All About Credit Card Processing Rates

As with any other industry and service charges, credit card processing rates vary wildly across the spectrum – with some merchant account providers charging outrageous fees for simply, everyday solutions that should come with the package deal, to lower-end processors who only want to snag new clients with absurdly low credit card processing rates…and the service to match. So how do you strike the balance between quality service and decent credit card processing rates? As a small business owner, you likely don’t have the budget to throw down the drain on a credit card processor that won’t get the job done right – and who won’t charge you an arm and a leg to do so.

There are a few crucial credit card processing rates and fees that you should be aware of when you take the dive and commit to a credit card processor of your own. Some charge a monthly statement fee, some charge a cancellation fee, should you choose to end the contract early, and most charge what are called chargeback fees, which are usually a necessary evil, but one that can usually – and should always – be avoided if possible. It’s vital that you inspect your contract terms and conditions with scrutiny and caution before you sign that dotted line. Many times, credit card processing rates get out of hand when they build up over the course of a month and the subscribers are shocked when they get a huge bill in the mail.

As the economy has headed south over the past few years, it shouldn’t surprise most of us who subscribe to such business-accommodation services that many service providers – credit card processing companies included – have taken steps to cut corners and charge their clients wherever and however they possibly can. This is why, in this current economic turmoil, you must remain vigilant when you inspect your contract for credit card processing rates, and determine whether their particular offering will suit the needs of your company.

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