Blackberry Processing: Take Your Paying Customers with You!

There are a lot of different methods out there for processing credit cards while you’re on the go, and even more for credit card processing in general. So, it’s important to consider exactly what you’ll need to get your blackberry processing credit cards, so how do you want to use your BlackBerry in this context? Do you want to take payments at a job site? Do you need to be able to close deals at conventions or directly from a showroom floor? Are you selling products or taking orders at trade shows or art festivals?

Vision Payment Solutions can offer you a wide selection of mobile solutions. Any one of them can turn your BlackBerry into a highly portable and secure card-processing terminal. See why so many merchants out there today have chosen Blackberry card processing as their primary means of payment processing. We can guide you through the selection process so that you can acquire the hardware, software, and technical support that gives you all the features you want, but won’t leave you stuck paying for the extras that you never use.

Vision Payment Solutions recommends two different Blackberry card processing applications for taking your customers’ different types of payments.

Choose AprivaPay if you need to give your customers a paper receipt. AprivaPay can use Bluetooth to work with peripheral devices like card readers and printers. Apriva, which has over a decade of experience in secure information messaging, also offers 24/7 customer support.

Businessmen who like voice-to-text capability or who want to easily transfer their BlackBerry card processing to their office computer will want to consider using ROAMpay. This application also accepts a Swiper that can read the magnetic stripe on a card, thereby reducing human error. The application is easy to install, and it will update automatically with no additional charges.

Both these solutions allow you to use your own BlackBerry processing and service provider without the necessity of purchasing additional hardware to complete a transaction. Both of them encrypt your customer’s financial data before transmission, and have PCI certification to meet industry security standards. When coupled with a Vision Payment Solutions merchant account, all of them offer a comprehensive solution for Blackberry card processing. Accept all major credit and debit cards, get instant authorization, and rest assured that funds will be quickly deposited in your business’s bank account.

For additional information on Blackberry processing for credit cards, get in touch with Vision Payment Solutions today!