June 2012

Virtual Terminal Credit Cards Processing for Beginners

Virtual terminal credit cards processing is without question, the single best development in the entire business, financial, and more specifically, the payment-processing industries in years. It enables companies of all shapes and sizes to accept electronic debit, credit, and gift cards from its clients and customers, and adds a whole new dimension to our economy – and our lives.

Virtual terminal credit cards transactions are now fast, easy, reliable, secure – and most importantly of all, to your business – lucrative. Few businesses, small or large, can honestly say they’ve done well in the business world without being able to accept credit cards, and increasingly, even fewer businesses can say they’ve had any success without virtual terminal credit cards processing. In this modern economy – unpredictable and tumultuous as it may be – you and your business must have all the artillery you need to fight in the war for revenue, and virtual terminal credit cards capable businesses do, indeed, have the big guns.

So, how do virtual terminals work when they process your consumers’ various payments? Although it’s becoming increasingly common to see virtual terminal credit cards processing in all types of business, the most common types of entrepreneurial endeavors that elicit a need for such processing are typically businesses such as mobile (on-the-go) businesses, including everyone from hot dog stands to tradeshow workers, and online – or some would say Internet or e-commerce – businesses that sell their goods and services on the world wide web.

Virtual terminal credit cards transaction management is conducted through an online interface, so you – the merchant – can easily log in to a secure site from anywhere in the world, using a safe username and password, as long as you have a connection to the Internet. This is what makes virtual terminal credit cards processing so useful and convenient for those who need to accept electronic payments and manage them in such a way so that they can ensure proper and prompt execution of transactions, customer relations, and more.

If you have additional questions about the use of virtual terminal credit cards processing, or if you’d like to arrange the ideal virtual terminal solution for your business needs, then call Vision Payment Solutions today and speak with a representative who can set you up with the perfect, custom-tailored payment-processing solution that works with your business to help it grow and expand – without costing you your entire operating budget!

The Debit Card Payment Process

While many merchants and industry insiders in the payment-processing industry frequently use the terms credit card payment and/or debit card payment interchangeably, there are unquestionably some factors to consider when differentiating the two from each other. Today, we’ll be discussing the debit card payment process in particular, and how it differs from credit card processing.

The debit card payment process entails the same basic processing steps as in credit card processing, but with a few major exceptions. As you may very well know – if you’ve ever run a business of your own, or if you’ve ever been involved in the payment-processing aspects of such a business – a debit card deducts the funds from a customer’s or a client’s checking – or some would call debit – account directly, whereas with credit card processing, it’s technically the card-issuing bank that is first billed (and from whom funds are deducted from the patron’s line of credit) and then the customer pays his or her credit card bill at the end of the month – or at the very least, its minimum payment.

Let’s discuss the debit card payment process from three separate perspectives: the customer (also called the cardholder in the debit card payment process), the merchant (the one selling the goods or services to the customer or client), and finally, the payment processor.

Cardholder: In the debit card payment process, a customer who pays with his or her debit card is actually paying far more like they would with a personal check or paying cold cash than with a credit card. This means that the funds can be directly deducted from his or her checking or savings account, and that they won’t have to pay for it later. Unlike the debit card payment process, paying via credit card requires that the customer borrow a small amount for a time, and then repay the small loan (from the card bank) when he or she receives the bill for the month.

Merchant: To the merchant, the debit card payment process can vary with regard to costs associated with processing, depending on the plan. Further, the debit card payment process additionally may require special configuration or equipment, again according to many different aspects of the payment-processing arrangement.

Processor: Lastly, when the payment processor – like Vision Payment Solutions, for instance – implements the debit card payment process, it’s much different for the processor than it is for the other two parties involved in the transaction (the customer and the merchant). This is because there are so many different debit card payment process specifics that require different authorization, batching, and settlement processes – even mandating entirely different processing networks, in some cases. Moreover, there are special laws governing the use of the debit card payment process.

Smartphone Processing for A Busy And Fast World

Smartphone processing has undoubtedly turned into one of the most useful and most convenient methods known for processing consumer credit, debit, and other forms of electronic payment. In a quick, mobile, and capable economic universe, merchants of all trades are turning to smartphone processing to become more competitive, more professional, and above all, more lucrative than they ever have been before – and experiencing all the many advantages of smartphone processing in doing so.

Remember the days when you had to pay an arm and a leg just to get a credit card-processing terminal that was not only stationary, but bulky, difficult to use, and inconvenient overall? Such days are gone, and with the advent of smartphone use and familiarity, merchants can now implement smartphone processing to be mobile, fast, simple, and of course, secure in transmitting their patrons’ sensitive and personal financial information embedded in their cards used for payment.

This payment-processing security from Vision Payment Solutions in our smartphone processing solutions for merchants is, naturally PCI compliant, meaning the highest levels of encryption and protection from financial fraud, such as identity theft. All it takes is one negative experience for a customer or client to never return to your store, should he or she experience any trouble with the card used to pay for his or her goods and services – despite the identity theft not even being the merchant’s fault. Moreover, smartphone processing follows the same industry standards as all other forms of payment processing, allowing for superior protection from patrons who not only will never return, but who also may spread negative word about your business if they happen to experience any negative situations regarding your business interaction.

Last, but certainly not least, is the issue of your business’ image – with smartphone processing, your consumers will be impressed as you so quickly and efficiently check them out – any time, anywhere with an Internet connection – so impressed, in fact, that they’ll be far more likely to return to your place of business in the future, as opposed to your competition.

If you would like to set up a custom-tailored smartphone processing solution for your company, then contact Vision Payment Solutions today and speak with us. We can provide all you need for a smartphone processing plan, including a merchant account, hardware, software, and the customer service you’ve come to expect from a payment-processing company that’s been in business for years. Call us at the number at the top of the screen now!

Have A Blackberry And Need To Take Care of Business? Become A Blackberry Merchant!

What is a Blackberry merchant? A Blackberry merchant is anyone who conducts business on his or her Blackberry phone – and can easily, securely, and effectively process any credit, debit, or gift cards on that phone. With a simple swipe of their consumers’ electronic cards through a swiper add-on (or, if needed, a manual key-in of such financial data), coupled with a handy, intuitive software application – or app in the modern lingo – a Blackberry merchant can execute and close a sale in just minutes.

Given the enormous popularity of the Blackberry and related apps, add-ons, and peripherals, it came as no surprise to a lot of merchants – and to many Blackberry owners who may not necessarily be involved in business – when applications were developed to help the Blackberry merchant conduct business in such a way.

Have you, as a merchant, tradeshow worker, or convention salesperson, ever experienced the frustration of losing a sale from a prospective customer or client because you were unable to accept his or her credit, debit, or other form of electronic payment? There’s nothing worse, because as you know, the only impediment to your entrepreneurial success in such a situation is just that: not being a Blackberry merchant, with the capability to accept and process payments on the fly. With this in mind, potential patrons of a Blackberry merchant will know they’re in good hands when they come across a mobile processing solution like that.

Moreover, when you’re a Blackberry merchant, not only do you have the power of your payment processor in the palm of your hand – literally – but you also have the extra benefit of conveying your newfound professionalism to your client or customer base, who will undoubtedly be impressed with your sleek, high-tech, and shiny Blackberry processing power, much like when Apple stores first started incorporating such forms of payment acceptance and processing via their famous iPhones in store.

Would you like to become a Blackberry merchant? Vision Payment Solutions offers all the necessary software, hardware, equipment, and merchant and technical support needed to facilitate smooth, quick, and secure payment processing. Call us today at the number above, and get in touch with a Vision Payment Solutions representative now, who can arrange the perfect Blackberry merchant solution for your business needs! When you want quality and experience you can trust in becoming a Blackberry merchant, Vision Payment Solutions is here to lend a helping hand!

Credit Card Merchant Machines

Sometimes when you’re seeking new equipment for your business – whether you’re an online store, a traditional retail outlet, or even a wholesaler – it can be a bit overwhelming. After all, you’re considering purchasing the very products that will enable you to conduct business with your customers or clients as smoothly as possible. No other service today could be considered as vital to business as credit card processing for accepting your patrons’ electronic payments, and no other physical product can facilitate this action like credit card merchant machines.

Credit card merchant machines come in a vast array of models – all sporting different features, different abilities (or lack thereof), and even different personalities. What’s important here is making sure that you and your business select the correct credit card merchant machines for use by your business. So how do you go about choosing credit card merchant machines when you’re browsing the thousands of service providers all over the web that are offering all different varieties of such equipment?

There are certainly some considerations you should take into account when looking over the data on credit card merchant machines, the first of which – and the most important of which – is the ability of such credit card merchant machines to adapt to your specific business model and, in doing so, contribute to – and not detract from – your business functioning.

Another vital aspect of choosing credit card merchant machines is close inspection of your prospective equipment provider’s contract terms and services – sometimes, merchant account service providers (like Vision Payment Solutions) offer everything you need, including a comprehensive range of services and hardware and software (as well as technical and customer support) to make it all happen the right way. Others, however, may not offer complete solutions. They may offer credit card merchant machines, for instance, but may not offer the merchant accounts necessary to facilitate such transactions. Moreover, some of them don’t even offer any form of support, so watch out!

If you are looking for credit card merchant machines, along with the complete, full range of all services needed to maintain and expand your business through your patrons’ electronic payments, then choose Vision Payment Solutions today – and give us a call at the number at the top of the screen. You will be connected with a friendly operator who can get you arranged with the ideal credit card merchant machines – and all the other necessary needs to make your business blossom as never before!

Card Payment Terminals And Card Processing

Card payment terminals, as many business owners and associates fully understand through firsthand experience, aren’t just a superfluous add-on or luxurious extra to have around for their customers or clients. When card payment terminals are down, or if the businesses using them are experiencing any trouble with processing or connecting with their networks, business can come to a screeching halt. But, why is this? As times and technologies constantly change, like everything else, use of credit cards has risen – especially in an economy where people may not necessarily have all the cash they need on hand to pay for what they want – or, in some cases, goods or services they need to survive.

So, not only do card payment terminals and related card-processing accounts, procedures, and processes have a massive effect on businesses, when card payment terminals are up and running, customers and clients are much more free to purchase the things they like, and issue payments to their card issuer at their monthly statements.

While card payment terminals come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties, it’s important to note the necessity of having the right card payment terminals for one’s business endeavors, particularly depending on the format by which the business conducts its transactions with customers and clients. Some card payment terminals – in fact, most of them – are the ones you’re used to seeing and using, perhaps daily, in physical, brick-and-mortar shops. These are by far the most commonly used and most popular card payment terminals on the market, as traditional shopping still remains a strong point of some economies worldwide.

Other card payment terminals and their related merchant accounts require different set ups. For instance, if you are an online store, you will need not only card payment terminals that are virtual and not physical, but you’ll also require a shopping cart, by which your consumers may gather, quantify, and organize their purchases before checkout, a payment gateway to securely transmit their credit card information, and perhaps other requirements as well, depending on the specific needs of your company’s card payment terminals and related set-ups.

While an Internet merchant account is just one example of card payment terminals that are digital as opposed to physical, there are many other types of card payment terminals that may be required for your business. When you’re seeking such equipment, ask yourself how your patrons’ payments are processed – by phone? By mail? On a mobile device like a tablet or smart phone?

With Vision Payment Solutions, the options for your card payment terminals are essentially limitless, as we can customize and adapt to your individual needs. Call us today at the number above, and get started!

Accepting Credit Cards: The Ultimate Business Strength

Accepting credit cards is no longer a luxury or a supplementary option for your business – no matter your industry or customer or client base. If you’re not accepting credit cards, not only are you needlessly losing potentially very lucrative sales, but you’re also telling the world that you’re not ready for the new modern age – one that requires a business to accept electronic payment and, in doing so, to provide its clients and customers with more payment options. So what are some of the greatest advantages to accepting credit cards?

First, as we’ve mentioned, simply having that little sticker in your window that displays the  logos of major credit card companies such as Visa, Mastercard, or American Express conveys professionalism to those walking by. They’ll know that, when they enter your store, they have more options for paying, and therefore, they’ll be more likely to pay. Further, they’ll even be able to purchase your goods and services, even if they may not have cash on hand at that moment – a benefit that really means more impulse buys and higher average tickets for transactions, and of course, this results in more profit for your business.

Moreover, you can have the added benefit of ease of transactions – with accepting credit cards from customers, it’s simply swipe and go, save those few transactions that require a little extra effort, whether it’s a re-swipe or confirmation of a customer’s identity should he or she happen to have no identification on them, or no debit card PIN. Accepting credit cards is faster, easier, and yes – even more secure – than accepting cash (especially considering the risk involved in having cold, hard cash on hand) or even the old-school format of checks.

Lastly, accepting credit cards will move you into the future. When you begin to finally get used to accepting credit cards, debit cards, and even gift cards, you’ll be better equipped to deal with the coming changes in the economic worldwide market, and new developments in the technologies and techniques used in accepting credit cards.

If you have any questions or concerns on accepting credit cards, or if you would like to have your business begin accepting credit cards today, then give Vision Payment Solutions a call today. We can help you formulate the ultimate, custom-tailored credit card-processing solution that will have you accepting credit cards from your clients and customers in no time at all. Call now at the number above!

Virtual Credit Card Processing for The Uninitiated

Virtual credit card processing is the primary method by which merchants of all kinds – busy online (and mail- or phone-order) business owners and operators just like you – can accept, process, and manage their customers’ or clients’ credit or debit card payments. If you’re just starting up an Internet store, a mail- or phone-order catalogue, or any other variety of business in need of virtual credit card processing, it’s time to become educated on the matter.

Today, has become the norm – not only because it works well for online businesses, but also, because it works for the other kinds of businesses we mentioned – phone- and mail-order companies that need to process their patrons’ electronic payments without the customer physically present. This, of course, presents a challenge to the virtual credit card processing provider in a way, as there is of course an increased risk of fraud – such as identity theft – in these types of transactions.

But, if you do have an online store, there is no other way to accept electronic forms of payment like customers’ and clients’ credit cards – save PayPal – than through the use of virtual credit card processing. Now, such payment processing is easier than ever to use – and safer and more reliable than it used to be, as well.

When you as a merchant use virtual credit card processing, you do so by accessing what’s known as a virtual terminal – this allows you to manage all your transactions anywhere and any time. With an internet merchant account, a payment gateway, and a shopping cart, your online business can quickly begin accepting your clients’ cards in no time, and when you use your virtual terminal to facilitate virtual credit card processing, you can essentially perform any task previously implemented manually in the past – but this time, with the ease and peace of mind that accompanies encrypted transmissions.

Vision Payment Solutions has everything your company requires to implement virtual credit card processing, no matter the size, shape, industry, or field of interest of your organization. With multiple functionality and great user interfaces, our systems make virtual credit card processing as easy as it could possibly be. You can have access to the full range of processing functions, such as manual key-in of card data, confirmation of transaction, storage of customer or client information, setting up a recurring billing model, uploading your daily batches, and even customizing your own reports.

Seeking A New Merchant Account

Whether you’ve been burned once – or even twice – as a business owner or operator who has tried to find a new merchant account but had it fall apart, it can be really disappointing, not to mention when it comes to a sensitive and important business partnership such as a merchant account service provider; after all, so much of your business – no matter who you are – depends on your ability to accept electronic forms of payment like credit, debit, gift, and fleet cards, and as we all know, the only thing even more frustrating than poor service from a brand new merchant account service provider is being flat-out unable to accept your customers’ or clients’ card payments. Besides the inconvenience of losing a sale, it’s especially aggravating to lose a sale not because your customer doesn’t want the product or service, but because he or she is unable to pay for it.

Now that we’ve established that credit card acceptance is a modern necessity – a fact already known to some of the more experienced business owners out there – one has to ask, “how do I seek out and partner with a new merchant account provider that can actually meet my needs, help my business grow, and not drain my operating costs in the entire process?”

Many entrepreneurs face the same dilemma daily. Finding a new merchant account might be easy in and of itself, but finding a new merchant account that’s a worthwhile investment and an advantage to your business is something else entirely: difficult. With so many options available today both online and off, your research must be focused on the clients of your prospective new merchant account service provider – both the clientele they’ve accrued up until now, and even previous clientele who have invested their operating budgets in credit card processing.

If you’re seeking a new merchant account, and you’d like to know the absolute best way of determining a candidate’s value, in summation, contact their clients and just ask; if the potential service provider won’t give you the contact information of any of their clients willing to testify, then it’s probably a red flag that you should look somewhere else for your new merchant account and payment-processing needs.

If you’ve already decided that Vision Payment Solutions is the right option for you, then apply for a new merchant account with us today. Simply call the number above today, or you can fill out our online form and be contacted at your convenience.

Need A New Merchant Account Provider?

A merchant account provider makes things happen. By that, we mean they facilitate the millions of debit, credit, and gift card transactions that occur all around the world all the time. Without a merchant account provider, a business would be unable to accept credit cards from their customers, and – if you have any experience in the business world – you know that you must have a method of accepting credit cards for your business, or face the consequences of customers or clients simply walking out on you because you weren’t able to provide them with that option of payment.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of business and are just starting up a company of your own, or you’re a business veteran who just wants a change of pace, finding a new merchant account provider can prove a difficult task. With the sheer variety of merchant account providers out there, you can get overwhelmed – and even confused – in trying to browse the endless web results listing all the possible merchant services companies and their advantages.

So how can you filter out those merchant account providers that have high fees, poor customer service, or flat-out disreputable behaviors and histories? The least reliable source of information regarding this dilemma is the actual website of the merchant account provider itself, because – as we all know – why would a company post something negative about themselves online – and on their own site no less?

Luckily, in the world of merchant account providers, like so many other companies, you can go online and – as we said, not by visiting the provider’s website – by browsing consumer review sites, search results, and forums. In this way, you can see how different clients, either former or current, feel about the level of service offered by their merchant account provider – the one under consideration for being your merchant service partner. Beware, however, of false information or fabricated stories that paint a poor picture; often a former disgruntled employee, who may be fed up with the company for which he or she worked, will spread negativity about that company in vengeance.

Essentially, as the old saying goes, “don’t believe everything you hear,” but keep your eyes – and your minds – open to the possibility of both truth and falsehood regarding online merchant account provider reviews. The fact of the matter is that in today’s world, a business cannot go without a merchant account provider to process credit cards, so… choose wisely.