Benefits of Merchant Capital Funding

With the current state of the economy and the heavy competition it fosters, small businesses are failing left and right. While this isn’t necessarily the fault of anyone, there are ways to avoid going under while still maintaining your bottom line and keeping your staff intact.

Merchant capital funding isn’t a standard bank loan—meaning that there usually isn’t an egregious set of standards you need to meet in order to qualify for the loan. They can be highly beneficial to your growing business, and they can be secured easily.

You can do what you need to do

Maybe your location is off-putting to customers, and it needs a renovation. Or, maybe it’s time to open a second location to reach more customers and generate more revenue. Securing merchant capital funding can:

  • Help you expand your products and services, which provides greater appeal to your customer base.
  • Upgrade your equipment and machinery, which will help improve your processes and avoid outdated equipment.
  • Launch advertising campaigns, run special promotions, or even just purchase inventory you’ve been desperately needing.

No matter what your business needs, merchant capital funding is the ideal solution.

Many funding companies offer advantages over others

Vision Payment Solutions has high approval rates, automatic collection, no application fee, and does not require personal collateral to back your loan.

Revenue-based collections

Merchant capital funding typically works on an income-type basis. Many companies will give you your loan in exchange for a percentage of your credit card sales until the amount loaned is paid off. This way, you are still generating income, you don’t have to plan out your loan payments, and nothing is paid in a lump sum. You can easily monitor your income, and avoid seeing a large loss with every payment.

High approval rates

Many small businesses don’t have the credit score and collateral to secure such a substantial bank loan. A standard bank has a series of standards that are generally unrealistic for small businesses, which prevent them from securing the capital they need. With merchant capital funding, you are exponentially more likely to be approved for your loan, and the approval is always accompanied by very reasonable terms and conditions.

Vision Payment Solutions is an ideal provider of merchant capital funding with the dedication to your success that you deserve. Contact us to learn more about our funding services, and apply for your merchant capital fund today!