As A Smartphone Merchant, Witness Its Benefits Firsthand

Being a smartphone merchant is officially now easier than ever, especially with the help of Vision Payment Solutions! We’ve been in the financial services and payment-processing industry for many, many years now, and as such, we know a thing or two about the power of credit, debit, and other electronic formats of payment processing. When you can’t provide your patrons with a way of paying for that crucial product or service they’ve been coveting for so long, you’re not only denying yourself a sale, you’re also decreasing the likelihood of your customers ever returning to your store.

Think about it: the last time you went into a store and wanted to purchase something shiny and new, but you were disappointed to find out that either the store wasn’t accepting cards at the time or that the store never accepted such payments in the first place anyway, how did you feel when you left? You probably didn’t even think of returning, let along giving them your money at all. Being a smartphone merchant is here to change all of that, and the best part about being a smartphone merchant is that it is mobile, meaning it goes wherever your store, brand, company, or business goes – right along with you!

As a smartphone merchant, all you need is a mobile merchant account – much like an e-commerce merchant account, but with special features that enable mobile processing – a simple software install, a swiper add-on if you really want to wow your customers and clients, and of course, the same first-class service and support you’ve come to expect from Vision Payment Solutions. Ask any of our smartphone merchants how they’ve enjoyed being able to process their clients’ and customers’ payments and transactions through being a smartphone merchant, and you’ll see why so many of them have stuck with us as their payment-processing partner for so long.

If you have further questions, comments, or concerns regarding smartphone merchanthood, give us a call at the number at the top of the screen, or feel free to fill out one of our contact forms on the site. You’ll be able to speak with a Vision Payment Solutions representative who can get you started on the path toward being a smartphone merchant – and experiencing for yourself all the limitless perks of processing your consumers’ transactions quickly, easily, and most vitally, safely and securely. This will in turn grow your customer base and, in time, your business as well!