Gift Cards: Your Holiday Season Options

Have you ever given or received a gift card as a Holiday or birthday present? A personal favorite for many, recipients can use gift cards to buy something they actually want without the guilt of spending actual money. It’s a great way to cut down your holiday shopping list this season, satisfy everyone on your gift list, and still not break the bank! Of course, as a merchant account provider, we’re especially crazy about all the perks both gift and stored value cards can provide for our clientele – you, the busy store owner!

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, about 8-10% of small businesses today offer gift cards, up from 2% two years ago.  The costs of setting up to offer gift cards can be as low as $800 for some providers, plus a small monthly fee. Many small business owners report selling many more gift cards than the paper gift certificates they previously offered.

But even for small businesses, paper gift certificates just don’t cut it anymore. Today’s leading merchants of all industries prefer electronic, stored value cards because they’re reusable, more versatile, and easier to track. They also convey a more modern and tech-savvy image to your customers, letting them know that you’re on top of the retail chain. Not only do gift and stored value cards reduce paperwork and bookkeeping, they’re a great way to attract new customers and improve relationships with existing ones. With VPS, you can count on quality service at an affordable rate to supply all your card needs – including even the hardware and software you need to get started with enabling your customers.

At VPS, we provide all forms of stored value cards, including gift cards, employee cards, pre-paid cards and merchandise return cards, everything you need to implement a successful card program quickly and efficiently, records of card balances integrated seamlessly into your business system, and systems to easily track consumer usage and overall success of your different card programs. With benefits like that lined up, it’s no mystery as to why so many successful businesses choose VPS for all their card processing solutions.

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