Credit Card Etiquette (Part II)

Welcome back to our three-part series on credit card etiquette! In part two, we’ll discuss some more crucial rules of credit card etiquette with which you may not necessarily be familiar, but are sure-fire ways to impress your customers, clients, and even other merchants.

Poor Etiquette: Never offering to pay. Conspicuously fighting to pay is obnoxious, but the opposite is also quite rude. If you know someone who constantly waits for you to pull out your plastic, you understand how such behavior is simply grating. But you may do the same, thinking your companion’s company is reimbursing the charge, or that his line of credit is bigger then your own.

Proper: Whether you’re with a friend, associate, or date, never assume he or she should pick up the tab. Unless there’s a clear agreement beforehand, lay your card down, offer to split the charge or say, “I got it next time,” and be sure to follow through.

Poor Etiquette: Flashing your status card. It’s just great – you got a special credit account, but not everyone needs to know. Showing off your black, white, or other elite credit card by whipping it out with flourish (or worse, passing it around) is just crass. If others happen to notice and ask about it, that’s okay, but flaunting the card will irritate your peers, not impress them.

Proper: Experiencing the excitement of a status card should be thrill enough. Don’t have it “inadvertently” fall out of your purse just so someone can examine it and exclaim, “Hey, this is black American Express! I’ve heard about these cards!” Use a status card like any other kind of card – with discretion.

Poor Etiquette: Bragging about scores. Your credit score just skyrocketed? That is a wonderful event – and something better left to one’s self. Otherwise, you’re just like that annoying student who boasted about his A-train. What if you’re talking to someone who’s just been laid off or is about to get evicted? The last thing she wants to hear about is your amazing credit score.

Proper: Good credit scores are something to be proud of, and you should celebrate such a thing. But, etiquette is all about making others feel comfortable.

Vision Payment Solutions encourages proper credit card etiquette and usage of all your credit accounts – be they merchant, customer, or any other type of transactions. Keep it all in check (pun intended), and make sure you project tact and class with each conversation, transaction, or other interactions. Stay tuned for the final installment of our credit card etiquette series!