Small foot print, build in Pin device, fast printer, back lit keyboard and display, the M line is ideal wireless terminal. Dejavoo connections to Transaction Payment Gateways as well as its Value Added Server accede any desk top or other wireless terminal and in fact give merchants more options to improve to improve and complete their business needs, on the go!