March 2013

Selecting Card Payment Solutions for Your Company

If you are a business owner and you are trying to find the best card payment solutions for your company, but you don’t know where or what to look for, Vision Payment Solutions can help you! Here are a few tips that can lead you in the right direction in what you should look for with credit card payment solutions.

Choosing a Credit Card Payment Solution

One of the first tips that you should use in finding a card payment solution is to understand the company. When you understand the card payment solution company, you will be able to know the company’s reputation, service and anything else the company might provide or offer. It is also extremely important that you understand the company and the reputation that they have. Here are a few questions that you can keep in mind when searching for a credit card company. Is the company a member of the Better Business Bureau? What type of business are they working with? Who supports the processor of the company? Make sure you keep these questions in mind or ask the representative of the company these questions so that you can get a good amount of knowledge regarding the company.

Great Customer Service is Crucial

When you are checking into the company make sure you check out the customer service. Because you never know when you might have to call customer services with some issues you have with your credit card processing. One great tip that you can use to check out the customer service is to call into the customer service. By calling into the customer service you will be able to see if the customer service is outsourced overseas or if it is handled in-house. If the customer service is handled in-house that is definitely a company that you should work with. However, if the company has their customer serviced outsourced overseas, you can expect that your wait time for an issue you might have will take a while to resolve. So you need to decide if you have a large amount of time to resolve issues or you have very little time and you need your issues resolved immediately.

Check the Security of the Company

Make sure you check into the security of the card payment solutions company. You need to make sure that the security of the company has the latest technology, because you don’t want any hackers accessing your important information.

Contact VPS to help you set up payment solutions for your company.

Setup eCommerce Credit Card Processing

If you are a business owner and you are trying to set up an Internet credit card processing system for your online business but you don’t know where to start, here are a few tips that will help you on the right path. These tips are exactly what you need to set up your Internet credit card processing for your company.

Knowing Where to Start First

It can be very frustrating not knowing where to start to set up an eCommerce credit card processing system for your business. However, using these tips will help you achieve the right Internet credit card processing for your business. The very first tip you should know is whether you have an eCommerce shopping cart. If you aren’t familiar with what an eCommerce shopping cart is, it is basically software that can display all of your products you would like to sell on your site.

Understanding Shopping Carts for Your Site

There are a variety of different shopping carts that you can choose from, but you need to make sure you select a shopping cart for what your business needs are. Too many people choose a shopping cart without understanding exactly what the shopping cart does and what you need it to do. So it is every important that you know and understand the type of shopping carts that are out there and the type of shopping cart that would work best for your online business.

Choosing the Best Payment Gateway

Knowing what type of payment gateway to select can be extremely overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what you are looking for. With a payment gateway you need to understand one main thing, a payment gateway is completely different than a merchant account. An online payment gateway is basically a way that your shopping cart and merchant account talk. The payment gateway is the “wiring” between the shopping cart and merchant account or Internet credit card processing company. All of the credit card information that is transferred goes through a payment gateway. A payment gateway is similar to a shopping cart in that there are multiple gateways to choose from. However, when you choose a payment gateway you need to make sure that the gateway is compatible with your shopping cart. If the shopping cart and payment gateway aren’t compatible, then you will not be able to take any payments on your online business. So it is extremely important that all of the products you purchase for your online business are compatible products.


VPS: Your Next Credit Card Merchant Account Service Provider

Vision Payment Solutions is a credit card merchant account service provider for small- to medium- sized businesses across the globe. VPS offers the most current integrated payment solutions processing on any platform to best fit the needs of all our existing and potential customers.

While many merchants are realizing the potential that accepting credit and debit cards have for their business, it is not just about making life simpler for your customers- there is actually a lot of profit that can be made. Accepting credit and debit cards is proven to increase balances and revenues, thus helping your business become more successful.

And while the concept of accepting credit and debit cards is generally the same across the board, one merchant account service provider is going to be different from the next. So how do you know which provider to choose? At VPS we offer a number of services and features that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

For merchants who are new to accepting credit and debit cards, at VPS we will show you efficient, profitable ways to get started. If you are a merchant that is already accept credit and debit cards, allow us to you show where improvements can be made to save you money and increase productivity. VPS offers compatibility solutions for existing hardware and software so that merchants looking for more efficiency can save money, too.  No matter where you are when it comes to accepting cards from customers, we will create a custom plan of action to save time, procure more accuracy in transactions and records, and make it as simple as possible for you and your customers.

Whether you are a mobile merchant or a brick-and-mortar business, VPS offers a large selection of products and services to help you take full advantage of sales opportunities from potential clients. With as many people switching from checks and cash to credit and debit cards, we want to help merchants make the transition as smooth as possible.

Merchants can have a peace of mind by switching to VPS, as we are the leader in providing cutting-edge technology to merchants to protect against fraud and damages, to provide complete data reporting, and to make accepting credit cards as easy, efficient and profitable as possible.

Call Vision Payment Solutions today at (877) 674-2286 for more information about accepting credit and debit cards.  We look forward to serving you and becoming your next credit card merchant account service provider.

VPS Internet Merchant Accounts: An Introduction

For anyone wondering about internet merchant accounts and if this is the right solution for your business, we invite you to take a look at this brief introduction to online merchant accounts. Internet merchant accounts are becoming a solution for more and more businesses as existing and potential customers often use debit and credit cards for online purchases.

What is an internet merchant account?

An internet merchant account is a type of bank account that permits merchants to process credit and debit cards online. Internet merchant accounts are held by those with ecommerce businesses, and even PayPal, eBay or other accounts that accept payments over the internet by credit or debit card.

How do I know if I should open up an internet merchant account?

Just because you have an eBay account does not mean you need an internet merchant account, but it does if you want to offer your customers the option of paying with a credit or debit card. If you feel that your business is enough to open an internet merchant account and cover any transaction fees, then this might be the right solution for you.

What are the benefits of opening an internet merchant account?

One of the largest benefits of merchant accounts online is the opportunity you have to increase revenue by broadening your target market. As the number of credit and debit card users increase, you will increase your potential market by opening up more accessible options for them. It is proven that accepting debit and credit card transactions increase the bottom line.

Why should I choose Vision Payment Solutions as my internet merchant account provider?

Vision Payment Solutions is an accredited merchant account provider with a solid reputation backed by testimonials of satisfied and successful merchants. VPS offers payment-processing solutions on any platform. We offer the best and most reliable technology and software available for processing debit and credit cards. And if you need processing solutions beyond internet merchant account options, you won’t need to go elsewhere. VPS offers over 103 different processing solutions, as well as smartphone processing solutions and even merchant cash advance programs. VPS also uses only the most cutting edge technologies when it comes to protecting against fraud; this will give both you and your customers a strong sense of security and a peace of mind.

If you would like to learn more about merchant accounts, contact VPS today at (877) 674-2286.

Small Business Merchant Account Products from Vision Payment Solutions

Opening up a new business is an exciting time for business owners, customers and the community. It is a chance for growth, opportunity and gain. Customers receive services or products they are interested in, communities become more enriched, and businesses achieve success and the owners have a chance to make a great living for themselves. Vision Payment Solutions is all helping merchants help themselves and their customers, which in part allows this cycle of growth to continue.

A small business merchant account from VPS gives merchants payment processing solutions that best fit their circumstances and needs. From credit card terminals to smartphone mobile processing solutions, we have everything a small business owner needs for their merchant card account to get their business running and customers coming.

Credit Card Terminals

VPS offers a large selection of credit card terminals to best fit the needs of any small business merchant account. Merchants will find only the best lines of credit card terminals available from VPS, and because technology is always improving, we also offer the most up-to-date terminals on the market. Our terminal options are compact, easy-to-use and reliable. With built in printers and some with wireless terminal options, merchants can find exactly what they are looking for. If you have any questions about which terminal is right for your business, call a VPS representative who will further assist you.

Smartphone Solutions

POS Smartphone solutions offer convenience, security and opportunity for business transactions wherever you are. VPS offers swipers for iPhones, Blackberry and Android phones, so no matter what you use, we have options. Our QwickPay swiper for the iPhone is one example of how swipers can lower costs to merchants; merchants can save as much as 30% on the cost of accepting credit cards from customers. If you are a merchant on the go with a smartphone and want to give your customers the option to use their debit and credit cards, smartphone solutions are simple, secure and reliable.

Wireless Terminals

Wherever your business takes you, we can help you suit up properly. VPS wireless terminals will be ready for business when you are, wherever you are. The Nurit 8020 GPRS is PCI Compliant and the most reliable, with the most up-to-date technology, across the board. We recommend this terminal above all others, but our list of wireless is comprehensive so that no matter what you want, we will have options for you to choose from.

Apply at VPS today for all of your small business merchant account needs. We will provide a free cost analysis and show you how you can save more by choosing VSP. Call us today at 877-674-2286.