Having A High Risk Merchant Account

Some businesses may be classified as high risk for a number of reasons; do you know if your business is labeled as such? If so, you’ll need to do some investigating on approval rates – as well as companies that specialize in high risk merchant accounts. Luckily for you, Vision Payment Solutions is extremely flexible when it comes to accepting – and most importantly, approving – high risk accounts. So what kinds of businesses are often – but not always – classified as high risk – and thus, require specialized high risk accounts?

High risk accounts can include mail order, telephone order, adult entertainment, direct marketing industry, dating services, escort services, herbal supplements, diet programs, subscription services, memberships, clubs, ticket sales, multi-level marketing (MLM), bail bonds, pawn shops, collection agencies, fortune tellers and psychics, infomercials, used cars, pharmacies, international businesses, web hosting, voice over (VOIP), call centers, online merchant accounts, affiliate marketers, businesses dealing with high chargebacks or refunds, and others can be interpreted as high risk, and will likely have to deal with a high risk account.

In the world of high risk merchant providers, there are still varying degrees of risk, of course, and some businesses are considered more high risk than others. This doesn’t necessarily imply that these businesses won’t ever be able to acquire either regular or high risk accounts, but they may be required to provide additional documentation in order to do so.

If you want to accept credit cards for your business but you’ve had trouble finding a credit card processor that will approve you, Vision Payment Solutions may be able to help. As long as your business is legal and not adult related, we can usually get you approved and set you up with either a high-risk merchant account or an international merchant account.

At Vision Payment Solutions, we welcome most all business types, and relish the opportunity to provide our high risk merchant account clientele with the same reputable, quality services as all of our other clients receive.

Speak with a Vision Payment Solutions representative about your situation today, and give us a call at the number above. Low or high-risk merchant account notwithstanding, you’ll get the best service in the industry, at the most reasonable rates we can provide.