Exploring Card Payment Solutions For Merchants

Most retailers in the U.S. currently accept credit and debit cards as forms of payment from their customers. Every day, less and less Americans are carrying cash and more complete all of their transactions with debit and credit cards. Merchants that accept debit and credit cards are proven to have higher average revenues and balances. Vision Payment Solutions offers a number of products and services that are designed to help merchants save money on debit and credit card processing. Some of our card payment solutions include virtual terminals, internet gateways, credit card terminals, mobile solutions, and stored value cards.


Virtual terminals: Virtual terminals are a necessary solution for most merchants. Just as credit card terminals allow for payment card processing with a card swipe, virtual terminals allow for the manual input of credit card information and instantaneous authorization. Virtual terminals are mainly used in situations where the credit or debit card is not present, such as when a customer makes a payment over the phone. They are also handy to have if a customer’s payment card malfunctions. In that case, the credit card number can simply be entered into the virtual terminal for instant processing.


Internet gateways: Internet gateways are virtual pathways that allow for the secure transmission of payment card information between the merchant and their bank’s payment processor. It may be helpful to think about a gateway as a virtual pipeline that information can be passed through securely from one party to another. Payment card information is passed form the merchant to the processor and an a report of whether the payment was authorized or declined is passed from the processor back to the merchant and customer.


Credit card terminals: Credit card terminals are pieces of hardware that feature a swipe reader that processes payment card information electronically. VPS features a number of durable and secure credit card terminals that can be easily integrated with your existing hardware and software.


Mobile solutions: A number of services and products provide mobile solutions for merchants that want to process customer payments using mobile devices. For example, mobile card readers can be attached to smart phones so that merchants on the go can process card payments wherever they are!


Stored value cards: Offering stored value or gift cards is a great way to earn extra revenue especially during the holiday season. VPS provides everything that merchants need to launch a successful gift card program quickly and effectively.


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