Card Payment Solutions: Which Ones Are The Best?

If the purpose of your ecommerce store is to make money – then you need to make it as easy as possible for your customers to buy your products online. Since we know that most online shoppers prefer credit card transactions, you need to set-up your online store to accept credit card payments over the Web. But there are so many card payment solutions out there to choose from, so where do you begin?

If you really want to grow your business online, then you need to set up a merchant account for credit card processing – this is the fundamental component of all card payment solutions. When you begin your search for a merchant account, it can get very confusing with so many options. But, before you are persuaded by too-good-to-be-true guarantees and rates, remember that there are many factors to consider before choosing a merchant account for your card payment solutions.

Be wary of any merchant account provider that wants to charge an application-processing or start-up fee. Look for other hidden fees in the small print of the agreement. The acceptable merchant account fees for most card payment solutions are statement fees, discount rates, and transaction fees. If there’s much more beyond that, be careful!

Choose a merchant account provider based on your anticipated sales volume, and ensure that your card payment solutions have the flexibility to process more sales for increased demand or promotions. Verify that your merchant account fees are not related to tough policies linked with low monthly limits, and observe the hidden costs of exceeding your monthly limits.

One crucial aspect of card payment solutions is their customer service. If you have an issue with card processing or a customer’s transaction is incorrectly executed, you want to be able to get in touch with knowledgeable, friendly, but most of all – available customer service representatives. Any provider of card payment solutions must have this service in place, or they shouldn’t get your business.

Choose a merchant account provider that has a proven track record of providing high-quality card payment solutions, and exhibits competence and reliability. Investigate the service and guarantees they make about their card payment solutions. Ask how they monitor and respond to complaints, and choose a merchant account provider whose credit card processing service package fits your business’ needs.

And remember, if your card payment solutions’ provider isn’t being upfront and direct about the card payment solutions they offer, it’s time to split!