Become A Blackberry Merchant Today!

Have you ever thought of becoming a Blackberry merchant? Would you love to be able to accept your customers’ credit card payments on your Blackberry? Do you need to swipe credit cards on your Blackberry when you work remotely or deliver a product or services? Do you sell goods at conventions or fairs? Then it’s time to become a Blackberry merchant now, with the help of Vision Payment Solutions. You can easily and quickly turn your Blackberry into a payment-processing solution with help of VPS, among the most reputable payment companies in the industry.

If you need the ability to accept your customers’ electronic payments at any time and place, and you have a business Blackberry, then it’s time to become a Blackberry merchant. Vision Payment Solutions will supply your business with all the needed equipment and technical support for transforming your Blackberry into a point-of-sale terminal, enabling your company to take credit card payments at any location or time of day.

When you make the choice to become a Blackberry merchant with VPS, you’ll enjoy low rates, quick and reliable payment processing, and a convenient, superior mobile processing solution for your business and your customers.

Blackberry merchants of all sizes, shapes, and niches have experienced firsthand the advantages of credit card processing on their Blackberry phones. Mobile card readers, designed specifically for your Blackberry phone, can make your transactions quick, easy, and secure; simply attach the card reader to your Blackberry, and swipe your customers’ credit cards.

Further, every Blackberry merchant’s transaction is securely encrypted and complies with all the most recent – and most essential – security standards, so there’s no need to worry about the exposure of sensitive financial data. And, best of all, should you decide to switch carriers, you simply re-install the card-processing application on your phone, and attach the reader for complete compatibility.

Increase the performance of your business by accepting payments from your customers on your Blackberry. Maximize your sales by taking payments 24/7, whether you’re in Brisbane or Albany. VPS’ Blackberry merchant solution enables your team to quickly process credit cards either by swiping your customer’s card or by manually keying in their information, to email receipts, and to display and analyze your sales stats in our user-friendly customer portal, customized to satisfy even our most discriminating Blackberry merchants!

If you would like to know more about becoming a Blackberry merchant, or about any of our other payment-processing solutions, contact Vision Payment Solutions today!