Be Smart, And Be A Smartphone Merchant

Vision Payment Solutions, as a top provider of merchant accounts and payment-processing solutions of all varieties, understands that the industry can be confusing and, as such, we like to keep our customers – merchants just like you – informed of new developments, as well as to provide them with information on payment processing and related topics. One important method for accepting your customers’ credit card payments is becoming a smartphone merchant. But, what is a smartphone merchant?

Merchants have more options today when it comes to processing credit card transactions, with smart-phone credit card processing applications offering the potential for higher sales, faster collections, and fewer debts. But, with mobile processing solutions, ordinary merchants everywhere are becoming smartphone merchants, accepting payments from customers on the go.

Users of iPhone and other major smartphones on the market today can purchase credit card processing applications that allow them to take credit card payments and transmit them securely without any carrying add-on magnetic stripe readers or other technology. These applications free smartphone payment merchants from their offices, landlines, and special processing equipment, making business easier for merchants working remotely.

The applications are part of a broad-based effort by smartphone payment merchants, manufacturers and application developers to push more business-related functions to all-in-one smart phones, making them more attractive to businesses.

The appeal of the iPhone as a business device – and the convenience of smartphone payment merchants taking pay anywhere – drove resourceful designers and programmers to develop an iPhone credit card terminal. They looked at it from the perspective of what applications would help drive up revenue, and came upon the credit card terminal because being able to take payments in more places helps increase revenue, and collecting revenue on-site means you don’t have to collect later.

The terminal’s technology may not be revolutionary, but in terms of enabling businesses everywhere to take control of when and where they will accept their customers’ credit card payments, being a smartphone payment merchant just makes sense.

Despite the many benefits of becoming a smartphone payment merchant, significant barriers remain to widespread popularity and use. The terminal applications being developed for iPhones and smart phones will need time, and the economy has impacted the information industries; people are hoarding their money.

For more information on becoming a smartphone merchant – or if you’re already interested in becoming a smartphone payment merchant, yourself – just give Vision Payment Solutions a call!