Credit Card Processing Systems 101

Credit card processing systems can come in all shapes and sizes, and some are even specially constructed for certain markets and industries. With both wired and wireless capability, credit card systems are an absolute necessity for the modern merchant, and if you don’t have such systems of some variety in place, then you’ll be unable to accept either credit or debit card payments from your customers – and not providing your customers the option of paying with their cards, through credit processing systems, can be a downright fatal mistake for your business.

There are three basic methods of processing transactions – all of which require credit processing systems, naturally, to do so. These include the virtual terminal, a web link, and an auto direct connect (known as ADC for short). Let’s discuss each of these card processing systems’ features, and whether they’re the right fit for you and your growing business. Pay close attention to specific requirements needed for certain types of transactions. It only takes a few customers very little time to turn to your competitor, who might have all the right credit card processing systems in place, and take the sale from you.

What is A Virtual Terminal?

A virtual terminal is one of the credit processing systems typically hosted on your merchant account provider’s transaction servers, where merchants simply login with the web browser of their choice, and perform live transactions using their merchant account. A merchant can enter a transaction manually and a virtual terminal will process it in real-time similar to a physical terminal.

What is A Web Link?

A Web Link – one of the card processing systems also known as an Internet merchant account, or an online merchant account for some – allows a merchant to link their web site to the credit card processing systems to accept payments from customers in real-time with total automation.

What is an ADC (Automated Direct Connect)?

Automated Direct Connect is the last of our three credit card processing systems that we’ll be discussing today; it allows merchants to link complex sites with a gateway server, including room for the merchant’s own programming. Unlike many online account providers, real-time credit processing systems have the information you need to succeed in today’s market.

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