Better Your Business Through Merchant Account Processing

Merchant account processing can be complicated, but don’t be overwhelmed by what is – if you choose the right provider – an easier process than you’d think. Merchant processing refers to a business account created for a business to accept credit card payments, along with all the processes required to do so. A merchant account is typically established between a bank and the merchant themselves, or a specific business solely dedicated to merchant processing, like Vision Payment Solutions. The merchant pays the required fees and in return, can process customers’ credit cards. The money that is debited from a credit card payment is transferred to the merchant’s business checking account in just a couple business days, after a standard transaction fee is deducted. The entire process takes under a minute, and setting up merchant processing with VPS is not difficult at all.

Once you have your merchant processing services set up, you then obtain credit card processing equipment for your point-of-sale (POS) transactions. A credit card terminal is a simple piece of equipment that reads the information on a swiped credit card, and transfers that transaction data to the card-issuing bank, which then approves the transaction and transfers the funds to the merchant’s business account. Credit card terminals are relatively inexpensive, and quite durable. The provider of your merchant processing services often provides the equipment for you.

There are many ways you can obtain merchant processing, along with the equipment required to accept credit cards. You can always end up partnering with the bank that manages your business checking account, and they may have some processing solutions for you to consider. Banks can often be quite a hassle when it comes to merchant processing, however, so research carefully. Alternatively, many providers of merchant processing, such as Vision Payment Solutions, frequently offer online applications!

Depending on the provider you have chosen to set up merchant account processing services with, the documents required may differ, but be prepared to provide: documentation on your business checking account, a voided check from your business checking account, your business license, a picture of your store location, your website address (for online merchant account processing), your return/exchange policies, references, copies of recent tax returns, your driver’s license, and perhaps your social security card. Although most merchant processing services do not require all of these documents, be ready, just in case!