Card Payment Terminals for Different Processing Scenarios

Card payment terminals have always been a fundamental aspect of doing business, especially in today’s age, when the credit card reigns supreme, and when it seems as though cash has nearly become obsolete. While many businesses and brands conduct transactions in a variety of ways, there seems to be no question today that being able to accept credit, debit, gift, and even fleet and other formats of electronic card payments is the vital step in being able to secure steady, substantive, and growing revenue – the entire purpose of going into business in the first place.

Whether you use mail- or telephone-order processing (known as MO/TO to many), Internet (e-commerce or online) processing, mobile processing such as with smartphones like the Android, Blackberry, or iPhone, or even standard, conventional card processing with the traditional brick-and-mortar point-of-sale (POS) card payment terminals, there are always variations on some card payment terminals available a merchant must have in order to conduct business by way of credit and debit card payments, among others.

For instance, as we mentioned with more traditional retail outlets, supermarkets, and brick-and-mortar, physical stores, the standard point-of-sale card payment terminals are the most common, only because they are typically less expensive to implement, although that depends heavily on how the business plans on processing its customers’ or clients’ transactions.

In a mobile or e-commerce scenario, however, there are different kinds of card payment terminals that help facilitate the process. These are known as virtual terminals, because you can log in to any Internet-connected computer anywhere in the world to organize, sell, refund, exchange, or otherwise do any kind of business you see fit with an electronic card as payment. Imagine the possibilities. Having trouble with a customer in Tokyo, but you’re in Los Angeles? Simply access a laptop at your local café, and in no time flat, their issues can be resolved. This of course is not only great for your customers, but as in all things business that are good for your patrons, it’s also great for you, ultimately. Maintaining a happy customer base, as a business owner, is your top responsibility. After all, if you can’t maintain their satisfaction with your products and services, why should you expect to grow and develop as a business?

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