All About Card Payment Terminals

When you’re researching new card payment terminals, or supplementary card terminals for a growing company, choose the ones compatible with your current system and supported by your merchant account provider. Consider three basic types of payment terminals.

  • Traditional: Stationery card terminals work for most businesses today. They can come with or without printers, and most accept debit cards.
  • Virtual: If you do a lot of your business on the phone or online, consider using virtual credit terminal software. It allows you to contact your merchant account provider over the Internet and it can be customized to automate recurring charges or calculate taxes and discounts.
  • Wireless: Wireless card terminals are used by many taxi drivers and even in some restaurants. Verify that your merchant service supports the wireless card payment terminals you go with one, and will continue support as well.

Card Payment Terminals: Features
Most card terminals have similar features, typically including a keypad, a magnetic stripe reader, a display, and a printer.

  • Keypad: Sometimes a customer’s card won’t swipe so you will need to manually key in costs and other data. Simple card terminals have a nine-key numeric keypad, but others may feature over forty keys, with programmable function keys.
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader: A magnetic stripe reader reads all credit cards. If you have questions about the condition of the magnetic stripe reader on any of the card terminals you are thinking of buying, contact the seller or manufacturer.
  • Display: The standard credit card terminal display shows two lines of text, with twenty characters per line, but some can display four lines, with twenty characters per line. Look for a display with a backlight which will make it easier to read.
  • Printer: When you’re evaluating card terminals, you can choose some that come with printers, or purchase the terminals alongside their compatible external receipt printers. If you do a lot of printing, external printers may be much better for your business. Dot matrix printers are typically much cheaper but don’t print quite as quickly, while thermal imaging printers are faster and quieter, but need special thermal paper.

Researching and purchasing card terminals can be an overwhelming process, but don’t worry. Vision Payment Solutions is here to educate – and arm – its clientele, merchants everywhere just like you, with the knowledge and the information necessary for finding the perfect card payment terminals for your business, no matter what you do.