Chrome Extension Helps Decide Which Credit Card to Use for Online Purchases

It seems like everyone has multiple cards nowadays, with credit card companies offering clever slogans and special benefits to entice you to use their card. But each company’s benefits and rewards programs are different. When shopping online, it can be tough to know which card to use to get the most out of your internet merchant account.  Now, a new Chrome extension promises to change all that, and make choosing a card as easy as choosing an online store.


Introducing Wallaby

Meet, Wallaby, a new Chrome browser extension that allows you to install a toolbar into your browser which will compare rewards for your different Internet merchant account cards to determine which card will provide the most bang for your buck when making a purchase.


Linking Your Cards

How it comes together is relatively simple. First, you sign up for a Wallaby account, and then connect your credit card accounts to your Wallaby account, which the company claims is secure and regularly patched.


After you connect your banks, Wallaby asks you a series of questions about your accounts, what Rewards they offer, and what kinds of rewards you would like to get out of the extension, be it shopping, cash back, travel miles, or other kinds of rewards.


The extension is ad-supported, but only to the extent that it will recommend a new card for you when you have finished linking your cards—you don’t have to accept this recommendation and you can quickly click through.


The site will also give you some interesting data on how you spend your money, which can be a help for those looking to track that sort of thing.


Install and Use the Extension

When you’re done setting up your account, install the extension in Chrome by simply searching it on Google and make sure you’re signed in. From here on out, when you are about to make a purchase or other transaction, Wallaby will pop up and display a list of cards, with the benefits you’d get from using each. It will also recommend the one it thinks is best for this purchase.


If you like the extension, Wallaby also offers a mobile app on both Android and iOS, for use at physical retail locations.