8 Reasons Your Company Should Use Smartphone Credit Card Readers

If you are a small business owner, you may wonder if you should begin accepting mobile payments with a card reader. You may ask yourself if it’s necessary, after all, isn’t cash king? The real question that you should be asking yourself, “how could I afford not to accept mobile payments”? If you sell products in a store and online, you are opening your business to a whole world of possibilities. By processing mobile payments, you will be able to increase your profits and reach more clients. Here are 8 reasons why you should use smartphone credit card readers.

  1. Mobility. By getting a smartphone reader, you will not be restricted to using a large credit card terminal.
  2. Compatibility. If you are an Apple user, or a Blackberry user, you might think that mobile credit card processors won’t be able to be used with your device. Mobile credit card readers are for all smartphones, from Windows, Android, Apple and Blackberry; you can get your credit card process to work for them all.
  3. Minimal Initial Investment. When you implement a mobile payment processing system, it does not cost you an arm or a leg. For a minimal cost, you can set up an easy to use credit card system.
  4. Low Rates. By using VPS, you will be guaranteed the lowest rates on mobile credit card terminals. Take a look at our rates to compare!
  5. Still Accept Cash. Many smartphone swipe machines also allow you to track and process cash transactions. This offers your customers even more possibilities.
  6. Security. You might be worried about the security of processing your customer’s information with a mobile credit card reader. However, mobile processing services are required by law to be PCI complaint, which means that stringent security measures to keep payment information secure.
  7. Feature-rich Processing. There are tons of processing boasts when you use mobile processing services. Features include: calculating sales tax, calculating tipping, refunding transactions, and many other features you will find very useful.
  8. Convenience. Using a smartphone mobile processing system is extremely convenient. You can use it wherever you go. No matter if you are at a tradeshow or a event show, you will be able to process payments everywhere.

Because many people no longer carry cash with them, having a mobile card swipe will get you more customers that are willing to pay you because you have the capabilities to accept any payment form they have!