Credit Card Processing Services: Options, Options, Options

Credit card processing services have become essential for a business’ profitability today – aside, of course, from ensuring great products and services and quality customer support – and it’s no surprise considering the money spent via credit card transactions. Not only are consumers more likely to buy on impulse, but merchants benefit from increased sales.

Accepting cards today could be considered even more important than accepting cash – especially online. While many payment-processing companies out there are all vying to provide merchant account support to the thousands of small businesses across the world, there are certain variations on the conventional credit card processing services today that weren’t even in existence a decade ago.

Let’s discuss some of these credit card processing services programs, and explain how each can benefit your business. There are primarily four basic credit card processing services solutions available to the merchant today: conventional, online, mail and telephone, and mobile.


If you’re a typical retail outlet, grocery store, or other, more traditional establishment that is stationary and constant, conventional – or standard, as some say – credit card processing services are for you. They are typically less expensive, due to the hardware being easily manufactured with as much practice as the companies have had over the years, in addition to the customer being physically with the card during transactions; this reduces the risk of fraud, and therefore lowers the costs associated with conventional credit card processing services.


If you happen to own or operate an e-commerce shop on the web, online credit card processing services are not only your best option, but also vital. Without shopping carts, payment gateways, and other secure online resources made possible through online credit card processing services, you will be unable to accept payments of any kind from your customers or clients.

Mail And Telephone

If your business only conducts transactions over the phone, or if you’re a mail-order catalog or other similar organization, you’ll need MO/TO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) credit card processing services. These of course are slightly more costly in terms of fraud protection, due to the fact that the customer or client is never physically there with their credit card during the transaction, and so it’s a riskier way of processing payments.


If you’re an on-the-go business that needs to process your patrons’ card payments quickly and efficiently – and, of course, without being tied down to a phone line or a desk – you’re probably in need of mobile credit card processing services. These are ideal for trade-show workers, ice cream trucks, delivery services, contractors, hot dog vendors, and any other businesses that must process on the fly.