January 2013

Boost Your Business With Low-Cost Credit Card Processing Services

Today, nearly 4 million U.S. retailers accept debit cards and credit cards as forms of payment. Still, there are those that don’t. You may find the occasional restaurant or small store that only accepts cash. The reasons why a few business owners fail to accept payment cards remains unclear. Perhaps they’re just used to doing things the way they’ve always done them. They might have heard that there are charges related to credit and debit card processing and may fear that such charges will cut into their revenue. Just the opposite is true. Research shows that accepting payment cards results in higher revenues and balances. Today’s consumers prefer to use payment cards and many never even carry cash! Those who fail to adopt payment card processing technology are likely to lose the business of customers that don’t carry cash.


It’s true that there are costs associated with credit and debit card processing. In response to their growing popularity, a number of companies have emerged that are designed to assist merchants by helping them cut their processing overhead costs and provide customizable payment solutions of all types. Vision Payment Solutions is one such company. Through a variety of products and credit card processing services, we assist merchants by giving them the tools they need to process payment card information quickly, cheaply, and securely.


For established businesses, we offer customizable solutions that are compatible with the existing hardware and software that are is already in use. We offer fast and easy authorization and processing of all payment forms, card brands, and merchant segments. Many of our products come with comprehensive data summaries and reporting tools that allow business owners to see the big picture of their transaction costs and identify areas for improvement. In addition, our products utilize leading-edge technologies to protect merchants against fraud and loss.


Some of the products and services we offer include merchant accounts, short-term capital funding, mobile solutions, gift and stored value cards, level III processing, integrated point of sale systems, virtual terminals and internet gateways, and of course, card readers. Whether you operate a seasoned business or are preparing to open your first location, we have all of the payment solutions that you need to operate efficiently.


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Why Do Merchants Need Payment Gateways?

If you’re a small business owner that is just getting started, you may be unfamiliar with much of the terminology surround sales transaction processing. To begin processing customer payments, there are a number of investments that you must make in hardware and software to support processing services. Today, most consumers use credit or debit cards when making purchases online in or in stores. In order to be able to process credit and debit card payments, merchants must purchase a payment gateway.


Payment gateways are secure channels through which confidential card information can be safely transmitted. When a customer makes a purchase online using their credit card, their personal information is encrypted by the web browser and forwarded to the merchant. The merchant then automatically transfers that information through a payment gateway to their banks payment processor. The processor receives a response from the card issuer’s bank and an authorization of funds is sent back to the merchant through the payment gateway. This entire process happens very quickly and can be completed in 2-3 seconds.


Although there can be a sizeable investment and recurring fees associated with accepting credit and debit card payments, it’s essential for most businesses. Most people simply prefer to use payment cards and businesses that refuse to accept payment cards may lose business from willing customers that don’t carry cash.


Vision Payment Solutions supports merchants through a variety of transaction processing solutions designed to reduce your processing overhead and help you process transactions as quickly as possible. One of our top payment gateway solutions is Authorize.net.


Authorize.net is a payment gateway with unique solutions to help make your operations easier and decrease your overhead. More than 35,000 merchants trust Authorize.net to help them with payment card processing and fraud prevention. This payment gateway also includes virtual terminal and batch upload features. The virtual terminal allows merchants to be able to accept credit card information over the phone or manually enter credit card information for a card that will not swipe correctly. The batch upload allows multiple transactions to be consolidated into one file for submission.


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Streamline Your Business Through Mobile Processing

As mobile technology improves, more and more businesses are taking advantage of mobile processing to complete customer transactions. Mobile solutions make transactions extremely convenient. In addition, cutting edge technology ensures that payment card information is transmitted securely and instantaneously. If you have a wireless internet connection, transaction processing through mobile devices is a great option.


Mobile transaction processing is obviously geared towards certain types of businesses. The hot dog stand on the street corner may use a mobile device with an attached card reader to process debit and credit card payments. Employees of towing companies often carry mobile devices that allow them to process customer payments before removing a boot from a car. Mobile solutions are a great fit for any business that needs the flexibility of being able to process payment cards on the go.


It might surprise you to learn that mobile processing isn’t just for mobile businesses. A growing number of brick and mortar businesses are switching over to mobile devices to process credit and debit cards. In restaurants around the world, mobile devices are replacing traditional transaction processing terminals including cash registers. Businesses prefer the simplicity of the transaction processing software that’s been developed for mobile devices as well as their low cost. Plus they give the interior of any business a sheik look and feel. It’s becoming more common to see iPads mounted on metal frames replace traditional cash registers in many stores.


In response to the growing popularity of mobile devices, many companies are developing excellent hardware and software to provide unique business solutions. Mobile card readers and a variety of related devices are some of the coolest hardware compliments that have been developed to support mobile transaction processing.


Vision Payment Solutions is committed to providing its customers with the products and technology that will decrease the cost of transaction processing and streamline business operations. We carry a number of devices that are designed to complement your mobile processing system. These devices include:


Magtek iDynamo– This device is designed especially to be used with Apple devices. This secure card reader authenticator is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3, iPod Touch, and iPad.


Magtek BulleT: This secure card reader authenticator is designed to be used on Android and Blackberry platforms. The BulleT uses a Bluetooth interface which allows it to communicate wirelessly with a PC or mobile phone.


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Exploring Card Payment Solutions For Merchants

Most retailers in the U.S. currently accept credit and debit cards as forms of payment from their customers. Every day, less and less Americans are carrying cash and more complete all of their transactions with debit and credit cards. Merchants that accept debit and credit cards are proven to have higher average revenues and balances. Vision Payment Solutions offers a number of products and services that are designed to help merchants save money on debit and credit card processing. Some of our card payment solutions include virtual terminals, internet gateways, credit card terminals, mobile solutions, and stored value cards.


Virtual terminals: Virtual terminals are a necessary solution for most merchants. Just as credit card terminals allow for payment card processing with a card swipe, virtual terminals allow for the manual input of credit card information and instantaneous authorization. Virtual terminals are mainly used in situations where the credit or debit card is not present, such as when a customer makes a payment over the phone. They are also handy to have if a customer’s payment card malfunctions. In that case, the credit card number can simply be entered into the virtual terminal for instant processing.


Internet gateways: Internet gateways are virtual pathways that allow for the secure transmission of payment card information between the merchant and their bank’s payment processor. It may be helpful to think about a gateway as a virtual pipeline that information can be passed through securely from one party to another. Payment card information is passed form the merchant to the processor and an a report of whether the payment was authorized or declined is passed from the processor back to the merchant and customer.


Credit card terminals: Credit card terminals are pieces of hardware that feature a swipe reader that processes payment card information electronically. VPS features a number of durable and secure credit card terminals that can be easily integrated with your existing hardware and software.


Mobile solutions: A number of services and products provide mobile solutions for merchants that want to process customer payments using mobile devices. For example, mobile card readers can be attached to smart phones so that merchants on the go can process card payments wherever they are!


Stored value cards: Offering stored value or gift cards is a great way to earn extra revenue especially during the holiday season. VPS provides everything that merchants need to launch a successful gift card program quickly and effectively.


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The Benefits Of Virtual Terminal Merchant Services

Virtual terminal merchant services are just one of the many products offered by Vision Payment Solutions. Our goal is to help merchants with everything they need to process customer payments quickly, securely, and effectively so that business can run smoothly. Virtual terminals give merchants great flexibility and allow for the manual input of payment card information.


By swiping a payment card through a credit card terminal, payment card information can be read and transmitted electronically. This only works if the card is present. Virtual terminals are the solution to helping merchants process payment cards that may not be present. Virtual terminals are used by many different types of businesses for different reasons. For example, many pizza delivery orders are placed over the phone with a credit card. A virtual terminal allows the employee to process payment card information instantaneously as if the customer were present with the card. Many businesses accept payment by phone.


Surprisingly, virtual terminals can even be useful for merchants that don’t process payments over the phone. Have you ever been in a store trying to make a purchase when your credit card failed to swipe correctly? Over time, magnetic strips on credit cards wear off, cards break, and other events can cause credit cards to malfunction at the point of sale. This situation can be embarrassing for customers and may create a significant delay when there’s already a long line of customers waiting. In this case, if the merchant has a virtual terminal, they can simply enter the credit card information and process the payment instantaneously. This saves a lot of hassle and grants the merchant considerable flexibility.

These payments can be processed from any computer with internet access.


One of our most popular virtual terminals is PayTrace. Paytrace is ideal for any business that’s looking for high-end terminal features without the high price tag. This terminal allows you capture and authorize credit card transactions in real time. One great feature of this product is that it can be used from any number of workstations. That means that you won’t have to pay a separate licensing fee for each computer used. PayTrace features level II data handling, card swipe compatibility, automated recurring payments, address verification service, fraud controls, detailed reporting capabilities, and many other useful features.


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