Beware of These Factors When Applying for Merchant Account Credit Cards

If you have recently started your own business, one of the first things that you will realize is that you will need to accept credit cards if you want to survive in almost any industry.  Before you jump in to accepting credit cards, do your homework because with a merchant account, credit cards can be accepted but fees vary widely in the industry.  As the leader in merchant accounts, Vision Payment Solutions knows all the gimmicks in the industry. Keep the following in mind when shopping for credit card merchant services.


Beware of High Rates

As you know with a merchant account, credit cards can be accepted at your place of business.  While this sounds great, you need to compare fees across various providers.  Some providers may offer a lower rate, but a much higher monthly minimum.  Others may offer a higher rate, but a lower monthly minimum.  You need to consider all of these factors when signing up for a merchant account credit card online. We offer the most competitive rates in the industry.


Beware of Teaser Promotions

Some merchant account providers may claim that they offer rates which seem too good to be true.  If so, these are likely teaser rates which will expire and leave you paying high rates for the remainder of the contract.  Always ask for a printout of the terms of the agreement and read all of the fine print.  Providers typically hide these specifics in very small print somewhere towards the end of the contract.


Avoid Long Term Contracts

It is best to avoid long, multi-year contracts if at all possible when searching for a merchant account online.  Even if you are just starting out, it may make more sense to pay a higher rate to avoid a long term contract.  With the business climate as volatile as it currently is, you should protect yourself if at all possible from long term commitments.


If you follow the steps outlined by the experts from Vision Payment Solutions, you will have a merchant account setup in no time and it will not cost you an arm and a leg!

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