Blackberry Processing For Busy Merchants On The Go

Welcome back to Vision Payment Solutions’ blog series on payment processing and significant topics in the payment-processing industry. In today’s installment, we’ll be talking about one of our merchants’ very favorite ways of accepting their customers’ and clients’ credit card payments on the go: Blackberry processing.

Blackberry processing of credit and debit card payments is now simpler and easier than ever. With VPS, you know you’re getting the highest quality service and equipment at a reasonable cost, and with our Blackberry processing solution for you mobile merchants out there, the same holds true. Whether you’re working a tradeshow or a convention, or you’re a contractor who builds in more remote areas, Blackberry processing will enable your business to accept, process, and manage your clients’ and customers’ debit and credit transactions quickly, easily, and most importantly, securely.

If you’ve been a client of Vision Payment Solutions in the past, just signed on or renewed a contract with us, or planned on starting up a new mobile entrepreneurial endeavor soon, you can depend on VPS to provide the same quality service and support we have always provided our merchants, with our Blackberry processing solution.

In essence, Blackberry processing merely requires your customers’ credit card information, a credit card swiper add-on (depending on your customized solution), and a simple, intuitive Blackberry processing app that takes care of all the work for you. With Blackberry processing, you have the ability to accept payments anywhere there’s a connection to the Internet, and best of all, your customers will be extremely impressed with your mobile, sleek, and professional new method of taking their payments whenever and wherever needed; Blackberry processing provides an additional flair for professionalism and style.

Further, our Blackberry processing solution comes with all the best features of a Vision Payment Solutions processing contract: world-class customer service and support, affordable rates, and likely the most important feature, the security and peace of mind that comes with PCI compliance and top-of-the-line security – you know your customers’ sensitive information is protected from theft, fraud, or other intrusive activities.

If you would like to learn more about the hardware, software, and service involved in our Blackberry processing solution, you can call Vision Payment Solutions today at the number above to speak with a friendly representative, who can arrange the ideal, custom-tailored Blackberry processing solution for your individual business needs. Additionally, you can visit our mobile processing solutions page for more specific technical data on the Blackberry processing we provide.