January 2012

iPhone Processing: Another Level of Business Savvy

Have you ever had the pleasure of experiencing a mobile processing solution that processes your credit card information in a very fast, very efficient transaction? If that’s not the case, you should head to your nearest Apple store, and experience the joy of iPhone processing.

iPhone card processing – just one of many possible mobile processing solutions for you and your business – is just what it sounds like. iPhone payment processing is made possible through an iPhone, an online connection, a hardware add-on, and a simple application, all provided through Vision Payment Solutions, your complete credit card processing solutions store and partner in helping you accept your customers’ credit card payments with ease and security.

So how does iPhone payment processing work, exactly? With the above equipment and contractual terms set in place, iPhone payment processing is fast, easy, and very impressive to customers who have never seen it implemented in an actual brick-and-mortar store.

You find an item in a store you like, approach a clerk or sales associate anywhere in the store, and they whip out their iPhone to edit their inventory, swipe your credit card, total out your order, email you your receipt, and you’re on your way! Imagine if you could provide the convenience and ease of iPhone payment processing for your on-the-go, fast-paced customers. Not only could you reduce wait times, but you could get people what they want more quickly, more efficiently, and even less expensively, depending on the iPhone payment processing – or other mobile processing – solution you choose to purchase from Vision Payment Solutions.

Contact a friendly VPS representative today to find out more about iPhone processing, other similar mobile processing solutions, and their business implications for your budding company. If you already have a merchant account with VPS, you know you can trust the quality of service you’ve come to expect from us, and with iPhone payment processing in your capitalist arsenal, you’ll be a part of the future – before it even gets here! iPhone payment processing will make your store run more smoothly than ever, and with so many possibilities for credit card processing solutions, you’ll have a custom-tailored, seamlessly integrated iPhone processing solution ready to turn your store into a money-making machine, but most importantly, your customers will be happy with your speedy service, and will return in droves for more.

Merchant Account Comparisons: A Vital Decision Point

If you’re a merchant, and you have a merchant account with any payment processor – Vision Payment Solutions or otherwise – then you have had the pleasure, at one point, of having to decide on the best possible merchant account provider and/or payment processor. In other words, you’ve had to sort through a list of potential merchant account providers whom you believe to be the best possible candidates for serving your business: a merchant account comparison. Merchant account comparisons, when implemented correctly, can give your business the edge by screening out unworthy merchant account providers.

At Vision Payment Solutions, we like to arm our clientele, our valued merchants, with the knowledge of our industry, so they can make merchant account comparisons for themselves, and reap the rewards of a thorough screening process. We especially believe in these methods because we know, at their heart, they will identify VPS as a quality merchant account provider and a reliable source of service for processing your customers’ credit card payments with speed, security, and efficiency.

So what are some of the crucial factors for determining a proper provider through merchant account comparisons? Some of the most vital aspects of a merchant account comparison include:

Reputation. Has your potential provider received negative reviews or publicity online? Have they received positive reviews or publicity? Can they provide a list of quality references, testimonials, or other merchant account comparison methods for you?

Price. Do they offer prices for completely integrated solutions that seem just too good to be true? Conversely, do they charge absurd fees for doing work that isn’t even helpful to your business?

Service. When it comes right down to making worthwhile merchant account comparisons, let’s address the meat of the issue: the service they provide, regardless of prices or perhaps false or misleading reputation management tactics?

If you can implement a merchant account comparison of your own with the above listed factors in mind (reputation, price, and service), not only will you emerge victorious in selecting the right candidate for you, but also you’ll have discovered – through your own merchant account comparison – that VPS is the perfect merchant account provider and credit card processing solution for you and your business. Simply contact a VPS representative today to get set up with the best hardware, software, and technical support our entire industry has to offer, not to mention superior, up-to-date technological solutions for streamlining and vastly improving your company’s bottom line and customer base. Make as many merchant account comparisons as you like; you’ll find Vision Payment Solutions to rise to the top, every time!


Merchant Account Providers: An Introduction

Have you heard the term merchant account provider before? If you have, you are most likely a merchant or store owner yourself. Because of this, you probably have the need to process your customers’ credit card transactions quickly, securely, and efficiently to rival your competitors and their merchant account providers’ abilities, as well.

What exactly is a provider of merchant accounts? It may seem simple enough, but what exactly do they do? but How do they do it? Most importantly, how can merchant providers help your business run more efficiently and quickly?

Merchant Account Provider

Merchant account providers are individuals, companies, or other entities that give businesses the ability to accept debit and credit cards from their customers or clientele in payment for goods, services, products, ideas, information, or whatever else the merchants are selling. This can be face-to-face like in a brick-and-mortar store with a POS terminal or a mobile processing solution, on the telephone with either an operator who processes the information or an auto-processing feature, or over the internet, which involves payment gateways, secure transfer protocols, and shopping carts. Vision Payment Solutions is one of top providers today. We allow our clientele, merchants like you, to accept debit and credit card transactions from all your customers and streamlining your business for growth, maintenance, and industry leadership.

Credit cards have arguably become the preferred method of payment in today’s hectic world market, making the job of merchant account providers virtually essential for most businesses. With no merchant providers, companies would be unable to process their customers’ credit card purchases, and – in essence – the economy of the world would come to a screeching halt. Merchant providers facilitate the transfer of vitally secure, highly personal financial information through the information superhighway, having become a staple for most any modern business and rendering merchant account providers themselves much more than an entrepreneurial necessity.

As one of the leading account providers in the industry today, Vision Payment Solutions encourages you to contact us today if you’re a merchant looking either to begin accepting debit or credit card purchases from your customers for the first time, or to streamline the current payment processing solutions you already have in place. Call VPS today and stay ahead of the payment-processing curve, knowing that you’re partnering with one of the most respected and reliable merchant providers in the industry.

A Merchant Processing Credit Cards Is A More Profitable Merchant

A merchant processing credit cards will experience the best his or her market has to offer, and experience the advantages of being able to accept most all forms of their customers’ payments. Whether it’s debit card processing, credit card processing, check verification, gift cards, hardware, software, or technical support, you can trust Vision Payment Solutions to deliver on their promises, every time. A merchant processing credit cards has the advantage over his competitors who do not, so please feel free to browse our site and read about the many satisfied clientele – merchants just like you – who run their own business and don’t have time for the headache and hassle of partnering with banks and greedy middlemen who are only in it for the fees they charge you along every step of the process.

A merchant processing credit cards will also have increased fraud protection. When you have credit card processing data at your fingertips and on file from the last purchase, it makes returns and exchanges easier – or even possible, in some cases – and a way to do a little fraud investigation of your own with the credit card data stored on your credit card-processing or point-of-sale (POS) terminals. A merchant processing credit cards has this major advantage over a merchant accepting only cash or checks.

A merchant processing credit cards will – last, but not least – have the added advantage of keeping up with the modern times and technologies so crucial to image, and – as any merchant processing credit cards can tell you – image is, in the retail, sales, and wholesale industries, everything.

If you are seeking to become that successful merchant processing credit cards, then simply give one of the very best payment-processing businesses in the nation, Vision Payment Solutions, a call today. You’ll be connected with a friendly sales representative who can custom tailor the perfect plan for whatever it is that your business needs, no matter your industry, size, or sales processing volume. Become a merchant processing credit card payments now to see for yourself why many of the top retailers in the market today trust Vision Payment Solutions to provide them with world-class technological service and friendly, helpful customer support, every step of the way.

VPS: Your One-Stop Merchant Account Service Provider

As a business owner, it is vital that you ask what the most vital aspects of a quality merchant account service provider, and how you can determine a merchant service provider who can actually live up to what they claim to be. Here at Vision Payment Solutions, we believe that the most important factor in determining the worth – and viability – of a merchant provider is in the array of services they offer. But why is this?

When a merchant provider has provided its merchants with service in all fields of the modern payment processing industry, then it is more likely to be technically (and socially) apt to provide better service. Picture this scenario: if you were to visit a business plaza with two grocery stores, and you knew that one grocery store had a produce clerk who had only ever sold granny smith apples and no others for his whole life, and that the other grocery store’s produce clerk had lifelong experience with granny smiths, red delicious, golden delicious, and all the other varieties of apples out there, whom would you select to provide your service? We hope you would choose the more experienced because, as we have observed in our years of experience in the industry and so many different technological advancements, we’ve grown a certain level of adaptability that other account service providers in the industry simply cannot rival.

Vision Payment Solutions is a comprehensive, full-service merchant service provider. We are proud to offer the full spectrum of every imaginable payment processing solution you can think of. From mobile processing, to seamlessly integrated POS terminals, and from secure payment gateways to programmable PIN pads, we are a merchant provider that helps businesses grow through the efficient use of our hardware, software, and technical support that is unbeaten by any account service provider in the industry.

Give Vision Payment Solutions a call today to experience a new level of quality credit card processing – and so much more – and see your business experience a boost in customer base, checkout time, and even increased profits. Choose the right merchant account service provider today. Choose Vision Payment Solutions.

VPS’ Own Steve Gent Recognized In ISO & Agent Weekly

Steve Gent, Vice President of Business Development for Maine-based ISO, Vision Payment Solutions, was recently featured in weekly financial and merchant solutions publication ISO & AGENT Weekly, and consulted for his extensive industry expertise.

In a front-page story, ISO & AGENT addresses a noteworthy trend that many in the payment-processing industry should consider carefully: the gradual transition of many companies’ payment-processing solutions from traditional, point-of-sale (POS) terminals for processing their customers’ and clients’ payments, to fully integrated mobile merchant solutions – including everything from smart-phones with credit card-swiping abilities, to tablets like the iPad, processing payments of all varieties with speedy, efficient applications.

While others in the industry expressed their doubt of the new changes on the horizon, Gent focused on the positive. As V.P. of Development, Gent has been approached on the topic from a handful of VPS clientele, who love the idea of implementing tablet-style mobile merchant solutions, and who could argue with the convenience of a portable checkout?

“The mindset of not having to go to a register is kind of the hard charge in the payments industry from a mobile perspective,” Gent was quoted, demonstrating his unparalleled affinity for recognizing trends and adapting accordingly, “From an ISO standpoint, I can’t imagine not knowing about mobile. It is just readily apparent that consumers are going that way, and it would be oversight not to follow the consumer and the technology available for exponential growth.”

But with so many new mobile merchant solutions and other processing technologies sprouting up across the market, many ISOs are still waiting to see which systems will eventually become the preferred methods for payment processing.

With Gent’s watchful eyes to the future, along with the rest of his VPS colleagues, the company is prepared to provide the highest quality payment-processing solutions – mobile or otherwise – to their clientele, with their well known gold standard of unmatched customer service and comprehensive technical support. For more information on Vision Payment Solutions, payment processing, and mobile merchant solutions, simply visit https://www.visionpayments.com/ or call 877.674.2286.

Tips for Upping Your Credit Score in Just One Year

Here are a few methods for taking care of that pesky low credit score you and your credit card have incurred. In the next year, you’ll likely at least have increased your credit score by an amount that puts you in another bracket for loans and more, and you’ll have learned about your credit card – and how to use it – even more than you know. Follow these simple tips for upping your credit score, and start reaping the benefits of your choices, and your credit card moves, within months!

1. Consider carefully what you buy: If you com come across some enviable merchandise with some killer credit card deal on it, don’t justify it by that alone. You’ll be paying interest.

2. Never surpass your credit card limit: Credit scores consider how much credit you have, so it’s vital not to max your credit cards. Keep your credit card balances as low as possible.

3. Ensure punctual payments: Timely credit card payments provide for good credit long-term. Consider implementing same-day payments; this will guarantee your credit card payments to billers.

4. Avoid new credit cards: Even if you want that brand new toy, avoid opening a new credit card at all costs. Your credit score can decrease when someone provides you a line of credit on a credit card or loan.

5. Rid yourself of credit cards: From having someone else bury your credit card to cutting credit cards into hundreds of little plastic bits, sometimes this is the best way to stop growing credit card debt and arrest your material passions.

6. Monitor credit reports: Always be sure to investigate your credit situation consistently – and frequently. Everyone receives one free report a year at AnnualCreditReport.com, for instance.

7. Be alert: Remember that there are a plethora of factors that directly contribute to your credit report and its details, factors over which you have control: how many open credit lines you have, the balances on them, a history of punctual payments, how many credit cards on which you’ve exceeded your credit card’s limit, if you own your home, and how long you have had credit.

Modifying Your Credit Card Payment Plan

If you experience significant issues in making credit card payments, understand that many credit card issuers have different policies that could help you. Different credit card groups have different ways of helping you with your credit card, but today we’ve provided some helpful hints on what you can accomplish, working with your credit card companies.

Many credit card billers will, for a time, provide you with a lower interest rate and zero late fees to help you return to controlling your credit card, letting a larger portion of payments apply towards the balance, with less toward interest. To let you avoid late fees, the credit card company will frequently mandate auto-pay through a checking or savings account.

Some credit card issues will let you get away with a lower minimum payment. On a modified credit card payment plan, you can pay a lower minimum with no worry of any extra fees or troublesome penalties. Some temporary payment changes like this are legitimate for six months, others for a full year or twelve months. If you do opt to go with this modified credit card payment option, they might demand that your payments are set up to be paid each month, through auto-pay, by way of your checking or savings accounts.

In certain instances, if you have a lot of credit card debt, you might just want to consider settling the debt for less money. Credit card companies frequently end up taking a payment that’s actually less than your actual balance, so you can close your account and pay it all off; this is typically only when the credit card issuer thinks you might end up filing bankruptcy. The reason they do this is, if you file bankruptcy, credit card companies won’t receive any payment, so something is better than nothing. For this option however, you’ll have to pay the amount right then and there. Because you will no longer be issuing payments to the credit card companies, you likely must pay the amount fully, in one lump sum, to close your troubled credit card once and for all. However, keep in mind that this method incurs a downer on your credit score frequently, but many credit card consumers discover that just lowering all their credit card debts aids in increasing their credit scores in the long-term.


Social Networking… For Your Credit Card?

Perhaps you’ve heard of it, but likely not. Swipely is a new online service very similar to Twitter. It tracks your credit card purchases throughout the day. Imagine if you head to Best Buy and snag a brand spanking new iPod touch. On Swipely, it will announce to the world – or more specifically, your followers, we hope – that “[Insert Your Name Here] just bought an iPod touch.”

So, how does the service pull it off, technically speaking? When you first sign up for Swipely, you connect your credit card account to your Swipely’s, and, as you buy your favorite things throughout the day, Swipely will tell everyone exactly what you’ve purchased. How do you feel about the obvious privacy issues inherent in such a networking tool? Furthermore, how would one really benefit from such a tool, especially as a consumer? We can see how Swipely would benefit producers, however, in gathering new metrics for their credit card target markets.

Another obvious concern – and certainly, a vital one – involves the security of Swipely’s network, and – logically – access to your sensitive credit card information. Swipely has explicitly stated, however, that they use third party security companies for protecting your credit card account’s information, so it won’t be displayed to anyone, just little tweets to the world of what you’re purchasing.

The principle concept behind Swipely, as best as we can see it, is to give the people in your life conversation material. The credit card purchases you make may reveal similarities or vast differences of taste between you and your friends; then again, certain guilty pleasure could allow for absolute ridicule. Very social in nature, but financially oriented, it will spark discussions you might not even think of having, but enjoy much anyway, and let loved ones keep up with you during your day.

Conversely, many consumers have already complained about the service, and their privacy concerns are certainly understandable. Many bloggers, also, have been gabbing all about Swipely, and they just don’t get the idea of broadcasting credit card purchases – even if it’s too familiar acquaintances.  Of course, there’s always the other predictable use of Swipely: parents monitoring their teenagers’ credit card use for immediate spending-habit reports, instead of waiting for monthly credit card bill.

Cash Back Credit Cards: The Cash… Is Back

Credit card companies are once again seeking new credit card applicants, and this time, they’re trying to lure them in with cash back rewards. With the current economic situation, any financial tools results in money directly repaid are undoubtedly experiencing increased popularity. If you are cautious about this new credit card trend, you can actually sway these cash back credit cards to your advantage.

Fundamentally, credit card companies advertise cash back credit cards, implying that a percentage of whatever you charge to your credit card will be returned to you. As an example, Discover card issues a 5% cash back on one of its credit cards for fashion shopping. So, if a $100 purchase was made, you would receive $5 for buying whatever you like. Credit card companies always bounce along with whatever goods they can provide as bait for credit card applications, rotating among gas, clothing, and movie tickets.

However, there is always a drawback with good things in life. Credit cards are implementing different regulations now for cash rewards, so stay vigilant. When late payments occur, some cash back credit card rewards are voided, but many credit card issuers let you pay fees to resume your cash back rewards program – lucky you. Some feature yearly charges or spending caps that alter eligibility; you may have to pay a certain amount on your card, much like with insurance, before benefits like cash back kick in. When applying for a credit card featuring cash back rewards, carefully study all the terms and conditions, as well as possible penalties for credit card faux pas.

But, there are ways to take control of this type of credit card rewards plan. Most vitally, understand the credit card contract fully, including late fees and reward program specifics, and make your credit card payments punctually each month. Remember also that many credit card companies only provide cash rewards up to a certain dollar amount, so spend just enough for cash back eligibility, but no more – there’s no reward past what you’ve already spent. Additionally, be aware of expiration dates and alterations to the credit card’s reward program, as changes often occur without warning; companies have done it for years.