Becoming A Smartphone Merchant

At Vision Payment Solutions, we understand the difficulty of obtaining that perfect merchant account for your specific business needs, and the importance of not having to pay absurd fees and rates just to accept credit card payments from your customers. That’s why VPS is here – to take the worry and hassle out of the process of becoming a smartphone merchant, a virtual necessity for many businesses today. So, what are some of the steps involved in becoming a smartphone merchant and obtaining that custom account for superior business interaction?

1. Obtain a merchant account with a reputable smartphone merchant account provider. Merchant account fees can be overwhelming if you get an account with each card provider individually, so be wary. Smartphone merchant service providers offer business owners the ability to process transactions for any or all major credit cards under a single account – and all on their smartphone, no less.

2. Install the card-processing software on your smartphone. The basis of any such mobile system is the software that links your card reader, your phone, and your printer. Processing software will easily facilitate the transmission of sensitive transaction data between your phone and your smartphone merchant account provider.

3. Get a mobile reader for your phone. As with more traditional retail card-processing systems, a magnetic stripe reader is needed to gather and disseminate information on your customers’ credit cards. Card readers designed for smartphone merchants are not much larger than a credit card themselves, and can typically connect via USB.

4. Attain a portable printer designed for smartphone merchants. This will allow you to print receipts for your customers right at the time and place of the transaction, and even transmitting them via email or text message. The ability to print your customers’ receipts from your phone enables you to gather hardcopy signatures as well.

If you have additional questions on the process of becoming a smartphone merchant, or if you would prefer to arrange a smartphone merchant account with us today, then give us a call at the number above; you’ll be able to speak with a friendly representative who can analyze your situation and get you set up with the ideal, custom-tailored smartphone merchant account. As a smartphone merchant, you’ll be on your way toward accepting more payments in more versatile ways. Call now!