July 2012

Satisfy Both Your Patrons And Your Business with Credit Card Merchant Processing

Credit card merchant processing is easily recognizable as probably the number-one way to satisfy both the merchant and his or her clients and customers. But why is this? Today we’ll be looking at both sides of the equation: how credit card merchant processing is advantageous to the merchant, business, or other entrepreneurial endeavor, and how that same credit card merchant processing is beneficial to the very patrons that support that business. Let’s break it in half, for easier digestion:

The Merchant

While the benefits of credit card merchant processing may be slightly more obvious for those of you who have already subscribed to such services – or have done enough research in preparing to do so – some aren’t as in your face.

First, you have the improved image of modern business transaction – a priceless quality when your prospective patrons pass by your shop and enter simply because of that little credit card logo sticker adhered to the front window. After all, it may be the only way of paying that many customers have. Further, with credit card merchant processing, you have increased average tickets, which means more revenue for your business; customers are far more likely to purchase more goods or services on credit.

The Patron

While it’s nice to experience the benefits of credit card merchant processing for yourself and your company, it really should be all about the patrons; of course, without them, you wouldn’t have a business. The patron, of course, has all the added advantages of being able to purchase in whatever format they wish, which opens up options for the both of you. Furthermore, they can carry out a transaction more quickly, more safely, and more efficiently than with cash, with the perk of not having to carry around cash that might be taken from them.

If you happen to have any questions or concerns regarding credit card merchant processing, or if you would like to arrange the ideal payment-processing solution for your company, call Vision Payment Solutions today at the number at the top of the screen, and witness a whole new level of payment-processing bliss! We offer top client support, all the up-to-date hardware and software you could ever need, and more, with our comprehensive, full spectrum of payment solutions. We also custom-tailor your solution to fit your business needs, so that none of your money is wasted on false promises or hidden fees. Call VPS now! Representatives are standing by.

So You’re Looking for A Credit Card Merchant Account?

If you’re new to the world of credit card merchant accounts, now is the time to start doing your homework. After all, as our worldwide community constantly and quickly changes, use of credit, debit, and other electronic card formats of payments are becoming increasingly common – so much so, say some experts, that cash will ultimately become obsolete. Having a credit card merchant account is the only viable route for establishing a secure, safe, and efficient credit and debit card-processing solution for your business, and it’s the first step in making the future of your business a more secure one.

So, if you are one of the newcomers to credit card merchant accounts, what are some of the methods by which you should shop around for such services? While some of the tips today are rather obvious – and, for that matter, rather common-sense when it comes to searching for a product or service of any kind – others are not so much. Let’s begin.

First, make sure that the credit card merchant account provider with whom you partner is a reputable one. This can easily be ascertained online. Simply perform a search of the names on your list of prospective merchant account service firms, and browse the results. Do they show up on consumer review sites? What are people saying about these credit card merchant account services? If there is negative material on the first page, however, that may not always be a bad sign; many consumers and former employees who hold a grudge against a company may talk badly about it, even when the company is a reputable one, so exhibit caution in your search for a credit card merchant account.

Moreover, take a look at all of the details hidden in your prospective provider’s contract. Are the terms and conditions suitable for your business operations? Is there fine print? If so, what does it say? Is the plan customizable? Can you change the contract as your partnership progresses? Will the credit card merchant account service charge you a hefty fee for bailing at the last minute (known as a cancellation fee)?

Take these factors into account when seeking a credit card merchant account service of your own, and you should have no trouble partnering with the service that’s right for you. If you would like to choose Vision Payment Solutions as your payment-processing partner, then give us a call today at the number at the top of the screen. You won’t be disappointed.

The Different Kinds of Credit Card Merchant Accounts

Credit card merchant accounts, as many of you may know, come in all shapes and sizes – especially now that so many payment-processing companies custom-tailor these services to the individual entrepreneurial and logistical requirements of businesses of all industries. It’s vital that you take into consideration the differences between these types of accounts, and understand what they mean in the context of how you run your business and how well certain credit card merchant accounts will work in favor of – or opposed to – the short- and long-term function of your company.

Traditional: Standard or conventional retail outlets, like you’re probably used to with your local grocery store, for instance, employ the typical POS (point-of-sale) card-processing hardware and protocols, swiping your card at the transaction and letting the digital frontier do the rest. This is the most economical and most efficient of credit card merchant accounts for traditional, brick-and-mortar operations.

MO/TO: For those businesses out there who process a lot of transactions over the phone or through direct mail, our mail- and telephone-order solution is the answer for you. We make it easy to take orders from customers and clients, process the purchase via these methods, and deliver your

Internet and Ecommerce: These credit card merchant accounts are for those online businesses requiring Internet-based payment processing. It requires a shopping cart and a payment gateway, as well, to function properly, and only an ecommerce merchant account is specialized according to the specifications of an online business set up.

Mobile Solutions: Mobile payment-processing solutions from VPS include iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry remote processing. Simply swipe your patrons’ cards through your mobile device, and the transaction is processed. It’s as simple as that. This solution is perfect for tradeshows, conventions, and other mobile interests that require on-the-go purchases.

Would you like to learn more about the different types of credit card merchant accounts we offer? Vision Payment Solutions not only has the answers to your questions and concerns, but we also provide the full range of complete services that nearly any business in any industry could need to implement a successful, prosperous, and overall lucrative processing plan with credit card merchant accounts to satisfy even the most demanding clients. Call us today at the number at the top of the screen, and you can speak with a friendly representative who can answer all your questions – and more importantly, get you set up with the perfect credit card merchant accounts for your business needs. Call now!

The Spectrum of Merchant Processing Services

Merchant processing is not just one process, one action, or one set of actions. It is highly dependent on what, exactly, the merchant needs to fulfill purchase transactions, and as such, there are many different kinds of merchant processing. Today, we’ll be covering some of the more common forms of merchant processing, and discussing why each is particularly suited to a certain line of work, industry, or field of interest.

First, we’ll begin with the standard, conventional, regular mode of merchant processing: the point-of-sale (POS) terminal located in your average retail establishment, whether it’s an outlet, a wholesaler, or any other form of brick-and-mortar business that provides goods and services in the classical way. Most small businesses end up choosing this kind of merchant processing, if only because most small businesses are indeed these kinds of stores. If you have a traditional retail operation, this is the pick for you.

Then, there’s what’s slowly becoming the second most common form of payment processing: an online arrangement. In ecommerce situations, your merchant processing will require, like the other, a merchant account, but it will be specialized for online interaction. You’ll also require a payment gateway and a shopping cart, all of which Vision Payment Solutions offers at great rates and superior client support.

Next up are you mail- and telephone-order businesses. If you take orders over the phone or through the mail, you need merchant processing that can accommodate your needs. VPS also provides everything along these lines to make your MO/TO merchant processing experience a great one.

Finally, there’s our mobile merchant processing solution for you on-the-go entrepreneurs who need to check out your clients and customers on the road, at tradeshows and conventions, or even ice cream truck patrons. This entails a combination of some of the features of online processing and the standard model, but it’s all easy to arrange and now more convenient than ever in its execution.

Have any questions about choosing the right merchant processing solution for your business needs? Call Vision Payment Solutions today at the number above, and you’ll be able to speak with a representative who can set you up with the best possible processing plan, customized to meet your individual and entrepreneurial expectations. With VPS on your side, you can be processing your patrons’ transactions in no time – all at the best rates, top-of-the-line client support, and up-to-date software, hardware, and other resources to help your company succeed.

A Credit Card Merchant Account Service Is Your Best Friend In Troubled Times

A credit card merchant account service means many things to many different businesses across the nation – and the world – but there’s more to it than just being a service. A competent credit card merchant account service will essentially be your best friend and confidant in the payment-processing world, guiding you along the path toward your eventual business success – and as we all now know, if you don’t accept credit or debit cards from your customers or clients, you’re basically dead in the water. Of course, if you’ve ever tried to run your own business without the benefit – or rather, the necessity – of being able to handle any payments your patrons throw your way, you already understand firsthand how much it affects your bottom line, and may keep you from eventually growing and expanding your business. A credit card merchant account service is the only kind of service out there that makes credit card processing possible, and that is vital to take into account as you cruise the web seeking such services.

Given the recent economic turmoil, it should come as no surprise to most business owners that securing a partnership with a credit card merchant account service should be at the top of the list for any business owner who understands how such services affect business performance. Have you ever been signed on for what you thought was a seemingly reliable credit card merchant account service, only to find that your payment-processing abilities were limited, due to either excessive fees or payment structures that just didn’t match up with your entrepreneurial demands? Only a professional credit card merchant account service can solve this.

There can be nothing more frustrating; if you’ve ever been to, say, a coffee shop just to get a latte for yourself, and you’ve been required to pay a minimum amount with your card (so you end up getting a bagel along with your coffee), you may end up spending more money. While this may be good for a business – and another way of acquiring the customers’ money – it’s irritating to the patron, who just wants their coffee to go. Getting the right credit card merchant account service is crucial for avoiding such problems.

Have your coffee and drink it too, with Vision Payment Solutions. We are a leading credit card merchant account service, and with our many years of experience providing such services, we’ve learned a thing or two about how it’s all done. Choose VPS for your payment-processing needs, and never see your customers or clients walking out your door unhappy!

Virtual Credit Card Processing For The Win!

Virtual credit card processing is without question one of the easiest, fastest, and most convenient methods of processing your customers’ and clients’ transactions worldwide. With the added advantage of being able to process your patrons’ purchases from anywhere in the world, if you have a computer with an Internet connection, the sky is the limit when it comes to virtual credit card processing.

All it takes is a username and password, and you can be logged into your virtual credit card processing system in no time flat. This means you can essentially take orders, issue shipments, or address just about any other payment-related problem with your constituents with ease and grace – a functional, practical solution to your payment-processing needs, and one that is becoming increasingly popular as times change.

As the Internet continues to grow at an absurdly fast rate, so too are the behaviors of its users – and those who use the Internet as way of securing their livelihoods. With merchants, it’s no different; after all, in order to even consider surviving in this sort of economy, a business must offer its patrons all the possible payment options available. This, in turn, opens the door of opportunity for entrepreneurs, because, if they can not only process their transactions quickly, easily, and wide-spectrum, but also do it from anywhere with an Internet-capable computer, the customers or clients are far more likely to be able to pay, return, exchange, or in general, have their purchasing issues resolved much more quickly than they would otherwise.

As a result of the convenience of virtual credit card processing, such buyers are happy to come back for more, so in a sense, virtual credit card processing serves as a way of snowballing your brand into a more profitable and a more efficient force. While the necessity and crucial nature of virtual credit card processing is becoming more evident with the changing times, it’s up to you, as a business owner, to make the right decision for both your company and your patrons.

If you have further questions or concerns on the topic of virtual credit card processing, or if you’ve already chosen Vision Payment Solutions as your go-to solution for your virtual credit card processing in the near future, then give us a call at the number at the top of the screen, and you’ll be connected with a friendly representative who can get you started down the right path toward quality virtual credit card processing that makes all the difference!

The Misunderstanding of PayPal Credit Card Processing

PayPal credit card processing may have initially been thought of as the poor man’s method of processing his customers’ or clients’ different transactions, but this is a misperception. The truth is that, today, with the security issues online as they are, there’s a reason so many people have flocked toward PayPal credit card processing in these times.

PayPal credit card processing is known for its emphasis on security and fraud protection, and this will give your customers and clients the increased confidence they need to do business with you the right way. Moreover, many massively successful establishments, such as Overstock.com, for instance, accept PayPal payments directly from your merchant account!

While many may still think of Paypal credit card processing as the primary means by which eBay users do business, the actual reach and scope of PayPal services extend beyond that. PayPal also enables you to request credit card payments over email, as well as to transmit invoices, which are undoubtedly both highly valuable and highly convenient aspects of the service.

Moreover, there are added advantages to PayPal credit card processing which you should definitely be aware of. First, a PayPal account is easy established – especially when compared to a traditional merchant account. With merchant accounts, you must await the bank’s approval before you can implement your credit card processing, and not all have the necessary credit score to be approved. With PayPal processing, however, just about everyone is approved, and you can set up your processing solution quite quickly.

Further, PayPal credit card processing takes your customers’ and clients’ payments in up to six of the most common currencies worldwide, and it also allows you to set up a recurring payment model, should you decide to. Whether you’re online or offline, PayPal credit card processing can work for your brand.

Best of all, PayPal credit card processing requires no monthly, annual, or even setup fees, so you typically only are billed when you process your patrons’ transactions and, while fees may very, the percentage of your sale is typically around 3%, plus thirty cents a transaction. This can vary, also, based on your sales volume, but not by much.

Lastly, PayPal is a huge advocate of fraud protection, and they are very good about doing what they can to assist you in the recovery process, should you experience issues. After all, it only takes one negative, fraud-related experience for your buyers to turn against you, but this can be prevented with PayPal credit card processing solutions.

The Magic of Ecommerce Credit Card Processing

Ecommerce credit card processing is gradually becoming the preferred method of payment for many online consumers – in fact, it’s the only method merchants can use online to process their patrons’ transactions, and as such, it’s meeting in the middle with buyers, as more and more people move online to find the products, services, or information they’re seeking.

Ecommerce credit card processing, however, is fundamentally different from our other payment-processing solutions, in that, not only is it used primarily online, but it also requires extra steps that other solutions do not – steps that are designed to not only make your customers’ shopping experience online even easier and more convenient, but also to secure their payment information and prevent them from experiencing the unpleasantness of fraud that can so easily destroy the business-patron relationship. Think about it. All it takes is one negative experience with a retailer or a service, and you’re out of the game for good. Ecommerce credit card processing can prevent all this.

Luckily, though, this is where shopping carts and payment gateways come into play in the world of ecommerce credit card processing. A shopping cart, as you very likely already understand, is the means by which your buyers will sort, organize, and quantify their online selections for purchase, and it will be the platform by which their desires are expressed through just clicks and the entry of their credit card information. A shopping cart relays its information – upon checkout – to the payment gateway, essentially nothing more than a highly secure portal through which this vital credit card information is transmitted and encrypted for the shoppers’ protection. This is an essential step in the online shopping experience; otherwise, the customer may experience the heartbreak of losing their money, their identity, or even their futures. Ecommerce credit card processing today has morphed into a different animal altogether – a way of establishing peace of mind online and a method for preventing future theft or other negative experiences.

With Vision Payment Solutions, you can expect us to provide top-of-the line ecommerce credit card processing, with all the hardware, software, service, and support your business requires in times of need. We carry the full range of processing solutions, including MO/TO, mobile, and traditional POS terminals, but if ecommerce credit card processing is what you seek for making your business more profitable online, then call VPS today. We’ll get you set up with the perfect ecommerce credit card processing solution in no time!

Taking Charge with Internet Credit Card Processing

How does Internet credit card processing differ from other varieties of payment-processing solutions? At its basic level, it still has the same skeleton as the other options (which typically include mail- and telephone-order solutions, mobile solutions, and conventional point-of-sale terminal solutions as well) in that it provides a platform for businesses to accept all kinds of electronic forms of payment from their supporters, but there are a few differences between Internet credit card processing and the other methods of which you, as an entrepreneur, should be aware and understand.

The first – and most notable – difference between Internet credit card processing and its non-ecommerce competitors is the use of what’s called a shopping cart. If you have any experience shopping online as it is, you probably are already highly familiar with – and accustomed to using – the basic shopping cart. It allows you to select the items that you want and to provide other specifications such as color, size, quantities, and more. When you finally show up for checkout online, the Internet credit card processing system scans your cart and sets up all the necessary details for your eventual transaction. It’s a relatively simple experience on the user end, and one that has made Internet credit card processing solutions one of the most sought-after merchant tools in the world.

Secondly, there’s the payment gateway. This is similar to the other forms of card processing, in that it provides a method for secure encryption and transmission of special, personal financial information across the Internet, without the possibility of that information getting hacked, stolen, or fraudulently implemented. This can be highly distressing for a customer, as you already know, so payment gateways are among the most crucial aspects of Internet credit card processing in general. They protect your business from lawsuits and other legal troubles that would otherwise be a huge problem in the world of Internet credit card processing, should you choose to omit the service.

Do you have any more concerns or questions on Internet credit card processing? Would you like to arrange an Internet credit card processing plan with us? Either way, give Vision Payment Solutions a ring today, and one of our friendly reps can guide you through the process of getting on the right track toward a better way of doing business online. Provide your customers and clients online with more options and more safety. Choose VPS today, and see firsthand why so many of our other clients have stuck with us throughout the years!

Process On The Go with Mobile Credit Card Processing

Mobile credit card processing is where it’s at. Ask any tradeshow worker, convention booth attendant, or any other on-the-go contractor, salesman, or remote businessperson, and you’ll find out about the convenience of mobile credit card processing – and what it can do for your company’s profitability, your satisfaction, and your eventual growth into something more!

Have you ever been inside an Apple store recently? The major computer designer, builder, and retailer established itself as one of the first major businesses to implement the iPhone credit card swiper and emailed receipts to customers. When you first saw it, the initial impression of mobile credit card processing was likely undoubtedly a positive one, but guess what? It’s no longer a luxury! In fact, there are many mobile businesses out there that do the exact same thing – whether it’s from their iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or other smart phone.

The first major advantage of mobile credit card processing should be obvious: the ability to process your buyers’ transactions on the road. This alone is reason enough to sign on for mobile credit card processing, especially if you have a lot of purchases that are delivery-based transactions. With a simple hardware peripheral attachment for your mobile device, coupled with a software download that’s fast and easy to install, you can be swiping – or even manually entering, if necessary, of course – your customers’ or clients’ payment information, and either processing it then and there, should you have access to the network, or even processing it all later, if needs be. Such is the power of mobile credit card processing, and many merchants can attest to the power and convenience of their new processing technologies.

Vision Payment Solutions offers the complete range of electronic payment-processing solutions for your business – no matter what it requires. Whether you need mobile credit card processing, a MO/TO set-up, a traditional POS terminal, or even an online processing arrangement, we’ve got your back.

If you have further questions or concerns regarding mobile credit card processing, or if you know that you would like to arrange a mobile credit card processing plan with us, then simply pick up the phone and call us today at the number at the top of the screen, and in no time, you’ll be on your way toward securing a better future for your business! Don’t be left behind by your competition. Take the steps toward faster, easier, and simpler processing. Call now!