Credit Card Payment Solutions for A New Year

As so many of you merchants out there might agree, 2011 sure was a crazy year, especially in the last few months of it, no doubt – so many world events, milestones, and memories to last a lifetime. One thing still hasn’t changed, however, for you who fight every day to keep your store neat, ordered, clean, but – most importantly – profitable. One of the ways a store merchant can keep his outlet in line is by knowing and selecting the very best credit card payment solutions in the industry, and following up with it all, to ensure a lucrative and pleasant payment processing solution. In order to process credit and debit cards through your merchant account, you need to decide which processing solution is right for you.

A retail swipe terminal is among the preferred credit card payment solutions for storefront merchants who interact with customers face-to-face. This method has the lowest merchant account processing fees, because you can easily swipe a customer’s credit card through the terminal. Swiped orders, many hypothesize, have a lower fraud risk, so they feature lower processing fees; credit card payment solutions with lower fees can be appealing to the merchant!

Real-time processing is one of the best credit card payment solutions for online retailers, allowing you to automatically process orders through your merchant account, with no assistance required. Everything is automated, and the funds are deposited into your checking account, within a few days. All such credit card payment solutions are secure, and the purchase of a secure certificate is typically not required.

If you are an online merchant, and receive orders via phone, then getting a virtual terminal solution, coupled with real-time processing, is one of your best possible credit card payment solutions. The virtual terminal is a secure website where you can enter customers’ credit card information. Once submitted, it is securely processed, and funds are deposited into your merchant account in a couple days. Such a terminal can be used with any Internet-connected computer.

There are two types of mobile, wireless merchant solutions: solutions that allow you to swipe a credit card in a mobile environment, and touch-tone credit card payment solutions, which allow you to manually enter card information into a phone. The touch-tone solutions are recommended for smaller, mobile merchants who want to process credit cards on the go, without high startup costs. The wireless terminal credit card payment solutions are for merchants who opt for purchasing the terminal up front. Both the touch-tone and wireless swipe credit card payment solutions have their advantages, but it depends on your business needs for credit card acceptance.