How to become a partner with Vision Payments

You’ve built your business around your ability to help and serve your customers. Taking their payments shouldn’t be the exception. For that reason, Vision Payments has spent the last 12 years perfecting our merchant service offerings. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide different types of electronic payment services in various types of industries. From small retail storefronts, national chains, and ecommerce solutions, we have a program that will fit your needs.

About Vision Payments

Our company is constantly evolving to ensure that our software is cutting edge. As new payment technology becomes available, our systems allow you to adapt it to your business. We strive to solve any issues that can occur with electronic check conversions, card swipes, and other payment methods. Plus, our electronic funds transfers expedite the settling of your merchant credit card accounts with your financial institutions, making it a simple and effective system to use.

Why Choose Vision Payments

We understand the difficulty that can come with switching software and platforms. For that reason, we have designed our programs to come complete with support groups and readily available customer service. This makes it easy for you and your team to get acquainted with your new system. Don’t let your merchant payment solutions hold you back from reaching your potential. Make the switch to Vision Payments and let us help your business grow.

How to Apply

Becoming a partner with Vision Payments payment solutions has never been easier. In fact, it requires very little effort on your part. To apply, simply visit and click the “apply now” button at the bottom of the page. Fill out your basic contact information when prompted and hit submit. It’s that easy! One of our friendly team members will contact you to finish the application.

Partner Benefits

As a partner, you are privy to same-day approvals, 24/7 customer service, merchant funds, and a variety of reporting tools and reports. Plus, with lifetime vested residuals and true revenue sharing, this is one merchant payment service that truly gives back to your company.
If you have questions at any time during the application process, our dedicated customer service team is standing by to assist you. Simply call (877) 674-2286. With all of the hard work you’ve put into your business, you shouldn’t expect anything less than the best out of your payment solutions. Don’t settle for inferior service. Partner with Vision Payments and watch your company evolve.