The Misunderstanding of PayPal Credit Card Processing

PayPal credit card processing may have initially been thought of as the poor man’s method of processing his customers’ or clients’ different transactions, but this is a misperception. The truth is that, today, with the security issues online as they are, there’s a reason so many people have flocked toward PayPal credit card processing in these times.

PayPal credit card processing is known for its emphasis on security and fraud protection, and this will give your customers and clients the increased confidence they need to do business with you the right way. Moreover, many massively successful establishments, such as, for instance, accept PayPal payments directly from your merchant account!

While many may still think of Paypal credit card processing as the primary means by which eBay users do business, the actual reach and scope of PayPal services extend beyond that. PayPal also enables you to request credit card payments over email, as well as to transmit invoices, which are undoubtedly both highly valuable and highly convenient aspects of the service.

Moreover, there are added advantages to PayPal credit card processing which you should definitely be aware of. First, a PayPal account is easy established – especially when compared to a traditional merchant account. With merchant accounts, you must await the bank’s approval before you can implement your credit card processing, and not all have the necessary credit score to be approved. With PayPal processing, however, just about everyone is approved, and you can set up your processing solution quite quickly.

Further, PayPal credit card processing takes your customers’ and clients’ payments in up to six of the most common currencies worldwide, and it also allows you to set up a recurring payment model, should you decide to. Whether you’re online or offline, PayPal credit card processing can work for your brand.

Best of all, PayPal credit card processing requires no monthly, annual, or even setup fees, so you typically only are billed when you process your patrons’ transactions and, while fees may very, the percentage of your sale is typically around 3%, plus thirty cents a transaction. This can vary, also, based on your sales volume, but not by much.

Lastly, PayPal is a huge advocate of fraud protection, and they are very good about doing what they can to assist you in the recovery process, should you experience issues. After all, it only takes one negative, fraud-related experience for your buyers to turn against you, but this can be prevented with PayPal credit card processing solutions.