Accepting Credit Cards: The Ultimate Business Strength

Accepting credit cards is no longer a luxury or a supplementary option for your business – no matter your industry or customer or client base. If you’re not accepting credit cards, not only are you needlessly losing potentially very lucrative sales, but you’re also telling the world that you’re not ready for the new modern age – one that requires a business to accept electronic payment and, in doing so, to provide its clients and customers with more payment options. So what are some of the greatest advantages to accepting credit cards?

First, as we’ve mentioned, simply having that little sticker in your window that displays the  logos of major credit card companies such as Visa, Mastercard, or American Express conveys professionalism to those walking by. They’ll know that, when they enter your store, they have more options for paying, and therefore, they’ll be more likely to pay. Further, they’ll even be able to purchase your goods and services, even if they may not have cash on hand at that moment – a benefit that really means more impulse buys and higher average tickets for transactions, and of course, this results in more profit for your business.

Moreover, you can have the added benefit of ease of transactions – with accepting credit cards from customers, it’s simply swipe and go, save those few transactions that require a little extra effort, whether it’s a re-swipe or confirmation of a customer’s identity should he or she happen to have no identification on them, or no debit card PIN. Accepting credit cards is faster, easier, and yes – even more secure – than accepting cash (especially considering the risk involved in having cold, hard cash on hand) or even the old-school format of checks.

Lastly, accepting credit cards will move you into the future. When you begin to finally get used to accepting credit cards, debit cards, and even gift cards, you’ll be better equipped to deal with the coming changes in the economic worldwide market, and new developments in the technologies and techniques used in accepting credit cards.

If you have any questions or concerns on accepting credit cards, or if you would like to have your business begin accepting credit cards today, then give Vision Payment Solutions a call today. We can help you formulate the ultimate, custom-tailored credit card-processing solution that will have you accepting credit cards from your clients and customers in no time at all. Call now at the number above!

Virtual Credit Card Processing for The Uninitiated

Virtual credit card processing is the primary method by which merchants of all kinds – busy online (and mail- or phone-order) business owners and operators just like you – can accept, process, and manage their customers’ or clients’ credit or debit card payments. If you’re just starting up an Internet store, a mail- or phone-order catalogue, or any other variety of business in need of virtual credit card processing, it’s time to become educated on the matter.

Today, has become the norm – not only because it works well for online businesses, but also, because it works for the other kinds of businesses we mentioned – phone- and mail-order companies that need to process their patrons’ electronic payments without the customer physically present. This, of course, presents a challenge to the virtual credit card processing provider in a way, as there is of course an increased risk of fraud – such as identity theft – in these types of transactions.

But, if you do have an online store, there is no other way to accept electronic forms of payment like customers’ and clients’ credit cards – save PayPal – than through the use of virtual credit card processing. Now, such payment processing is easier than ever to use – and safer and more reliable than it used to be, as well.

When you as a merchant use virtual credit card processing, you do so by accessing what’s known as a virtual terminal – this allows you to manage all your transactions anywhere and any time. With an internet merchant account, a payment gateway, and a shopping cart, your online business can quickly begin accepting your clients’ cards in no time, and when you use your virtual terminal to facilitate virtual credit card processing, you can essentially perform any task previously implemented manually in the past – but this time, with the ease and peace of mind that accompanies encrypted transmissions.

Vision Payment Solutions has everything your company requires to implement virtual credit card processing, no matter the size, shape, industry, or field of interest of your organization. With multiple functionality and great user interfaces, our systems make virtual credit card processing as easy as it could possibly be. You can have access to the full range of processing functions, such as manual key-in of card data, confirmation of transaction, storage of customer or client information, setting up a recurring billing model, uploading your daily batches, and even customizing your own reports.

Seeking A New Merchant Account

Whether you’ve been burned once – or even twice – as a business owner or operator who has tried to find a new merchant account but had it fall apart, it can be really disappointing, not to mention when it comes to a sensitive and important business partnership such as a merchant account service provider; after all, so much of your business – no matter who you are – depends on your ability to accept electronic forms of payment like credit, debit, gift, and fleet cards, and as we all know, the only thing even more frustrating than poor service from a brand new merchant account service provider is being flat-out unable to accept your customers’ or clients’ card payments. Besides the inconvenience of losing a sale, it’s especially aggravating to lose a sale not because your customer doesn’t want the product or service, but because he or she is unable to pay for it.

Now that we’ve established that credit card acceptance is a modern necessity – a fact already known to some of the more experienced business owners out there – one has to ask, “how do I seek out and partner with a new merchant account provider that can actually meet my needs, help my business grow, and not drain my operating costs in the entire process?”

Many entrepreneurs face the same dilemma daily. Finding a new merchant account might be easy in and of itself, but finding a new merchant account that’s a worthwhile investment and an advantage to your business is something else entirely: difficult. With so many options available today both online and off, your research must be focused on the clients of your prospective new merchant account service provider – both the clientele they’ve accrued up until now, and even previous clientele who have invested their operating budgets in credit card processing.

If you’re seeking a new merchant account, and you’d like to know the absolute best way of determining a candidate’s value, in summation, contact their clients and just ask; if the potential service provider won’t give you the contact information of any of their clients willing to testify, then it’s probably a red flag that you should look somewhere else for your new merchant account and payment-processing needs.

If you’ve already decided that Vision Payment Solutions is the right option for you, then apply for a new merchant account with us today. Simply call the number above today, or you can fill out our online form and be contacted at your convenience.

Need A New Merchant Account Provider?

A merchant account provider makes things happen. By that, we mean they facilitate the millions of debit, credit, and gift card transactions that occur all around the world all the time. Without a merchant account provider, a business would be unable to accept credit cards from their customers, and – if you have any experience in the business world – you know that you must have a method of accepting credit cards for your business, or face the consequences of customers or clients simply walking out on you because you weren’t able to provide them with that option of payment.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of business and are just starting up a company of your own, or you’re a business veteran who just wants a change of pace, finding a new merchant account provider can prove a difficult task. With the sheer variety of merchant account providers out there, you can get overwhelmed – and even confused – in trying to browse the endless web results listing all the possible merchant services companies and their advantages.

So how can you filter out those merchant account providers that have high fees, poor customer service, or flat-out disreputable behaviors and histories? The least reliable source of information regarding this dilemma is the actual website of the merchant account provider itself, because – as we all know – why would a company post something negative about themselves online – and on their own site no less?

Luckily, in the world of merchant account providers, like so many other companies, you can go online and – as we said, not by visiting the provider’s website – by browsing consumer review sites, search results, and forums. In this way, you can see how different clients, either former or current, feel about the level of service offered by their merchant account provider – the one under consideration for being your merchant service partner. Beware, however, of false information or fabricated stories that paint a poor picture; often a former disgruntled employee, who may be fed up with the company for which he or she worked, will spread negativity about that company in vengeance.

Essentially, as the old saying goes, “don’t believe everything you hear,” but keep your eyes – and your minds – open to the possibility of both truth and falsehood regarding online merchant account provider reviews. The fact of the matter is that in today’s world, a business cannot go without a merchant account provider to process credit cards, so… choose wisely.

Internet Credit Card Processing

Internet credit card processing is now one of the most common methods by which merchants accrue funds from their customers’ electronic card payments, such as credit or debit cards. In fact, it’s only way to do so, and many successful merchants today now know they have to have Internet credit card processing to have any chance at succeeding in the online business world.

As the global economy has taken a major hit in recent years, it should surprise no one that so many consumers have gone online to find what they need; after all, in many regions of the world, online shoppers don’t even need to pay taxes on goods or services bought on the Internet. Wherever there’s a chance people can save money, as well, they seem to take it.

But how does Internet credit card processing actually work? There are a few basic components to any Internet credit card processing set-up, so let’s run through the basic process. For a merchant to accept payments from his patrons on his website, he first must acquire a merchant account – a specialized account that is set up for processing payments.

After you get your merchant account – specially designed for online transactions, of course – your Internet credit card processing may begin. Whether the card is swiped or the information is keyed in, that credit card information is then transmitted to the processor, who relays that data to the issuing bank – and this is when the transaction receives the approval, or in some cases, the infamous decline. This could be due to lack of funds, an expiration, or if that card was reported stolen.

After your Internet credit card processing service acquires the vital data, the bankcard organization relays its message to the system: an authorization code that allows the funds to be secured, typically about six digits long.

After this vital step of the Internet credit card processing line-up, the customer’s transaction is piled up with other customers’ transactions, which is known as a batch. After a day’s work, merchants will submit a request to the Internet credit card processing network for capturing the money that was approved on that particular day. The numbers are matched up with the authorizations by the Internet credit card processing system, and then accepted.

Once monthly, the Internet credit card processing provider (and the one who provides the merchant account) will issue a monthly statement outlining all the transactions that occurred, fees, and other vital information.

Ecommerce Credit Card Processing And Your Company

Ecommerce credit card processing has become something of a norm today, inasmuch as the Internet has grown, expanded, and touched more people’s lives than we ever thought it could – including entrepreneurs, who saw the advantage that could be taken from such a global communication network and who established ways of accepting their customers’ or clients’ credit cards online: the birth of ecommerce credit card processing.

Ecommerce credit card processing is unique among all the other payment-processing models for credit and debit cards, because it carries a risk associated with it that typical, conventional retail stores and outlets do not: the fact that the customer, in either an ecommerce transaction or a mail or phone-order business, isn’t physically present to verify his or her identity and match it with a card. This implies that ecommerce credit card processing has higher rates when it comes to security and fraud protection, which of course can vary among the many different merchant account and payment-processing service providers.

In order to facilitate an online transaction, an Internet merchant must first acquire an ecommerce credit card processing merchant account, available through most merchant service providers today, but not always. This has to include – or, ultimately, be compatible with – a shopping cart (a way for the customer to gather, organize, and quantify their purchases) and a payment gateway (a way for the customer’s sensitive personal financial information to be transmitted across the Internet to their bank’s server for either approval or decline) and, on occasion, supplementary software or hardware that enables ecommerce credit card processing.

When you’re seeking a provider of ecommerce credit card processing services, make sure that they abide by PCI standards – essentially, the rules and regulations required of all major merchant account service providers in order for them to conduct business. Not only are these legally mandated for online and other kinds of transactions, but also, PCI standards ensure that your patrons’ sensitive credit card data is protected through modern, up-to-date, sophisticated encryption that will prevent – or at least reduce – the likelihood of fraud issues, such as identity theft.

Ecommerce credit card processing is indeed a vital aspect of modern online – or mail or telephone – businesses, and choosing one of the many thousands of providers out there can prove challenging. But take into account some of the above factors when you’re look for ecommerce credit card processing services, and you shouldn’t have any problems after securing your contract.

Credit Card Merchant Processing for Your Business

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run – the industry, the target market, the size or shape – just as long as you have credit card merchant processing to enable your company to take credit and debit payments from your patrons. Not only can you enjoy the benefits of quick, easy, simple, and reliable processing from Vision Payment Solutions, but you can also take advantage of what all that means to your customers.

With credit card merchant processing, your best asset lies in your ability to accept a wide variety of payments, thereby opening the gateway for a flood of card-carrying customers and clients, all eager to purchase what you have in store – be it a product or service. Not only does your business, small or large, convey a sense of modern professionalism with the acceptance of cards and the necessary credit card merchant processing required to do so, but you will also get more sales. That’s right – the more payment options you provide customers or clients today, the more likely they are to spend more on each transaction, which is always good for business.

Moreover, credit card merchant processing today is fast, simple, and secure. You don’t have to worry about manually dealing with all the hassle that used to come with credit card merchant processing. You simply swipe the card, and the entire process is implemented within seconds. You have the ability to do virtually anything with credit card merchant processing from Vision Payment Solutions – no matter if you’re an Internet store, a mail-order catalogue, a phone-order company, or a mobile business like a convention exhibition operator.

VPS offers the complete range of credit card merchant processing solutions – from the hardware and software required to process your patrons’ payments to the first-class customer support you receive from us – and we can tailor virtually any of our credit card merchant processing plans to your specific, unique, individual needs. In today’s economy, there’s simply no excuse to leave out the most vital and most used form of payment as a way of having your customers purchase your goods and services. Call Vision Payment Solutions today at the number above, and in no time, you’ll be accepting and processing credit, debit, gift cards, and more from your consumers. Don’t be left behind in the world of credit card merchant processing – speak with one of our friendly representatives today at the number above!

Apply for A Merchant Account And Experience Its Benefits Firsthand

When you apply for a merchant account, it can be a bit sticky – not only because, if you’re a first-timer, you might not be exactly sure what you’re signing on for, but also that, should the business partnership fall through, there could be irreparable damage to your business – and more importantly, to your clients. Moreover, if you are one of the new guys (or girls) we mentioned, it can be intimidating researching, assessing, and applying for a merchant account credit card processing service.

But there’s a way to get it all done without the unnecessary heartache and hassle you may have experienced in doing so previously. Now when you apply for a merchant account, you can more easily and more safely make a well educated decision regarding your new service provider.

Of course, in order to apply for a merchant account the right way, you’ll need some criteria by which you can assess such merchant services. The first – and arguably, the most vital – aspect of a quality merchant account service provider is its history with its clientele. Nothing is more telling, as you may know, about any company’s past, service, or general reputation than its current – or perhaps more importantly, former – clients, who have experienced firsthand the advantages of securing such a service.

As you begin the process to apply for a merchant account, think about your specific company needs (of course, after having contacted previous clientele of your prospective merchant account provider to confirm its reputability, as we discussed) and assess each requirement as you compare them with the services offered. Apply for a merchant account that will suit your customized characteristics, and one that will eventually lead to your success. This, of course, will result in an improved future partnership with your provider, and provide your business with a platform for growth that will allow it to blossom into something greater; after all, when you apply for a merchant account, you’re essentially telling the world that you’re in it to win it.

As we now know that credit card acceptance and processing – along with the merchant account services that provide them – are all essential for the growth and development (let alone the maintenance) of any kind of business, no matter its products, services, ideas, interests, or markets, so if you haven’t had the opportunity to apply for merchant account yet, take one today!

Credit Card Merchant Accounts: No Longer Optional

Credit card merchant accounts – those specialized kinds of accounts, just like your checking or savings account at your bank, but designed especially for merchants who need to process their customers’ or clients’ electronic payments – are no longer really optional today, that is, if you are a merchant yourself and you would like to have any chance of having a successful and lucrative business.

Today, as you may very well know, merchants and business owners have to have a way of processing their patrons’ credit card payments, largely due to the ever increasing popularity and use of such forms of payment. Without credit card merchant accounts, processing credit and debit transactions – or even accepting them, for that matter – is not possible. Millions use their credit cards every day to buy the things and services they need – and want – and by not accepting their forms of payment, your business is closing the door of opportunity on many, many sales.

Not only does your customer or client benefit from your acceptance of their payments in this fashion by typically spending more per visit and being far more likely to buy products on impulse, but you as a merchant benefit from accepting their cards by making more sales with the value of credit card merchant accounts.

Another top advantage of accepting and processing credit card transactions – made possible only through the use of credit card merchant accounts – is your enhanced, matured image of professionalism and modernism. When prospective customers or clients pass your way, they’ll see the little logo stickers of the credit cards you accept, thereby knowing that, when the time is right, they can make all the purchases they need – even if they don’t happen to have cash at the time.

Be wise, however, when selecting credit card merchant accounts for your business. As with any business to business transaction, it’s vital that you keep in mind some of the basic purposes behind what you’re securing, and it’s also very important that you keep a close eye on any of the terms and conditions involved in credit card merchant accounts for which you apply. After all, you don’t want to end up paying ridiculously high fees and get fed up with any of your prospective credit card merchant accounts providers.

Choose Vision Payment Solutions now for all your credit card merchant accounts’ needs, and experience a whole new world of payment-processing quality!

Credit Card Merchant Account Services for Your Business

Want your business to accept electronic forms of payment, including credit and debit card processing? Then you’re in need of a credit card merchant account service. Such service providers just like Vision Payment Solutions provide the full range of credit card merchant account services, whether you require a simple Internet checkout arrangement, a standard store card swiper, a processing solution for a mail- or telephone-order business, or even a mobile credit card reader for your on-the-go business.

Essentially, finding a credit card merchant account service provider that can offer you all of the above solutions – complete with customer service that actually helps you solve problems and gets you on your way toward processing your patrons’ credit card or debit card payments with ease and efficiency.

If you’re an Internet store owner, you may already know that you need a credit card merchant account service that can provide you with a shopping cart, by which your consumers can gather and organize their purchases, and a payment gateway, by which their sensitive credit card information can be transmitted across the world wide web safely and efficiently. Vision Payment Solutions provides you with all of these, if needed. If you’re a mail or phone business, a similar set up is required.

Further, and this is the best part of modern credit card merchant account services today, if you’re a business that is on the go all the time – from a hot dog vendor to an ice cream truck to a convention seller – you can easily arrange a credit card merchant account service with Vision Payment Solutions that can provide all you need for such mobile transactions.

If you’ve been in mobile business any amount of time, you understand the frustration that accompanies losing a sale simply by not being able to accept your patron’s credit card, but with mobile processing solutions – from the Android to the Blackberry, and from the iPod to the iPad – from VPS, you can implement such transactions easily, safely, and efficiently, not to mention the ability to manage your transactions. This is the power of credit card merchant account services.

Moreover, the added benefit of an enhanced image of professionalism after you’ve acquired a credit card merchant account service is extremely valuable to your image. If your customers or clientele know that you accept multiple forms of payment, they’ll be far more likely to do business with you – both now and in the future.