Credit Card Merchant Services at Your… Service

Credit card merchant services can be a mixed bag. Whether you are looking for your first merchant account, or you already have a merchant account and want to see if you can find a better deal, getting an account that suits you – credit card merchant services must be custom tailored – and one where you fully understand all the potential costs involved.

You need to accept cards because in today’s marketplace, 80% of retail customers and nearly all online customers pay with a card. If you don’t accept cards and if you aren’t partnered up with decent credit card merchant services, then your customers will find your competition.

Credit card merchant services’ problems range from higher rates than merchants were expecting to problems with contracts they did not understand, as well as fees, a lack of customer support, and downtime; after all, credit card merchant services should be making businesses money, not costing them money.

Many credit card merchant services are not completely honest about what they will be providing to their customers. Look at different credit card merchant services, and compare them; review the merchant account marketplace and see for yourself why Vision Payment Solutions is your best option for credit card merchant services.

The most important thing is not to look only at rates when choosing credit card merchant services. Rates can be a misleading ways to judge a merchant account. A good merchant account provider clearly explains their fees.

Also beware of different fees credit card merchant services charge you. Fees you may be charged include start-up fees, monthly minimums, annual fees, and statement fees. Some companies are pushy in trying to buy or lease equipment from them, which can get costly.

Excellent customer service and support are completely essential. If you have an issue and you can’t take sales for even a short time, it can significantly affect your business. Credit card merchant services need to have a knowledgeable, experienced support team for each area of their customer accounts: sales, account services, and technical support. Often, credit card merchant services have the same personnel taking calls in all areas, which can’t possibly suffice in such a technical industry.