Credit Card Etiquette (Part III)

Welcome back again, readers. In the final installment of our three-part series on proper credit card etiquette, learn why it’s polite not to pry, as well as how important it is not to misuse company cards. Don’t look like a baboon! Be sure to peruse this next set of credit card etiquette guidelines; after all, gaining a little tact never hurt anyone.

Poor Etiquette: Inquiring about your friends’ and associates’ credit scores. Have you ever been at a social event and ended up getting grilled about your personal finances, or worse yet, been interrogated about such matters publicly? Finances are a highly sensitive topic, and most certainly off limits, unless you are extremely close with the person. Asking others about their credit is unacceptable. In fact, discussing debt has become the new social taboo, surpassing talking about religion, politics, or sex. “These financial matters are not a point of discussion,” says an author specializing professional business etiquette, “Not even with close friends. It’s totally out of line and off limits.”

Proper: Just don’t ask. Frankly, it’s none of your business, and everyone will be happier without having to bring up their troubles.

Poor Etiquette: Openly misusing the company card. Breaking the law is unacceptable as it is, but bringing a peer into all your legal missteps is even worse. If you charge a night of cocktails and, after a wink and a nudge, whisper “Well, we discussed business, didn’t we?” then you need to soak up the other two installments of our series on credit card etiquette. Displaying poor credit card etiquette is especially detrimental in business settings. Why would a business partner or client trust you when they know you’ve lied about money in your own company?

Proper: It should always be obvious that one should strive to be upstanding, whether it involves credit cards or not. Be honest; everything you do will come back around.

Now that you have learned all about proper credit card etiquette, we invite you to print this story out for those in your social circle who are less versed than you in the often-confusing world of credit card etiquette. Vision Payment Solutions endorses the responsible, well mannered, and proper use of credit cards, as well as tactful interaction with your associates – whether they’re friends, family, coworkers, clientele, or you customer base.

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