Debit Card Payment Processing 101

The debit card payment process is something that a lot of people – especially the big shoppers and consumers out there (you know who you are) – might already be familiar with to some degree, but there are a few important details about the debit card payment process that differentiate it from other varieties of electronic card payment formats, and these are details that you should know and understand. Most like credit card payment transactions, the debit card payment process still has approval or decline, and hopefully, verification of identity.

The debit card payment process can be divided into two basic kinds: an offline (or signature-based) process and an online (pin-based) process. In the offline variety of the debit card payment process, they must be Mastercard or Visa, and processed much like credit cards are processed. For online processing (PIN-based), it’s a different story.

To transact and get your happy customer or client on his or her way, your hardware must interface with the payment network, typically taking only about three or four seconds. Your patron’s information is transmitted across this network to their bank where the provided account lives. This account is checked to verify that the funds are available, and if they are, the transaction is approved – the approval being transmitted back across the same payment network.

This is also perhaps very different sounding from what you’re used to doing and are familiar with regarding the use of a point-of-sale (more commonly known as a POS) terminal from the consumer side of things, with the exception of, of course, entering your personal identification number (PIN) to get information for the bank to approve your purchase – sometimes even awkwardly smiling at the cashier as you whip out your driver’s license, on occasion.

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