Different Accounts for Different Credit Card Transactions Processing

Credit card transactions processing comes in many forms, and with everything changing all the time with regard to technology and logistics, it’s really no surprise that there are a whole host of new options available to merchants now, especially with professional payment-processing firms like Vision Payment Solutions. We offer the complete spectrum of all credit card transactions processing plans, technologies, and support – everything any business would ever need to implement a low-cost, efficient, and safe payment-processing solution. But, what are these different types of merchant accounts that each facilitates a certain variety of credit card transactions processing? Let’s look more closely.


Many of you business owners out there already probably count on securing this kind of credit card transactions processing, and it’s no surprise, considering the sheer volume of traditional retail outlets – known as brick-and-mortar businesses – where customers are physically present with their card. It’s the safest way to do business, and all you need is a point-of-sale (POS) terminal for your buyers to swipe and go!


Mobile solutions for credit card transactions processing are growing increasingly popular – and like all other technologies, decreasing in price. With this kind of processing, you can ring up your patrons with just a simple swipe or key-in of their card data into a mobile device, such as an iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or others.

Mail & Telephone Order

Mail- and telephone-order businesses require a separate kind of account for what we call MO/TO transactions. Because there is an increased risk of fraud in this type of credit card transactions processing, as the cardholder isn’t there with you, there are increased costs for obtaining such accounts, but with VPS, they’re more reasonable than you’d expect to find elsewhere.

Internet Commerce

Last – and probably most importantly – is the ecommerce merchant account, designed especially for credit card transactions processing over the Internet, as with online stores and boutiques. As with MO/TO, Internet payment processing feels the pinch of buyer-not-present sales, and as such, features slightly more expensive plans involved. However, these costs are dropping, and with the rise of online commerce as the norm, it may be time to acquire this option.

If you have any further questions on the topic of credit card transactions processing, or if you would like to arrange the perfect payment-processing plan with Vision Payment Solutions, simply call us today at the number above, and we’ll do what we can to accommodate your business – and to help it grow.