How An Online Credit Card Merchant Account from VPS Can Revolutionize Your Business

Let’s face it, the Internet is a revolutionary tool that has helped many stagnant businesses revamp their entire strategy to increase profits and efficiencies.  The Internet allows small businesses to compete with huge corporations due to the relatively small investment that is required to launch a website online.  While large corporations have much deeper pockets than small businesses, there are countless stories of small business owners developing an idea online and making a fortune.  If you are selling products or services on the web, an online credit card merchant account is an absolute must.  With a merchant account, credit card payments can be handled with ease directly on your web site.  At Vision Payment Solutions, we are completely dedicated to ensuring that no matter the size of your business, your online credit card merchant account will be beneficial to you. There are several reasons why it is so important to accept credit cards when doing business online.


Credit Cards Help Increase Impulse Purchases

When you have an online credit card merchant account, you can allow customers to purchase your products or services instantly.  If you can convince them that what you are offering will help them, you can almost guarantee that they will make a purchase online.  If you do not accept credit cards and force your customers to mail you a check, they will typically change their mind before mailing payment.


Credit Cards Are More Secure Than Checks

Some people may not realize this, but you are much more likely to have your checking account compromised than your credit card account.  On top of that, credit card companies have entire teams of people whose primary job is to help you when you have been a victim of identity theft.  If a criminal uses a credit card for a fraudulent purchase you will not be responsible.  The same can not always be said when your bank account is compromised.  It is wise to use an actual credit card and not a debit card when purchasing items online.  You are more protected when using a credit card than when using a debit card.


As you can see, an online credit card merchant account can do nothing but good for your business.  Accepting credit cards is quick and easy as long as you pick a merchant that has experience and great customer service. If you have any questions about how a credit card can help your business, contact Vision Payment Solutions at (877) 674-2286!