July 2013

Credit Card Processing Merchants Can Save Money with Vision Payment Solutions: VPS Offers the Best Deals

When you start a business you have many decisions to make, where will you bank, what types of accounts will you need, who are your suppliers? All of these are important decisions and can affect your business on a day to day basis. Another important choice that will require some thought is your choice of credit card processing merchants. There are several different companies to choose from for your merchant account credit card processing, it will take some research and comparisons on your part to determine which one has the best plans, fees and payment schedules for your business.

Essentially credit card processing merchants supply you with the card readers and connecting equipment for either a flat rate or a monthly rental amount so that you can offer credit cards, debit cards and check cards transactions to your customers. This helps your business grow because more and more people are using cards instead of cash or checks these days. If your customers do not carry cash and come in to your business to find that you do not take cards, more than likely they will go to the next place which does take cards rather than going to get cash and come back. Do not let your customers walk out the door and take their business elsewhere because you have not stepped into this century and taken the plunge into accepting credit cards.

With merchant account credit card processing you are able to accept credit cards through your machine and the credit card processing merchants will handle the rest. It is really a headache free way to increase your business and satisfy the demands of your customers. You can even use merchant credit card processing online for website transactions. This provides your customers with a safe and secure way to pay and helps you make more money at the same time.

Most credit card processing merchants offer different plans that include fees based on the number of transactions per month. This is often just a few cents on each dollar processed and the fees are taken before the money is actually deposited into your account. This saves you from having another monthly bill to worry about, when the money appears in your account you can check the deposit against the transactions report from your credit card machine to make sure everything has been paid, and then proceed with business as usual knowing that the money for your credit card sales is in your account.

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Get Prepared to Apply For New Merchant Account with Vision Payment Solutions

As a business owner you have probably given some thought to accepting credit cards, these days it is almost necessary if you are going to do business at all. Many people do not even carry paper checks anymore, transactions are handled with check cards, credit cards and debit cards or cash. While you were getting started you may have had some trepidation about the fees and costs involved in accepting credit cards, but the increase in business from offering that option will help cover the costs.

So when you are ready to learn more and apply for new merchant account services what sort of questions should you be looking for answers to and what sort of information should you be prepared to provide?

The first questions you likely have when preparing to apply for new merchant account services are the fees involved and the cost of equipment. Fees vary depending on the merchant services provider you choose but are typically a small percentage of each dollar charged. The fees are deducted from the deposit into your account so that the money which arrives in your account after a certain time is yours free and clear to put back into your business. When you apply for merchant account services you may be offered different fees based on the numbers of transactions per month. The cost of the equipment with a new merchant account is often handled as a monthly rental fee versus the option of paying for the card reader upfront.  Check around to make sure you are getting competitive fees and a service that will work for your business before you make a commitment.

What will you need to apply for new merchant account services? Information about your business including the estimated customers per month, bank statements and possibly a commercial credit report are the basics. Applying is easy, approval is generally guaranteed if you meet the qualifications and provide the necessary information on a simple application. Once you are approved then you will need to provide more detailed banking information for deposits to be made and work with the merchant service provider to get your equipment up and running.

While this may seem like a bit of a hassle, in fact it can take very little time to research and compare different merchant services, apply for new merchant account services from Vision Payment Solutions, and get your equipment set up so that you can begin accepting credit cards in just a few days. Contact us today!


Protect Your Customers with Secure Transactions With Your Internet Merchant Accounts from Vision Payment Solutions

When using Internet merchant accounts ensure that secure transactions are always in use to prevent identity theft.

One of the largest challenges of running an online business is making sure that your customer’s information is safe and secure. This is where choosing a reputable internet merchant accounts service is important. You want to find a credit card transaction processing service that will provide you with low fees, reliable and timely deposits as well as offering secure payment options for your customers. Online merchant accounts are a necessity when conducting business online, some people choose an online payment processor such as PayPal, but the fees involved with those transactions may be more than you would like to pay. If you prefer to have internet merchant accounts with a credit card payment processor that offers lower rates and secure transactions for your customers there are several to choose from.

The number of monthly transactions you expect, your business credit rating, banking information and other factors about your business and business practices are part of the application process once you decide on which internet merchant accounts services you wish to use. To make the choice there are several things you want to look for in a merchant account. It may sound like gibberish if you are not a technical person but the terms of the security and protection of the transactions is very important.

Look for terms such as https, secure double socket SSL, payment tokenization, and be sure to check the Better Business Bureau to find out all you can about the service and its record for safe secure transactions, reliable payments and reputable practices before you associate your company with any internet merchant accounts.

Online business is an important aspect of any business which hopes to achieve more growth and increase sales, but while it is quite easy to handle in person credit card payments with a swipe of a card, there are many different things to consider with online accounts. One error in the account number, expiration date or CVV code could cause a customer to become frustrated and abandon the purchase. If there is any question about the security of the transaction then customers will not feel safe providing their credit card information and your sales will drop rapidly.

While fees and rates are important to you and your budget, for customers security is of the utmost importance. This means that as a business owner you need to find internet merchant accounts that offer the highest security and have the best record for online secure transactions.

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Making the Change to Internet Sales with an Online Credit Card Merchant Account

If you are doing significant business on the Internet, you need to invest in an online credit card merchant account.

Maintaining a brick and mortar business with credit card machines and merchant account credit card services is just one aspect of running a business. These days a website and internet transactions are a huge part of any successful business, if you are ready to make the move to adding online transactions to your business then it is time to have a discussion with your transactions processor to find out if they offer online credit card merchant account services or if you will need to find a different merchant account for the online side of your business. Because the aspects of security and the number of transactions can vary greatly between online payments and in person payments it is important that you make sure that you have an online credit card merchant account that provides your customers with what they need and provides you with fees and plans that work for your business.

Many merchant account credit card services have different plans for online and in store transactions. In store transactions are processed through the credit card terminal securely with a swipe of the card and are limited to business hours which mean you can look back over past months and estimate the number of transactions you can expect each month to choose the best merchant account for your business. But if you are new to online sales then you do not know how many transactions to expect and the basic plan that you have for your in store business may end up costing you more in fees with online transactions.  This is why finding a payment processor that offers plans to cover both your in store and online business transactions without costing you outrageous fees for going over a set number of transactions per month is a huge plus for a budding business.

Because of the differences in physical and online sales it is important that you find a credit card processing service that gives you peace of mind in the security of your customers’ financial information, and gives you a rate and plan that helps you grow your business. Having reliable and reputable credit card payment processing services for your customers is one of the best things you can do to make online sales another source of income for your business. While the ease of doing business online makes it a feasible option for nearly any business, it is  important that you do not rush into it and that your online credit card merchant account service is prepared to handle the influx of new sales while protecting the information of your customers.

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Vision Payments Mobile Processing Extends to Businesses of All Sizes

No matter what type of business you run, big or small–mobile processing serves to make your life easier. Just take a look at the video above, instead of having to deal with the inconvenience of cash–a merchant can easily process payments with mobile processing! Offer your customers the ease of mobile processing, wherever you are.

Don’t get stuck handling cash–give your customers the option of paying with  mobile processing. Interested in the ease of mobile processing? Contact Vision Payment Solutions today at (877) 674-2286! We can help you set up a mobile processing system quickly.