Credit Card Payment Solutions & FAQ’s

Accepting credit cards can add a level of convenience and credibility to businesses and vendors and allow them to work with a wider clientele base. However, all businesses should take note of the risks associated with credit card acceptance, namely the handling of others’ private data. Storing client data (such as credit card information) without taking necessary precautions can prove disastrous, especially if such information lands in the wrong hands.

Vision Payments Merchant Payment solutions provide security and assurance that other card payment solutions simply can’t offer, such as safer data transfer, secure gateways, and the CSR Breach Reporting Toolkit, a necessity to any business regularly handling personal identifiable information (PII). The CSR Breach Reporting Toolkit® assists companies in identifying potential risks associated with their data storage and acts as a response system in the event of a possible breach. Vision Payments Solutions is dedicated to informing businesses about these risks relating to data transfer and helping them implement solutions beneficial to both customers and vendors.

Merchant Card Account FAQ’s

The information provided on this page is offered as a general guideline to understanding Merchant Card Accounts. Merchant Accounts offer a range of possibilities to businesses looking to expand their monetary capabilities and clientele base. Merchant accounts can be set up through a number of financial institutions in order to provide clients with a convenient method of payment directly from clients to the checking account of the owner, all in the name of their business. For more information about Merchant Accounts and their necessary PCI compliance standards, visit Vision Payment Solutions’ PCI Compliance FAQ here.

EMV Merchant Services FAQ’s

This information provides a general reference to help our users develop an understanding of EMV Merchant Services and how they can benefit your business in its efforts to provide secure payment methods for your customers. EMV Merchant Services offer some of the most secure transactions on the market today, using encrypted data and cryptographic functions that work to verify the authenticity of a client’s credit card. By using EMV Merchant services, businesses can be assured that they are receiving 100% verifiable funds through approved payments. For more in depth information, visit our EMV Chipped/Smart Card Reader FAQ page.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) FAQ’s

The questions and answers located here are offered as a general reference to help you understand the CSR Breach Reporting Toolkit® services and how they relate to your handling of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Every information security breach is different, and each one should be carefully evaluated in light of its unique facts and circumstances. As such, if you believe that PII in your care may have been compromised, you should promptly consult an attorney who can help you understand your legal obligations. Find more answers to your questions with Vision Payment Solutions’ merchant PII FAQ’s here.

PCI Compliance FAQ’s

With Vision Payment Solutions, we can serve as a general reference regarding PCI Compliance and its role in creating and maintaining Merchant Accounts. PCI Compliance refers the guidelines and regulations set forth by the Payment Card Industry (PCI), which is independently managed by some of the world’s leading financial institutions. The PCI has outlined 12 requirements to help determine whether or not a merchant can be considered compliant, all with the aim of protecting consumer safety. Learn more about PCI Compliance with our Vision Payment Solutions’ PCI Compliance FAQ’s.