An Introduction to PayPal Credit Card Processing

PayPal credit card processing has always been something of a questionable endeavor for a lot of business owners, online entrepreneurs, other economic opportunists, and even consumers themselves who understand the value of credit card processing but don’t quite get the specifics involved in PayPal credit card processing – and the importance of its use in modern commerce online. In this introductory piece, we’ll be discussing the basics of PayPal credit card processing, as well as some of the ways it benefits those who subscribe.

PayPal is a multinational electronic commerce company that enables money transfers and payments via the web, providing an electronic variant on the conventional payment methods of check or money order.

PayPal credit card processing now mandates a demonstrably verifiable bank account after an account holder has surpassed an initially established spend limit. Then, PayPal will procure funds to cover such a transaction from a number of sources, starting with whatever funds are currently in the offender’s PayPal account, other specialized PayPal credit card processing accounts, the offender’s actual bank account, or even credit cards.

PayPal is technically an acquirer, providing PayPal credit card processing for a variety of clientele, from online vendors and auction sites to commercial users. PayPal credit card processing charges a fee, of course, for its payment processing. Because PayPal credit card processing is an international service, their fees depend on both locations and currencies.

PayPal touts two basic methods for clients accepting credit card payments: PayPal Payments Standard and PayPal Payments Pro. Both are PayPal credit card processing services and enable merchants to accept their patrons’ payments relatively easily.

PayPal Payments Standard: This option for PayPal credit card processing allows a user to create a payment button in only fifteen minutes, with no programming skills needed, high compatibility with most shopping cart applications, no monthly, setup, or termination fees, and a small deduction from each transaction. PayPal credit card processing also provides fraud protection at no additional charge.

PayPal Payments Pro: The professional model of PayPal credit card processing is for those businesses with a higher volume of sales, and enables offline credit card processing, popular cart compatibility, and – much like its standard program – free protection from fraud like identity theft and more.

Although PayPal credit card processing solutions are customizable to a degree and do provide business owners with a way of accepting electronic payments, it’s vital that you carefully and thoroughly inspect and assess the payment-processing solutions set forth in their contracts. As with any business deal, PayPal credit card processing requires scrutiny and caution.