Become A Blackberry Merchant with VPS

Become a Blackberry merchant! Have you ever had the need – or even though about the idea – of accepting your customers’ credit card payments on your Blackberry? Do you need to swipe credit cards on your Blackberry when you make deliveries, or after you are done with a job on-site? Do you sell products or services at flea markets or street fairs? Become a Blackberry dealer today with the help of Vision Payment Solutions, and turn your Blackberry into a payment-processing solution with aid of VPS, one of the most trusted and reputable payment companies in the industry.

If you want something that lets you take credit cards anywhere and anytime, and you have a Blackberry, then become a Blackberry dealer. We can provide you with all the necessary hardware, software, and technical support for turning your Blackberry into a point-of-sale (POS) terminal, allowing you to take credit card payments at any location around the globe.

Become a Blackberry dealer today, and enjoy low rates, easy and efficient payment processing, and an overall great mobile processing solution for you, your business, and your customers.

Blackberry dealers of all industries and regions of the world have witnessed the benefits of simple and secure credit card processing on their Blackberry phones. Mobile card readers, attached to all kinds of smart phones, make transactions quick, easy, and secure — just plug the card reader into the headphone jack on your Blackberry, and swipe the card. Every Blackberry dealer’s transaction is encrypted and in compliance with the latest security standards, so neither you or the customer need to worry about sensitive data being exposed. If you decide to change carriers, you only have to install the application on your Blackberry phone and plug the card reader in for full compatibility.

Increase the performance of your sales and delivery forces, by allowing them to accept payments from your customers on their Blackberry phones. Maximize your sales and increase cash flow by taking payments on the go, anytime, anywhere. Our Blackberry merchant solution allows you to quickly process credit card by swiping the card or keying in the credit card number, to email receipts, and to check reports, transactions, and receipts in our easy-to-use customer portal, custom-tailored for our Blackberry merchants!

For more information on becoming a Blackberry merchant, or on any of our other many high-quality processing solutions, contact Vision Payment Solutions today!