About Vision Payment Solutions

Vision Payment Solutions (VPS) is the perfect partner for whatever type of business you operate. Whether it’s ecommerce, brick and mortar, or a hot dog stand on the side of the road, VPS offers a wide range of merchant services focused on quick and affordable payment processing. VPS specializes in credit and debit card processing but also provides a host of related products and services.

VPS partners with businesses of all different sizes to provide the merchant solutions that they need. The management team has over 30 years of experience in the payment card industry and 60 years of experience working in the financial services industry.  The company prides itself on its vision. Not only does VPS want to help its clients process payments today, but it has an eye toward the future which allows it to bring cutting-edge technology that will benefit its clients in the years to come. By helping their clients rapidly adapt with the latest hardware and software solutions, VPS ensures that their clients will stay profitable in the long run.

As far as payment processing goes, VPS can handle it all. They offer goods and services that can handle virtually all payment types across different platforms. They help their clients process Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Debit, EBT, Gift cards, electronic check conversion and more. As components of payment card processing, ,VPS offers the following merchant solutions:

Payment Card Hardware: VPS offers a number of stand-alone credit card terminals that are PCI compliant and can process payments from virtually any type of payment card. They also offer mobile hardware such as credit card swipes that can be configured to work from an iPad or other mobile device. Additionally, they offer integrated transaction processing systems that include cash registers, sales software, and card swipes all in one.

Merchant Accounts: In order to begin processing payment card transactions, merchants need a checking account that’s set up for their business. VPS offers merchant accounts that sync automatically with the hardware and software that they offer.

Virtual Terminals and Internet Gateways: VPS offers secure channels through which payment card information can be transmitted electronically. These terminals and gateways can be easily integrated with existing transaction software and also come built in to VPS’ own software solutions.

Merchant Capital Funding: VPS also offers capital funding that’s especially useful to new business owners who face large investment costs early on. These funds can be approved more quickly and with less hassle than bank funding and are available at a competitive interest rate.