February 2012

An Introduction to Vision Payment Solutions

Vision Payment Solutions is a full-service payment-processing solution company that can meet all of your credit card, debit card, gift card, online sales, software, hardware, equipment and technical support needs in one fell swoop! Vision Payment Solutions offers a full range of superior merchant processing products and services for your business. We provide merchant accounts for working businesses to allow acceptance of credit and debit card payments, offer a wide variety of hardware and software terminals both wired and wireless, develop integrated cash register solutions, and we can even fund some business up to $150,000 of working capital. Explore our website to learn more about Vision Payment Solutions, or apply online for a custom-tailored payment-processing solution below.

Vision Payment Solutions is an experienced, quickly growing merchant account service provider, delivering comprehensive solutions across all payment forms, card brands and merchant segments. Our management team has well over sixty years of experience in the financial services and payment-processing industries, including more than thirty years within the electronic payments field working for some of our market’s largest, most profitable, and most successful companies.

Vision Payment Solutions serves an eclectic variety of retail merchants, from five-star restaurants to multi-site quick serves, local retail stores to national chains, e-commerce sites to internet storefronts, the corner convenience store to larger, multi-lane grocery stores. No matter what your business needs require, we can respond with the best possible, custom-tailored solution.

Vision Payment Solutions’ long-range vision is that, in a changing industry, we’ll keep you ahead of the curve, providing flexible hardware, software, and e-commerce solutions with an eye to the future. So as your business and your customers evolve, your payment systems can grow and adapt along with them. Vision Payment Solutions covers every aspect of electronic fund transfer and payment processing, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Debit, EBT, Gift cards, electronic check conversion, and so much more. Additionally, we provide fast, dependable settlements to your financial institution. Vision Payment Solutions has also invested in constructing and maintaining a completely in-house processing solution, from underwriting and technical support to risk management and information technology. But what’s most important, Vision Payment Solutions promises to solve every issue and meet every need your business has in the friendliest, fastest, most effective, and most professional ways we can.



Debit Card Payment Process 101: How It Works

Three way exist in today’s market for debit card payment processing: online debit (PIN debit), offline debit (signature debit) and the Electronic Purse Card System, which is primarily used in Europe and will not be discussed in this article. One physical card can include the functions of an online debit card, an offline debit card, and an electronic purse card, all three of which are related to the debit card payment process.

Online debit cards require electronic authorization during the debit card payment process, and the debits are displayed in the user’s account immediately. The debit card payment process may be secured with a personal identification number (PIN) authentication system; some online cards mandate this authentication for all transactions, fundamentally turning into enhanced ATM cards. An issue in using online debit cards is the need for an authorization device at the point of sale (POS) and often a separate PIN pad, although it’s common for all debit card payment processes across the globe. Many feel that the online debit card is superior to the offline debit card because of its secure authentication system and real-time processing, which bypasses processing lag on transactions that may only issue online debit cards.

Offline debit cards are used at the point of sale like a credit card, along with the customer’s signature. This type of debit card may be subject to a daily limit or a maximum limit equal to the current checking account balance from which the customer’s funds are withdrawn. Debit card payment processes involving offline debit cards require a couple business days to be seen in users’ accounts.

In a few different nations – and with occasional banks and merchant service organizations – a “credit” or offline debit transaction is processed without any charge to the consumer beyond the transaction itself, while a fee may be charged for a “debit” or online debit transaction, but this is just typically absorbed by the merchant. Online debit purchasers may also withdraw cash in addition to the amount of the debit purchase, if the merchant offers that service. Additionally, the merchant pays lower fees on online debit card payment processes, as compared to “credit” or offline debit card payment processes.



What You Should Know About Accepting Credit Cards

By accepting credit cards from your customers and clientele, your company can increase its customer base, maximize sales volume, and conduct business online efficiently. Accepting cards from customers provides them with yet another payment option; as you know, options make customers happy, and happy customers make your business more profitable. Many consumers choose merchants only if they’re currently accepting cards, for airline miles or rewards cards.

Merchant account providers like Vision Payment Solutions, called independent service organizations (ISOs), set up merchant accounts that enable your business to start to accept credit cards online; These are established with a financial institution and an ISO. Many merchant accounts link your company’s site to a payment gateway, enabling your business to begin accepting credit cards online. We provide equipment required to accept credit cards, and much more.

You will need to carefully consider whether you want to set up real-time or deferred processing when you start accepting cards. There are advantages to each option, depending on your business needs. Real-time processing enables customers’ cards to be accepted or denied immediately. With deferred processing, the order is sent to your business first so you can process it.

Processing and accepting credit or debit cards in real time is flexible: you can automatically or manually process your orders. Another useful payment option that you can set up with real-time processing is repeat billing, so that you can automatically charge your customer accounts at specific pre-set times. Most customers prefer real-time due to instant approval or decline. Also, if they are incorrectly entering information, they are notified instantly, and they can fix the problem.

Deferred credit card processing may be the best option for accepting cards if you only provide products offline. Your orders can be hand-examined to fix any issues before shipping. If you regularly ship products internationally, and the network of your customer’s card issuer has issues with time zone differences, you can manually approve sales rather than decline.

If you plan on accepting credit cards online, and you have a server, you need a shopping cart to display order forms where the customer can enter in their credit card information, billing and shipping addresses. The shopping cart will enable you to store customers’ order history.

Credit Card Merchant Processing: A Modern Business Necessity

Credit card merchant processing is the process of taking electronic payments and transferring funds between accounts. Credit cards are among the most used forms of payment in today’s market. Accepting credit cards allows you to maximize every potential sale opportunity and decreases the loss of sales due to lack of payment options. Vision Payment Solutions (VPS) wants to make your experience with credit card merchant processing a great one. Remember that credit card merchant processing is a service that you pay for. VPS will be by your side, ensuring you get what you’re paying for. The costs for credit card merchant processing are minimal in relation to the benefits, and at VPS, we want to make these payments as low as we can.

As a credit card merchant processing provider, Vision Payment Solutions provides credit card processing services to merchants all over the United States. Not only does Vision Payment Solutions set merchants up with an account to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover cards, and so much more, but also offers the merchant the opportunity to establish other processing options for its customers. What are some of the basics types of credit card merchant processing?

Internet merchants are not just those who have ecommerce websites; there are many using their own desktop computers as virtual terminals, and doing their own credit card merchant processing on a secure server. These merchants are offered keyed rates because card data is completely keyed into the computer, manually. Keyed rates are more than swiped rates because more risk is involved in the steps of credit card merchant processing, but transactions when the keyed data matches the card data exactly will receive a lower keyed rate, because of the risk of fraud.

Retail merchants deal in brick-and-mortar sales through their terminals by swiping cards, allowing them lower rates on credit card merchant processing by checking the customer’s ID to ensure the credit card belongs to the customer. Vision Payment Solutions offers excellent rates for swiped credit card merchant accounts – one of the lowest around. Retail merchants include both physical store locations and businesses where the merchants travel with a wireless credit card terminal. In either scenario, half of all your credit card merchant processing activity should be face-to-face, swiped transactions. Retail merchants, through VPS’ multivariate credit card merchant processing can also process checks, gift cards, and PIN-based debit transactions by requesting that their consumers manually key in their PIN.

To learn more about credit card merchant processing, contact Vision Payment Solutions today!



Merchant Credit Card Processing Boosts Your Bottom Line

Merchant Credit Card Processing Online

In the world’s marketplace today, it is an absolute necessity for businesses to accept credit cards, with what is known as merchant credit card processing. The vast majority of retail customers pay with plastic, and they will go with the other guys if you don’t their payments.
To accept credit cards, you need a merchant card processing account. Vision Payment Solutions allows businesses to accept credit and debit cards, smart cards, and electronic benefits transfer (EBT) cards by providing them with merchant card processing.

When you call Vision Payment Solutions or complete our online form to request a merchant account, you will be connected with a friendly sales representative, who will ask a few questions about your business, and answer any questions on merchant processing or any other of the many payment-processing solutions we offer. Your application will then be submitted for approval, and you will likely be notified of results within 24 hours of submission. Once the submitted merchant account is approved, one of our sales representatives will contact you right then. Any equipment you need for merchant credit processing is shipped to your business, so you can quickly start accepting credit cards.

How Merchant Credit Card Processing Works

But, did you ever wonder how merchant processing works? Where does the information go after it’s entered into a card terminal or point-of-sale (POS)? When a customer’s card is swiped, and the authorization process is begun, the data is transmitted to a credit card processor. Then, the information is transmitted to the card-issuing bank, where the transaction is approved or declined. Lastly, the bankcard association transmits the approval or decline back to the terminal or POS device.

During merchant processing, a card may decline if it is expired or has insufficient funds, or if the card has been declared missing or red-flagged. To protect you, banks now require card authorization for all paper-based transactions.

To experience the benefits of merchant card processing, a business has to apply for – and actually acquire – a merchant account. Once this merchant account is initialized, merchant processing may be implemented via a credit card or POS terminal.

For more information on how to accept credit cards, visit our other posts on merchant credit card processing, or simply call Vision Payment Solutions today to get setup with a merchant card processing account that is fitted to your specific business needs.

Credit Card Merchant Machines

There are several models and prices of credit card merchant machines today. The machine a merchant needs is determined by the type of business, and the style of credit card processing required. Popular brands of credit card merchant machines include Verifone, Hypercom, and Lipman.

Most merchants planning on keying in their transaction would need credit card merchant machines without an attached printer, while merchants who operate a retail store would need credit card merchant machines with an integrated printer. Many mobile businesses would benefit from wireless credit card merchant machines, providing that their processing volume supports the cost of the wireless terminal, and there is network coverage, as well.

But, there are also several credit card merchant machines that can handle multiple merchant accounts, including the Nurit 2085, Nurit 3020, Nurit 3010, Nurit 8000, Omni 3750, Omni 3740, and the Verifone Tranz 380×2.

Credit card merchant machines without printers are used when the merchant does not need to issue a paper receipt to his customer at the time of sale, and in a mobile environment where the credit card number is called in to a central location and the number is keyed into the credit card merchant machines. This option is for mobile businesses that do not want to pay the high price of a wireless credit card machine but still need the ability to process a transaction at the time and place of sale. The printer-less credit card merchant machines are the least expensive machines available, ranging from $200.00 – $500.00; popular credit card merchant machines in this category are the Verifone Tranz 330 and Verifone Tranz 380.

On the other hand, credit card merchant machines with a printer are common in the retail marketplace: a single unit to issue a receipt to the customer at the sale, and to process the customer’s card. They are slightly more expensive than the credit card merchant machines without printers, but at reasonable cost. The price range for credit card merchant machines with a built-in printer ranges from $275 to $900, depending on the model. They also feature PINpads, to accept debit cards: an all-in-one solution for your processing needs. The most popular credit card merchant machines of this type include the Hypercom T7 Plus, the Nurit 20855, and the Verifone Omni 3200se.


Understanding Merchant Credit Card Payment

Merchant credit card payment accounts for the vast majority of payments out there today, especially since the dawn of the digital age. The Internet makes money for businesses that take merchant credit card payments, as this is usually the preferred method for online transactions.

When you partner with Vision Payment Solutions, you receive high levels of service and security from a merchant credit card payment company that knows the industry inside and out. From e-commerce payment gateways to retail and restaurant solutions, business-to-business processing capabilities to electronic invoicing, we offer cost-effective merchant credit card payment services that are fast, secure, and easy to integrate. Need help getting your small business up and running? Looking to switch merchant credit card payment processors because of cost and security? Our extensive experience and expertise helps you get the lowest rates, so that you can save money while safely accepting all major credit cards, debit cards and other payments for increased profits and improved business.

Vision Payment Solutions is committed to serving merchants in any industry, whether you manage a start-up e-commerce website or a large nonprofit organization. No matter what your business needs, we have the right merchant credit card payment processing solution for you, in addition to a secure payment gateway that eliminates third-party companies. Give us a call, and our experts will work closely with you to identify the merchant credit card payment services that best match your business, to implement these solutions seamlessly into your current business process, and to provide customer support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. With Vision Payment Solutions, you have access to all the resources and products you need to start saving and to achieve your business goals.

When you start accepting merchant credit card payments for your business, PCI compliance is a top priority – and a requirement. Electronic theft and credit card fraud are real threats that lead to big losses for businesses and consumers. Vision Payment Solutions’ wide range of merchant credit card payment solutions and security features comply with PCI DSS standards, meaning that we maintain a high standard of security to keep your business safe. Our advanced security solutions are designed to protect sensitive data for increased customer confidence and reduced risk of credit card fraud. Count on Vision Payment Solutions for the merchant credit card payment services, security and support you need to grow and protect your business.


Getting A Credit Card Merchant Account

A credit card merchant account – along with other, supplementary payment processing – is crucial to your company’s operation. Your entrepreneurial success or failure can depend on whether you accept credit cards. Searching for a bargain in the world of credit card merchant accounts can be difficult, and credit card merchant accounts themselves can be perplexing. So, let’s address what credit card merchant accounts are, what is needed to obtain your merchant account, and the fees involved.

Credit card merchant accounts are special accounts for a business to process credit card orders. After you’re finished processing a customer’s credit card, the transaction undergoes many steps. The money transferred through your credit card merchant account is deposited into your business checking account soon thereafter.

Careful preparation beforehand will ensure that you can easily handle your credit card merchant account application process. Some materials you might need to obtain your credit card merchant account can include:

•       Checking account: Many providers include this, but most require that you have one already. If you’re a sole proprietor, you can use your personal account, but if you’re an LLC or a corporation, you may need a business checking account.

•       A voided check: You will need this if your checking account is the account in which your funds will be deposited.

•       Business licenses: A certificate of assumed name may be required – to prove you are a legitimate business.

•       Pictures of business office and/or location: If you are not considered high risk when you apply for a credit card merchant account, this is usually not needed.

•       A website: This is generally only if you want real-time online processing and, if you are not an online business, you will not need a website.

•       Return policy: Your credit card merchant account provider will need specifics.

•       Tax returns: This might be needed for higher risk accounts, according to the sales volume you expect through your credit card merchant account.

  • Your driver’s license: This document may only be required if you’re a sole proprietor without a business license.

There are several factors to consider carefully when you first apply for your credit card merchant account, but with research – and a little patience – you can settle in with a credit card merchant account provider that delivers. Call Vision Payment Solutions today!

The Steps of Merchant Processing

Vision Payment Solutions is your best friend in the merchant processing industry. We will not only provide you with great services and support, but also peace of mind. Our merchant experts are always available to answer any questions you may have about your merchant processing account. Additionally, your business will experience a serious boom in business from accepting credit cards with a Vision Payment Solutions account. In uncertain economic times, you need to know that your merchant processing provider will be there for you. At VPS we love offering the best for our clientele, and keeping you more than satisfied with your merchant processing.

VPS is your choice provider of merchant processing, specializing in seamless integration and guaranteed low processing rates. We are known for our high-quality merchant processing services, dedication to merchant support, and providing custom-tailored solutions to all of our merchants. With us, you have many processing options, with seamless, secure online credit processing integration, no matter if you are using a credit card machine, POS terminal, or a payment gateway for your merchant processing needs.

We save our merchants time and money by making merchant processing easy. With full system integration, you won’t have to work tedious hours with all the bookkeeping that comes with merchant processing. In addition, our wireless merchant processing solutions make it possible to accept credit cards anywhere, including sales where the credit card is not present. If you’re an online entrepreneur, VPS will supply you with a secure, cost-effective, and reliable way to accept credit cards. Our extensive online merchant processing services include some great extra features, fully compatible with most online shopping carts. With a variety of credit card machines from leading manufacturers, low-rate credit card processing, and a competitive payment processing policy, we have become a leader in the merchant processing market. If you are a small business merchant, and if you need payment processing of any kind, there is no better solution for you. We offer a large range of payment solutions including electronic check processing, credit card machines, payment gateways, and high-quality POS machines. Our easy credit application only takes a few minutes, and credit accounts are typically approved within a day. Apply for the perfect merchant processing solution with Vision Payment Solutions to start accepting credit cards today!


Credit Card Merchant Accounts: What You Should Know

At Vision Payment Solutions, we are devoted to understanding our competitors’ credit card merchant accounts’ prices and perks, so you always get to take advantage of the best prices on name-brand credit card merchant accounts and their accompanying payment-processing solutions! If you do happen to find a superior deal for credit card merchant accounts, we will gladly do what we can at Vision Payment Solutions to best our competition, and to help you and your business save more money. At Vision Payment Solutions, you can always be sure that our low pricing also includes superior 24/7 customer service and support, long after the sale. Browse our website and discover why we’re your first selection for credit card merchant accounts and services in the entire continent of North America, no matter your business industry, size, or sales processing volume.

Our wholehearted devotion to being the best business in the credit card merchant accounts industry began when we first launched, years ago. Our business philosophy is quite straightforward: remain completely committed to our clientele, merchants everywhere just like you, and offer the best credit card merchant accounts and services at the best possible price. We are also longstanding members of the Better Business Bureau, and find real satisfaction in our customers’ satisfaction.

There’s a lot more complexity to credit card merchant accounts than most business owners realize. We educate you how our approach to credit card merchant accounts surpasses any other payment-processing service out there today. Choose Vision Payment Solutions as your business partner, so you can handle your daily business issues your own way – and leave the credit card processing, machines, and gateway concerns to us.

At VPS, we provide hassle-free credit card merchant accounts, allowing you to easily accept major credit cards including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, bank ATM, debit cards, corporate cards, and even checks. Jump over the strict guidelines imposed by other credit card merchant accounts providers and local banks, who are nothing more than middlemen, charging you separate fees throughout the entire process. See why we’re unmatched in the credit card merchant accounts industry. Compare us to any other merchant services provider, and you’ll see why you should sign up with Vision Payment Solutions with utmost confidence and satisfaction.