Merchant Capital: What Your Business Needs to Know

Have you been thinking about getting merchant capital for your business? Merchant capital can be a very beneficial thing to help your business succeed. If you are thinking about merchant capital, you should know what it is, and the different types of capital there are.

Merchant capital is money that is provided by an outside investor to finance a growing, new, or even troubled business. VPS is a prime example of merchant capital. What happens is that your business gets the loan that they need, and then you set a specific amount of your credit card sales that go back to repay the loan. This is an important part of funding for start-up and other companies that may just be on the rocks. This is extremely useful because in today’s digital age, you should have access to a credit card payment process that will allow you process any type of credit card. Now that you have a greater understanding of the VPS merchant capital process, how can you use this money for your business? Here are just 5 major ways that VPS merchant capital can help your business.

1.  Seed Capital.  If you are just starting out in your business and you don’t have a product or organized company, you would be looking for seed capital.  This is absolutely a critical point for your business, but be aware that it would be difficult to pay off your debt if you have to product to sell!

2.  Startup Capital.  This is when your company has at least one sample product available and at least one person that is working full-time. These funds can help you do additional market research, and begin to start selling a product.

3.  Early Stage Capital.  Once you are two or three years into your venture, you have an actual business, and your company has taken off the ground, this is the time to help you reach your break-even point, improve your productivity by hiring more employees, and even increase the number of products that you produce.

4.  Expansion Capital.  In this level, you may be looking to expand your growth. This is when your company is doing well, and you want to get the word out to more customers. The money that you receive could be used for a more aggressive marketing approach.

5.  Late Stage Capital.  At this point, your company has achieved tons of impressive sales and revenue and you have at least a second level of management that is in place. You may be looking for capital to help you increase your capacity, get more marketing, and increase your working capital.

If your business is in any need of extra capital, look no further than VPS merchant capital. It can help give your business the extra push that you need.


8 Reasons Your Company Should Use Smartphone Credit Card Readers

If you are a small business owner, you may wonder if you should begin accepting mobile payments with a card reader. You may ask yourself if it’s necessary, after all, isn’t cash king? The real question that you should be asking yourself, “how could I afford not to accept mobile payments”? If you sell products in a store and online, you are opening your business to a whole world of possibilities. By processing mobile payments, you will be able to increase your profits and reach more clients. Here are 8 reasons why you should use smartphone credit card readers.

  1. Mobility. By getting a smartphone reader, you will not be restricted to using a large credit card terminal.
  2. Compatibility. If you are an Apple user, or a Blackberry user, you might think that mobile credit card processors won’t be able to be used with your device. Mobile credit card readers are for all smartphones, from Windows, Android, Apple and Blackberry; you can get your credit card process to work for them all.
  3. Minimal Initial Investment. When you implement a mobile payment processing system, it does not cost you an arm or a leg. For a minimal cost, you can set up an easy to use credit card system.
  4. Low Rates. By using VPS, you will be guaranteed the lowest rates on mobile credit card terminals. Take a look at our rates to compare!
  5. Still Accept Cash. Many smartphone swipe machines also allow you to track and process cash transactions. This offers your customers even more possibilities.
  6. Security. You might be worried about the security of processing your customer’s information with a mobile credit card reader. However, mobile processing services are required by law to be PCI complaint, which means that stringent security measures to keep payment information secure.
  7. Feature-rich Processing. There are tons of processing boasts when you use mobile processing services. Features include: calculating sales tax, calculating tipping, refunding transactions, and many other features you will find very useful.
  8. Convenience. Using a smartphone mobile processing system is extremely convenient. You can use it wherever you go. No matter if you are at a tradeshow or a event show, you will be able to process payments everywhere.

Because many people no longer carry cash with them, having a mobile card swipe will get you more customers that are willing to pay you because you have the capabilities to accept any payment form they have!


Merchants Prepare for the Holiday with Gift Cards

The holiday season is upon us—meaning that businesses of all different sizes will see growing revenues within the next several months. The holiday season is the time when consumers justify spending the most on themselves and others. A great way to take advantage of growing holiday sales is to capture additional revenue by offering gift cards!

Gift cards make a great gift for several reasons. First of all, it’s always difficult to determine what would be the “right” gift for someone. On the other hand, simply giving cash carries the impression that the gift giver really didn’t put any thought or effort into determining what the receiver might like. Gift cards are the perfect compromise. By purchasing a gift card for a friend or loved one, you can effectively say, “I know you well enough to know what you’re into and where you like to shop, but I’ll let you choose what you want!” Gift cards are especially useful for retail clothing stores where the gift receiver is probably going to want to try on the gift before deciding if they really want it. With so many different friends, aunts, cousins, work associates, and other acquaintances to keep track of, gift cards are the perfect choice for rushed holiday shoppers.

Businesses can benefit by placing gift cards in a visible part of the store, especially by checkout lines. It’s a great thing for consumers to add to their purchase right before stepping up to the register. Research shows that consumers simply don’t like to use paper coupons. Gift cards are great because they’re durable, fit in a wallet, and are refillable. Gift cards are a great way to attract new customers and improve relationships with existing customers.

Businesses of all sizes can increase holiday sales by offering gift cards. Vision Payment Solutions (VPS) offers a number of merchant services including gift and stored value cards. These cards are available in all forms including stored value cards, gift cards, employee cards, pre-paid cards and merchandise return cards. VPS can also hook you up with everything you need (hardware and software) to implement a successful card program quickly and efficiently. The records from card purchases and balances can easily be integrated into your business system. VPS also provides systems that easily track card usage and the overall success of different card programs.

If you’re anxious in learning more about how your business can benefit by offering gift cards this holiday season, visit us at www.visionpayments.com!

Privacy Policy for Vision Payment Solutions

Vision Payment Solutions (VPS) is an online business that offers a wide range of merchant solutions to their clients including payment card processing hardware, software, merchant accounts, and merchant capital funding. VPS respects the privacy of its clients. The following information is regarding VPS’ privacy policy and outlines what type of information is collected when customers visit the website, how that information is used, how to be removed from VPS mailing lists, and a general disclaimer about the use of content on the website.

The following information was last updated in January 2012. As modifications are made the privacy policy, updates will be posted to the VPS website. To view updates and changes related to privacy, please visit https://www.visionpayments.com/about/privacy-policy/.

When you register to become a user at visionpayments.com, we collect personal information including your email address and account number. Your user account gives you online access to confidential account information for the services that you’re enrolled in. It also allows you to perform other confidential transactions. Thus, general information gathered includes, email address, account number, details of products and services purchased, and future transaction information.

VPS sends out email offers to existing clients that feature products and services that we believe they’ll be interested in. Clients have the option to decline receiving email offers at any time. We also may provide your email address to affiliated companies including VPS’ parent company and its business partners so that they can market their products and services to you. We often hire vendors to deliver emails to you on our behalf. Those vendors are restricted from using your email address for any other purpose. You may receive emails from companies that offer VPS products and services if you requested that VPS send you offers from partners and advertisers. To remove your name from those mailing lists, follow the instructions given by those individual companies.

VPS may hire third-party advertisement servers to perform tracking and reporting activities that allow us to place our ad banners on other websites. These tracking and reporting services do not collect personally identifiable information and VPS doesn’t provide them with any personal information. Third-party advertisement servers are subject to their own privacy policies.

VPS does not knowingly solicit information from or advertise to children under the age of 13.

When you visit visionpayments.com, we gather general information about your visit. We collect information about the website you’re coming from, what are the pages of interest that you visit on our site, and how long you stay in a particular location on our site. This information is not personally identifiable and is used for the improvement of our website. We like to know which parts of our website you like and which ones could use more refinement.

To unsubscribe from any of our mailing lists, simply follow the “unsubscribe” link attached to any of our email communications.

About Vision Payment Solutions

Vision Payment Solutions (VPS) is the perfect partner for whatever type of business you operate. Whether it’s ecommerce, brick and mortar, or a hot dog stand on the side of the road, VPS offers a wide range of merchant services focused on quick and affordable payment processing. VPS specializes in credit and debit card processing but also provides a host of related products and services.

VPS partners with businesses of all different sizes to provide the merchant solutions that they need. The management team has over 30 years of experience in the payment card industry and 60 years of experience working in the financial services industry.  The company prides itself on its vision. Not only does VPS want to help its clients process payments today, but it has an eye toward the future which allows it to bring cutting-edge technology that will benefit its clients in the years to come. By helping their clients rapidly adapt with the latest hardware and software solutions, VPS ensures that their clients will stay profitable in the long run.

As far as payment processing goes, VPS can handle it all. They offer goods and services that can handle virtually all payment types across different platforms. They help their clients process Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Debit, EBT, Gift cards, electronic check conversion and more. As components of payment card processing, ,VPS offers the following merchant solutions:

Payment Card Hardware: VPS offers a number of stand-alone credit card terminals that are PCI compliant and can process payments from virtually any type of payment card. They also offer mobile hardware such as credit card swipes that can be configured to work from an iPad or other mobile device. Additionally, they offer integrated transaction processing systems that include cash registers, sales software, and card swipes all in one.

Merchant Accounts: In order to begin processing payment card transactions, merchants need a checking account that’s set up for their business. VPS offers merchant accounts that sync automatically with the hardware and software that they offer.

Virtual Terminals and Internet Gateways: VPS offers secure channels through which payment card information can be transmitted electronically. These terminals and gateways can be easily integrated with existing transaction software and also come built in to VPS’ own software solutions.

Merchant Capital Funding: VPS also offers capital funding that’s especially useful to new business owners who face large investment costs early on. These funds can be approved more quickly and with less hassle than bank funding and are available at a competitive interest rate.

Partnering with Vision Payment Solutions

Vision Payment Solutions (VPS) is a company that specializes in credit and debit card processing as well as a host of merchant services. From credit card terminals to merchant accounts and virtual gateways, VPS has everything that a new business might need to begin processing transactions quickly, securely, and at the lowest cost possible. In an effort to reach more customers, VPS offers partnership opportunities for sales agents, merchant associations, merchant banks, and software/web developers.

Independent Sales Agents: VPS is seeking independent sales agents who are anxious to partner with a growing company. VPS services are a natural sell to most business owners who are looking to process transactions at a lower cost and willing to invest in new equipment. Independent sales agents only worry about selling VPS products and services. After that, VPS support staff handles all of the customer maintenance. VPS independent sales agents benefit from monthly residuals for each client that they bring onboard. It’s that simple!

Merchant Associations: Merchant associations are some of the most ideal partners for VPS. As independent business owners come together to improve business conditions locally and consult one with another to improve their respective businesses, VPS referrals will naturally come into play. Every merchant needs debit and credit card processing. And if VPS can do it cheaper than their competitors, that’s something that every business owner in a merchant association is going to want to know about. The best part is, like all VPS partnerships, not only will individual businesses save on their bottom line through streamlined processing, but referral partners enjoy monthly residuals for each one of the clients they refer to VPS.

Merchant Banks: Merchant banks are another great VPS potential partner. Customers have come to expect affordable, high quality services from their banks, including payment processing. These services can be costly to develop in house. By partnering with VPS, merchant banks will be able to offer their clients cutting-edge, co-branded payment processing services. Merchant set up is quick and easy. Plus VPS will take charge of all set up, training, and support. VPS also assumes payment processing liability so that you don’t have to!

Software/web Developers: For developers that are developing software applications that require a payment processing component, VPS can be a great partner! Working with our software integration team, we will help you integrate our proven, secure payment gateway into your own software application. This will allow you to offer your clients PCI compliant security measures while maintaining the look and feel of the original application. Not to mention that developers also receive monthly residuals for each client processing payments through the VPS gateway!

Credit Card Terminals from Vision Payment Solutions

Vision Payment Solutions (VPS) is your one stop shop for all types of merchant services! Their offerings include hardware, software, virtual gateways and terminals, merchant accounts, and everything else you might need to begin processing credit and debit card payments today!

If you’re opening a new location or just beginning to accept credit and debit cards, one of the first things that you’ll need is a credit card terminal. Most credit card terminals are compatible with a cash register or PC and allow you to plug right in to the equipment you already have. The following credit card terminals are available from VPS:

Lipman Nurit 2085: This is one of the most popular credit card terminals available. It features a large digital screen and easy to access keys that make processing orders simple. This unit also has a thermal printer built in for printing receipts. The thermal printer prints quietly and quickly. The best part is that you’ll never have to buy ink for a thermal printer! This terminal handles debit, credit, check verification, gift cards, etc. and includes 1MB of flash memory.

Lipman Nurit 3020: This is a complete transaction terminal that is small and affordable. It includes a customizable user interface, built-in PIN pad, and a fast loading thermal printer for printing of receipts. It also features customizable hot key shortcuts that make transactions much quicker.

Lipman Nurit 8400L: This multifunction payment device is PCI compliant and comes equipped with all of the features that you need to process transactions quickly and securely. It features 80MHZ 32-bit RISC microprocessor and 3MB, 6MB, or 12MB of memory. It also features communication connections for Internet, Ethernet, or GRPS wireless. Like other Nurit models, it includes a thermal printer. It also has a triple track, vertical swipe, bi-directional card reader. The display is 128 x 64 backlit LCD.

Omni 3750: The Verifone Omni 3750 is a small and versatile credit card terminal. It features a thermal printer, a simple key pad, and a smart card reader. The terminal comes equipped with enough memory to handle just about any application and can process to multiple merchant accounts from the same device.

Hypercom T4205: The T4205 is the most popular PCI compliant credit card terminal from Hypercom. It runs on the T4200 platform so your existing business applications will run on this new device without any hassle.


Equipment Leasing From VPS

New businesses need transaction processing solutions so that they can start processing customer payments made by credit and debit cards. Vision Payment Solutions (VPS) offers a variety of merchant services that makes transaction processing of credit and debit cards quick and affordable. Some of VPS’s products include integrated POS systems, virtual terminals and internet gateways, hardware to process credit and debit cards, merchant accounts, and mobile solutions. For a business that’s just starting up, capital is precious and VPS understands that. For that reason, VPS has made many of its products available with various financing and lease options.

How Can My Business Benefit from Financing Purchases?

VPS has developed a financing program that allows business get immediate access to the equipment and services that they need to get up and running. Some features of the financing program include:

Instant financing up to $100,000 with no financials required. This is a great option that benefits new businesses that are just beginning operations. Without financial statements, it can be difficult to get a loan. VPS offers start up financing of $100,000 for the transaction processing equipment services that new businesses need to get going.

Simple application with fast turnaround. Your customers shouldn’t have to wait to start benefiting from the goods and services your business offers neither should you! The application to apply for financing is simple and VPS will respond quickly to your inquiry.

Same-day financing with ClickFund™ electronic documents. Get your funds the very same day through the use of electronic lease agreements!

Unparalleled client service. VPS specialists have your business’s best interests in mind. VPS is not a profitable business unless they can help you become more profitable. Client interests are top priorities!

Deferred and seasonal payment programs. There are a lot of initial costs involved with starting up a business. Also, many businesses operate on seasonal cycles—experiencing high sales during a several month period and relatively low sales during different times of the year. VPS provides payment programs that are customized to meet your business’s needs and challenges. New businesses can opt for a deferred payment program which will not require payments for the first initial period until they can achieve steady cash flows. Seasonal payment programs allow businesses to make payments during their most profitable season, when they are more likely to have excess cash on hand!

Finance Terms from 12-60 Months. Financing terms are totally dependent upon the needs and preferences of your business!

VPS Integrated POS Systems

Vision Payment Solutions (VPS) offers a number of products and services for merchants that assist in the processing and protection of credit card and debit card information. These solutions include integrated hardware and software solutions that are built to the specifications of your business. VPS can customize a personalized system for your business that will allow to process transactions at lower costs. As an industry leader, VPS offers top of the line security for credit and debit card information processing and quick transaction times that will save you time and money!

What types of Point of Sale Solutions does VPS offer?

Optimizing point of sale (POS) transactions are extremely important to merchants. Having something go wrong at the register while a long line of customers wait to be served is every merchant’s nightmare. Merchants want to ensure that everything goes smoothly while they are face to face with customers and that transactions are processed quickly so that they can serve a greater number of customers. To this end, VPS has developed several reliable integrated systems that assist merchants with POS transactions.

For retail businesses, these solutions include all of the hardware needed to process transactions including automated cash registers, bar-code scanners, and touch screen monitors. VPS software monitors inventory levels, generates reports of profit margin analysis, and keeps track of every transaction. For restaurants, integrated touch screen PC solutions with registers and card swipes will make serving your customers that much easier.

POS terminals come in many different forms with many different features. Talk with VPS specialists so we can determine what type of POS best suits your business needs! Consider one integrated solution that will save you time, money, and meet all of your business needs: VPS OnePay. Features include:

  • Touch-screen interface
  • Web-based management system
  • Real-time profits and sales reports online
  • Inventory and sales control system
  • Process cards and cash (drawer not pictured)
  • Attractive commission structure
  • Leasing available

Why Should You Consider VPS POS Solutions?

VPS is an industry leader for integrated POS solutions. VPS’s unique products and services have been recognized for their quality by leading industry magazines and associations. The POS solutions offered by VPS will help your business save time and money above and beyond what is possible with lower end equipment and systems.

To learn more about integrated POS solutions offered by VPS and find out which of these many solutions is right for your business, contact VPS specialists at (877) 674-2286!

Virtual Terminals and Internet Gateways

Vision Payment Solutions (VPS) offers merchant services in a variety of forms. For those who are starting a new business or are looking to change their transaction processing systems, VPS offers everything you would need in terms of hardware and software to start processing customer transactions quickly and at a low cost. In today’s world, that includes the ability to process transactions online. VPS provides unique solutions in terms of virtual terminals and internet gateways that make it possible for merchants to process transactions from any computer with internet access. Some of these solutions include:

Virtual terminals, which provide a secure form of instantaneous transaction processing and allow orders to be processed through any computer with internet access.

Recurring billing, which automates timed and recurring billing for new and existing accounts.

Retail swipe integration, which is perfect for customers that use credit or gift cards. Swipe integration allows card swipes to be processed through the virtual terminal instantaneously at POS.

Easy Integration, which ensures that all of VPS’s transaction processing systems will work seamlessly through the website that you’ve already developed.

While VPS offers more than 20 different gateway solutions which are customized to meet the needs of your specific business, some of the most popular options are discussed below.

PayTrace Payment Gateway: PayTrace is a virtual terminal that’s a great alternative to traditional hardware terminals. PayTrace is touted as a high end virtual terminal that’s affordable for almost all budgets. PayTrace allows you to capture, process, and authenticate credit card transactions immediately at POS through any computer with internet access. Another benefit of the PayTrace Payment Gateway is that it allows you to access the virtual terminal from several different computers at the same time. You don’t need to worry about updates or additional licensing fees when using PayTrace on different computers. This virtual terminal features:

  • Fast 4-second transactions
  • Credit card sales, authorizations, and returns
  • Level II data handling
  • Card swipe compatible
  • Automated Recurring Payments
  • Address Verification Service (AVS)
  • CVV2 support for additional fraud control
  • Detailed reporting capabilities
  • Unlimited staff logins with permission-management system

Authorize.net: This is a great virtual terminal that allows merchants to process credit card transactions and echecks manually from any computer. If you take credit card orders over the phone or deal with customers whose cards won’t swipe correctly, this is a great product for your business. Authorize.net includes a batch upload feature that allows merchants to submit information for multiple transactions at the same time. The batch upload feature works well with enterprise applications and other file-based systems.