Credit Card Merchant Processing: A Modern Business Necessity

Credit card merchant processing is the process of taking electronic payments and transferring funds between accounts. Credit cards are among the most used forms of payment in today’s market. Accepting credit cards allows you to maximize every potential sale opportunity and decreases the loss of sales due to lack of payment options. Vision Payment Solutions (VPS) wants to make your experience with credit card merchant processing a great one. Remember that credit card merchant processing is a service that you pay for. VPS will be by your side, ensuring you get what you’re paying for. The costs for credit card merchant processing are minimal in relation to the benefits, and at VPS, we want to make these payments as low as we can.

As a credit card merchant processing provider, Vision Payment Solutions provides credit card processing services to merchants all over the United States. Not only does Vision Payment Solutions set merchants up with an account to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover cards, and so much more, but also offers the merchant the opportunity to establish other processing options for its customers. What are some of the basics types of credit card merchant processing?

Internet merchants are not just those who have ecommerce websites; there are many using their own desktop computers as virtual terminals, and doing their own credit card merchant processing on a secure server. These merchants are offered keyed rates because card data is completely keyed into the computer, manually. Keyed rates are more than swiped rates because more risk is involved in the steps of credit card merchant processing, but transactions when the keyed data matches the card data exactly will receive a lower keyed rate, because of the risk of fraud.

Retail merchants deal in brick-and-mortar sales through their terminals by swiping cards, allowing them lower rates on credit card merchant processing by checking the customer’s ID to ensure the credit card belongs to the customer. Vision Payment Solutions offers excellent rates for swiped credit card merchant accounts – one of the lowest around. Retail merchants include both physical store locations and businesses where the merchants travel with a wireless credit card terminal. In either scenario, half of all your credit card merchant processing activity should be face-to-face, swiped transactions. Retail merchants, through VPS’ multivariate credit card merchant processing can also process checks, gift cards, and PIN-based debit transactions by requesting that their consumers manually key in their PIN.

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