A New Merchant Account for A New Way of Doing Business

Whether you’re a brand new business just starting up, or an older, more experienced business that’s been around the block a few times, there are many great reasons to apply for a new merchant account. Of course, having the capability to take whichever forms of payment your patrons prefer to use during transactions is unquestionably the cornerstone of any modern, successful business. Imagine going to a store, finding a product you simply cannot live without, then getting up to the counter to pay and realizing that either they don’t accept credit or debit cards at all, or that their payment-processing system is down. There can be nothing more irritating – from both the customer and the business sides.

When you sign on for a new merchant account, it’s crucial to consider a few important factors. The first is the merchant account provider’s actual reputability – and trust us, nothing speaks more volumes about a service than their former and current clientele. When you’re forming a list of prospective new merchant account providers, be sure to contact them and ask for their clients’ references. Most of them, if professional, will be happy to divulge the contact information. Any hesitancy on their part can be a big red flag, and ultimately contribute to an unpleasant experience – why would you want to associate with a disreputable firm that hides their reviews and won’t give out any contact information? For most, this may be common sense, but new merchant accounts require a keen eye.

As you know, your new merchant account will be instrumental in assisting your business with processing payments; in fact, because there’s no other way to take your customers’ card payments than through a merchant account service, this makes it all the more vital that you be aware of the specific terms and conditions set forth within the contract. Always read the fine print when you’re considering a new merchant account service provider, and you’ll face a lot less surprise – and frustration – when you’re sent a bill out of nowhere.

Lastly, if you already know that you would prefer Vision Payment Solutions – one of the leading merchant account services in the world – to be your new merchant account provider, then contact us today at the number above. We offer everything any business could need to accept their patrons’ payments – and in doing so, we help those businesses that apply for a new merchant account with us to grow and expand in ways they never thought possible.