March 2012

Merchant Credit Card Processing Online

One of the most confusing aspects of merchant credit card processing online for merchants new to it is the difference between a payment gateway account and an Internet merchant account. Although these are two separate components of merchant credit card processing online, they are both vital, and work together to handle payments automatically.

Commercially available shopping carts will typically have configuration settings allowing a number of gateway choices. An Internet merchant will usually want to select the shopping cart and web site hosting company and then order their merchant account based on the gateways that are available in the shopping cart.

The following information diagrams the typical payment process involved in merchant credit card processing online, from the time the order is placed in the shopping cart to the funds being deposited in the merchant’s bank account.

1) The consumers order their products on the merchant’s web store, preferably on a secure web page so that the consumer’s personal information including banking information (credit card or check) is encrypted so that it can’t be intercepted and read by third parties while implementing merchant credit card processing online.

2) The shopping cart on the host computer gathers the order information, compiling it into a form that merchant credit card processing online expects.

3) The shopping cart transmits the data from the host to the payment gateway portion of merchant credit card processing online. The processor scans what it received about the order to continue processing the transaction correctly. It then determines what company manages the customer’s credit card and requests the card to be charged.

4) The customer’s credit card company validates the card and the account. If everything checks out correctly, the credit card company sends an acknowledgement back to the card processor that the funds can be transferred. If merchant credit card processing online denies the charge, it sends a code back to the credit card processor indicating the issue.

5) The merchant credit card processing online service now tells the shopping cart whether the transaction was successful. The credit card processor initiates a funds transfer to the company implementing merchant credit card processing online, for deposit into the merchant’s business bank account.

6) Internet merchant accounts collect the funds for a specified period of time and make scheduled transfers to the merchant’s regular bank account and the merchant credit card processing online routine is complete

Merchant credit card processing online can be a difficult concept to fully grasp, but with a little research – and a friendly conversation with one of our experienced sales representatives, Vision Payment Solutions can have your business reaping the benefits of merchant credit card processing online in no time!

All About Card Payment Terminals

When you’re researching new card payment terminals, or supplementary card terminals for a growing company, choose the ones compatible with your current system and supported by your merchant account provider. Consider three basic types of payment terminals.

  • Traditional: Stationery card terminals work for most businesses today. They can come with or without printers, and most accept debit cards.
  • Virtual: If you do a lot of your business on the phone or online, consider using virtual credit terminal software. It allows you to contact your merchant account provider over the Internet and it can be customized to automate recurring charges or calculate taxes and discounts.
  • Wireless: Wireless card terminals are used by many taxi drivers and even in some restaurants. Verify that your merchant service supports the wireless card payment terminals you go with one, and will continue support as well.

Card Payment Terminals: Features
Most card terminals have similar features, typically including a keypad, a magnetic stripe reader, a display, and a printer.

  • Keypad: Sometimes a customer’s card won’t swipe so you will need to manually key in costs and other data. Simple card terminals have a nine-key numeric keypad, but others may feature over forty keys, with programmable function keys.
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader: A magnetic stripe reader reads all credit cards. If you have questions about the condition of the magnetic stripe reader on any of the card terminals you are thinking of buying, contact the seller or manufacturer.
  • Display: The standard credit card terminal display shows two lines of text, with twenty characters per line, but some can display four lines, with twenty characters per line. Look for a display with a backlight which will make it easier to read.
  • Printer: When you’re evaluating card terminals, you can choose some that come with printers, or purchase the terminals alongside their compatible external receipt printers. If you do a lot of printing, external printers may be much better for your business. Dot matrix printers are typically much cheaper but don’t print quite as quickly, while thermal imaging printers are faster and quieter, but need special thermal paper.

Researching and purchasing card terminals can be an overwhelming process, but don’t worry. Vision Payment Solutions is here to educate – and arm – its clientele, merchants everywhere just like you, with the knowledge and the information necessary for finding the perfect card payment terminals for your business, no matter what you do.

Credit Card Processing And Merchant Accounts

Much like peanut butter and jelly, credit card processing and merchant accounts go hand in hand, and – together – they allow businesses of all varieties, no matter the industry, the market, the volume of sales, or any other defining business factors, to accept credit card payments from customers around the world. Let’s take a closer look today, however, at the workings behind card processing and merchant accounts, and try to understand how and why they are so beneficial to all kinds of businesses.

If you conduct business directly with your customers, card processing and merchant accounts have become an irreplaceable necessity. Whether you have a store, restaurant or kiosk, Vision Payment Solutions can help with all your card processing and merchant accounts’ needs for less money than you might have even imagined.

You will find some helpful information on our site that will help you get your business started with card processing and merchant accounts.

Processes Involved in Credit Card Processing and Merchant Accounts

  1. The merchant swipes the customer’s card through the credit card terminal and enters the sale amount. The terminal then connects to Vision Payment Solutions’ processor for authorization.
  2. The processor passes that information onto the bank that issued the credit card; the bank verifies the card’s validity, and the amount available on the card.
  3. The issuing bank sends back an approval number or a decline message to Vision Payment Solutions processor.
  4. The information is passed back to the credit card terminal which prints a receipt for the customer to sign if the card is approved. It takes approximately 12-15 seconds to complete steps 1-4 on a credit card machine using a phone line. The newer internet enabled machines can cut this time to just a few seconds.
  5. Later, the merchant must settle their terminal, which finishes out the transaction. Once the settlement process begins, the funds are transferred from the bank and deposited into the merchant’s checking account. It typically takes around two business days from the time of the transaction for the funds to deposit into the merchant’s checking account.

If you have any additional questions on card processing and merchant accounts, feel free to give Vision Payment Solutions a call today, and discover why so many successful merchants choose VPS for all their credit card processing and merchant accounts needs.

Credit Card Processing Merchants: What’s Their Advantage?

As your company grows, changes, and adapts, offering more forms of payment will turn into a necessity. You will soon have to choose a professional company for your payment services, finally becoming one of those credit card processing merchants you’ve always dreamt of. This can be very important, so it’s crucial not to be taken lightly because your sales and income are important. There are some questions to ask before you commit to a company whose clientele primarily consist of credit card processing merchants. The terms of the credit card processing merchants’ services contract should be at the very top of your concerns.

The fee structure that credit card processing merchants deal with is utterly essential to many companies. Your company will always have to pay a transaction fee just for being in the in-crowd of credit card processing merchants, and that fee will vary dramatically. It will change of course, between each provider, but keep in mind that it will hinge on the size of your business, how long you have conducted business, and your credit score, among other factors. Some important things to remember are the multitude of different fees credit card processing merchants have to pay, which will include the application fees and some service fees.

Research the types of credit card terminals that are offered, and verify that your potential credit card processing merchants services firm has just what you need. For example, if your business is run online, you’ll require a virtual terminal. But if you happen to run a construction company, many credit card processing merchants in that industry feel that a traditional terminal is the best.

Be keenly aware of your requirements so that you can use a payment processor’s special deals on your company’s payment processing. You can do your own homework on the issue of becoming one of the credit card processing merchants, but it needn’t be difficult.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding credit card processing merchants and the benefits they experience with Vision Payment Solutions, simply give VPS a call today at the number above, and get in touch with a friendly representative who can guide you through the process of becoming one of the many satisfied, lucrative, and successful credit card processing merchants out there who have experienced massive profit increases at low rates, friendly service, and an overall satisfying experience with credit card processing merchants’ account from Vision Payment Solutions.

Merchant Credit Card Processing Services

Vision Payment Solutions offers the best, most knowledgeable customer service, recent technology and competitive rates that merchant credit card processing services should provide. Each of our clients is assigned a friendly representative to assist with every aspect of their merchant credit card services account – from set up to growth. Our support specialists are available all the time to make sure your merchant processing services are flowing smoothly. We also provide processing terminals – hardware, software, and support – at world-class service. Sign up for our merchant processing services today to get started.

Each sub-process within any merchant processing services needs to be implemented flawlessly to succeed, and Vision Payment Solutions makes it possible for your business to quickly and efficiently process credit cards. Our representatives are accessible any time and any day of the week if you or your associates require assistance, allowing you to forget about the details of merchant processing services, and focus on what your company does best: making money.

Why Choose Merchant Credit Card Processing Service from VPS?
Vision Payment Solutions’ tried-and-true merchant processing services help to ensure that each transaction you make is a success – offline and on. Just about any successful company has a website. One way of producing effective online sales is to sell your product directly to your customers online, and Vision Payment Solutions’ Ecommerce merchant processing services have never been a more viable option. Our online merchant processing services offer personalized customer service, tech support, and competitive rates that you can count on.

We also provide wireless credit card processing services that allows you make sales without access to a phone line or power source. With our industry leading rates, account representatives and tech support specialists at your disposal, integrating a wireless merchant account is just about as simple as filling out the form to the right.

Tradeshows are a unique chance to be face to face with their target market. But every trade show offers different accommodations. Sometimes it’s impossible to power a booth, or access phone lines or Internet connections, but Vision Payment Solutions offers merchant processing services that will allow you to make sales at tradeshows regardless of accommodations.

When you compare merchant account providers and other credit card processing companies to Vision Payment Solutions, you’ll see that for small businesses we provide the flexibility you need without hidden fees like other merchant credit card processing services.

Merchant Account Credit Card Processing

There are obviously and clearly many benefits to merchant account credit card processing – some more blatantly obvious than others, naturally – but what makes merchant account credit card processing with a reputable company like Vision Payment Solutions such a rewarding experience?

1. Merchant account credit card processing will significantly increase your current sales. Studies show businesses that accept credit cards may witness a massive boost in sales just about instantly.

2. It will improve the image of your business. When you display credit card logos as forms of accepted payment, a sense of ‘trust’ is established in your customer’s mind, and trust results in sales.

3. Merchant account credit card processing ups your cash flow. Accepting cards increases cash flow. Even if sales don’t increase, your business will benefit by having the money from the sale instantly delivered to your bank account.

4. Nearly 90% of online transactions are with credit cards. If you sell anything online, but don’t accept cards, you push away over 90% of consumers.

5. Impulsive Consumers. Credit card holders buy more on impulse, and buy more than non-card holders.

6. Convenience. Many customers want to use credit cards because of rewards on their credit card. Customers are more likely to buy from a business that accepts credit cards than others. Don’t lose to a competitor just because you don’t accept cards.

7. Large orders. The average order size of a credit card order tends to be larger than by cash or check, so of course that’s more profit for you. Also, when they’re paying by credit card, they tend to place extra orders and order more often.

8. Competition. Your competitors already take credit cards. You must accept cards in order to survive.

9. VPS merchant account credit card processing is inexpensive. Today’s merchant account credit card processing rates are so low even a tiny company can easily accept cards. Typically, the increase in sales for a business increases when they set up merchant account credit card processing. As a result, by accepting credit cards many businesses make more money!

10. Easy Start. Many businesses think getting setup for merchant account credit card processing is a long, hard process. But, with VPS, you can have expert merchant account credit card processing within a couple business days.

Merchant Services Credit Card Processing

As a merchant services credit card processing provider, Vision Payment Solutions provides credit card- and debit card-based payment-processing services to merchants all over the United States. Not only does Vision Payment Solutions set its clients, merchants just like you, up with an account for merchant services credit card processing of such major brands as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, but we also offer the merchant the opportunity to set up numerous other merchant services credit card processing options for our customers, some of which include paying with American Express, PIN-Based Debit, Checks, and Gift Cards.

Vision Payment Solutions also maintains its title as a quality merchant services credit card processing provider. We love offering our merchants professionalism no other merchant services credit card processing provider can match. Do you have questions on your merchant services credit card processing statement? Need information on your new terminal? Or on how to get needed equipment? Simply call a Vision Payment Solutions representative today, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will answer your questions and make sure you are back on track processing as soon as possible. If you do have a merchant services credit card processing dispute, VPS has one of the very top fraud departments in the industry, and can assist you in keeping funds that belong to you.

Vision Payment Solutions is here to serve all of your merchant services credit card processing needs, so contact us about a merchant account today.

Retail merchants process face-to-face sales through the credit card terminal by swiping the card. This allows you to obtain lower rates on your transactions and mitigate risk by checking the customer’s picture ID to verify that the credit card belongs to the customer. Vision Payment Solutions’ credit card merchant account rates are among the lowest rates in the industry.

Retail merchants are both in storefront locations as well as in businesses where the merchants travel with a wireless credit card terminal. In both cases, at least 50% of your payment processing activity should involve face-to-face swiped transactions. Retail merchants also have the ability to process checks and gift cards and process PIN-based debit transactions by having your customers key in PIN-numbers.

Many consumers expect retail merchants to accept credit cards and debit cards. Contact us about merchant services credit card processing accounts from Vision Payment Solutions today! Don’t allow lack of merchant services credit card processing to inhibit your revenue growth! Call now!

Credit Card Processing Systems 101

Credit card processing systems can come in all shapes and sizes, and some are even specially constructed for certain markets and industries. With both wired and wireless capability, credit card systems are an absolute necessity for the modern merchant, and if you don’t have such systems of some variety in place, then you’ll be unable to accept either credit or debit card payments from your customers – and not providing your customers the option of paying with their cards, through credit processing systems, can be a downright fatal mistake for your business.

There are three basic methods of processing transactions – all of which require credit processing systems, naturally, to do so. These include the virtual terminal, a web link, and an auto direct connect (known as ADC for short). Let’s discuss each of these card processing systems’ features, and whether they’re the right fit for you and your growing business. Pay close attention to specific requirements needed for certain types of transactions. It only takes a few customers very little time to turn to your competitor, who might have all the right credit card processing systems in place, and take the sale from you.

What is A Virtual Terminal?

A virtual terminal is one of the credit processing systems typically hosted on your merchant account provider’s transaction servers, where merchants simply login with the web browser of their choice, and perform live transactions using their merchant account. A merchant can enter a transaction manually and a virtual terminal will process it in real-time similar to a physical terminal.

What is A Web Link?

A Web Link – one of the card processing systems also known as an Internet merchant account, or an online merchant account for some – allows a merchant to link their web site to the credit card processing systems to accept payments from customers in real-time with total automation.

What is an ADC (Automated Direct Connect)?

Automated Direct Connect is the last of our three credit card processing systems that we’ll be discussing today; it allows merchants to link complex sites with a gateway server, including room for the merchant’s own programming. Unlike many online account providers, real-time credit processing systems have the information you need to succeed in today’s market.

If you have any more questions concerning card processing systems, don’t hesitate to call Vision Payment Solutions today, at the number above.

Merchant Payment Solutions: A Business Necessity

Today, millions of retailers accept credit cards and debit cards. Payments via credit cards don’t merely make purchases easier— they’re a huge source of revenue for companies, demonstrated to up both balances and profit. But how do merchant payment solutions from Vision Payment Solutions help? For merchants everywhere, we custom tailor the perfect solution that provides efficiency, accuracy and ease.

Merchant payment solutions from VPS provide compatibility with your existing hardware and software to keep costs down; fast, easy authorization and processing of all payment types, brands, and industries; quality data reporting; and the best current technology to protect against fraud.

Vision Payment Solutions has offered merchant payment solutions to merchants of all markets and interests for almost a decade. We offer the full spectrum of technologies to merchants for retail, e-commerce, software, and custom payment applications. Our company provides merchant accounts, supports all major credit and debit cards, e-check and ACH transactions, EBT, recurring bill payments, and gift and stored-value cards. As an industry professional in payment solutions, we offer all varieties of merchant payment solutions, including both virtual terminal and payment gateway solutions.

Vision Payment Solutions also offers a full range of processing products and services. We provide merchant accounts for accepting credit and debit cards, all kinds of major hardware and software terminals in both wireless and wired formats, integrated cash registers, and can even fund your business with our capital funding program.

For mobile merchant payment solutions, a smartphone is easily configured as a card-present swipe device. Plug in a card reader and install the software, and you have the full range of mobile merchant payment solutions, enabling you to accept credit card payments from your customers on the go. VPS provides many options for mobile merchant payment solutions, with low initial costs for iPhone, Blackberry, and the rest.

With Vision Payment Solutions, ROAMpay provides the ultimate protection in the world of mobile merchant payment solutions, and the convenience of a mobile phone. Available on hundreds of smart phones, ROAMpay is the merchant payment solutions application for processing major credit cards all from your smart phone. With real-time authorization, email receipts, and digital summaries, you can rest assured that VPS will provide you with the best possible mobile – and other – merchant payment solutions to our clients at the lowest possible price.

If you have any additional questions regarding merchant payment solutions, or if you already have merchant payment solutions of your own, but want to improve your bottom line, then give VPS a call today!

Low Cost Credit Card Processing for Merchants of All Walks

Even if you’re not a merchant, you have likely heard the term, “you get what you pay for.” While this saying is applicable in many industries, markets, and brands, it can’t be said for the low cost credit card processing services offered by Vision Payment Solutions. With VPS, you can rest assured knowing that your credit card processing doesn’t also come with low cost customer service, or low quality hardware, software, or support – ever. Vision Payment Solutions, as an industry leader in the world of payment processing solutions, has demonstrated time and again its commitment to quality service and low-cost credit card processing that gets you results – and doesn’t drain your merchant account in doing so. With us, there are no hidden fees, no gimmicks, and no frustrating upselling you can find in so many other payment processing companies – especially those that offer low priced credit card processing.

At Vision Payment Solutions, our payment processing plans are custom tailored for your specific market, budget, size, and location, so you can be sure that all details related to your low priced credit card processing plan are addressed and taken care of, without breaking your bank, slowing down sales, or costing you valuable time you could be using to get to know your customers – and assist them – better. In doing so, we believe – and over the years, we have demonstrated – that high quality, low priced credit card processing services are the answer for merchants who just want to take payments from their customers, and not have to concern themselves with the headache of unnecessary upgrades, hassling phone calls, or technical difficulties.

In designing and developing our low priced credit card processing packages – each of which can be modified to suit your specific needs – we have taken into account all of the most crucial factors that make a successful merchant, and in our experience providing low cost credit card processing services to merchants everywhere just like you, it’s no surprise that they keep coming back to us for these same services year after year. Don’t go with low priced credit card processing from the other guy; you’ll end up with low cost everything else. Call Vision Payment Solutions now, to avoid the trouble and to get straight on your way to taking payments and doing what you do best – taking care of customers.